12 thoughts on “JDL Canada: Ready for Your Closeup, Gentlemen! – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, Meir Kahane was buried in Har HaMenuchot in west Jerusalem after his assassination by a Muslim assassin. I believe you are conflating between his grave and the Meir Kahane park in Kiryat Arba (or possibly other sites such as in Kfar Tapuch).

    The “Kahane walk and singining” youtube you posted seems to me to be in Har Hamenuchot in west Jerusalem and not in the west bank.

    1. @lepxii: I wonder how you know this particular information about the location of Kahane’s grave? At any rate, thank you for the correction. I was confusing Kahane’s grave with Baruch Goldstein’s grave, which is in the West Bank.

      1. I sort of remembered it – but I looked it up in Wikipedia – after I saw the video you posted which did not seem to be in a West Bank cemetery (which tend to be rather small – around 400k settlers, sure, but most of them are young. At most there are tens of thousands of graves throughout the west bank – scattered in many places) but did look like one of the Jerusalem mega-cemetaries on a mountain.

  2. These Canadian JDL thugs announced on Facebook they would join with their buddies in the U.S. to be “enforcers” at the annual AIPAC convention in D.C. It was inevitable they would incite violence against non-violent protesters who demonstrate outside the Convention Center every year. This poor Palestinian man became their victim even though he wasn’t even part of the protest. His only sin was to be Palestinian.

    If there’s anything positive to result from this brutal attack on a gentle man it is that there was some media coverage of the attack and the event. We go there year after year from all parts of the U.S., joined by activist friends who make the trip from Europe, Australia, India and other countries, and we get zero media coverage. This year, because of the demonstration by hundreds of young American Jews from If Not Now, and especially because of the JDL attacks on them and on Kamal Nayfeh, there were a few news reports. As usual, non violence is of no interest to the media, as we have seen for years in illegally occupied Palestine. “If it bleeds, it leads….”

    Another question is why was Yosef Steynovitz allowed to cross our border from Canada? Should we expect him to show up in court?

  3. Bottom line: Foreign Jews had the same right to Palestine as Irish Catholics and Mexican atheists, i.e., none whatsoever!! Therein lies the root of the conflict!!

    Zionism is racism. Zionism is theft. Zionism is fascism.

  4. It’s amazing to see how “shocked” you are with some bullies, yet you identify deeply with other thugs and feel comfortable enough to share a video named “Rabid Jews…”

    1. @ Lady: Now that’s interesting. The Virginia militia members were physically attacked by JDL thugs. Did they respond with violence? No. Did they do anything to provoke the violence against them? Again, no.

      I explained in my post that I vehemently disagree with the Militia’s views and only featured the video because it offered evidence of JDL violence. And you choose instead to focus on the Militia as if they were equally at fault in this incident. Shame on you.

      1. Well, you can explain that you” vehemently disagree with the Militia’s views” but if you think that using a phrase like “rabid jews” is less violent than knocking over a camera – you have double standerts.

        And also maybe try to let go of the image of rageing prophet you have for yourself, you could have easily sayed what you wanted without the lecturing “shame on you” at the end.

        1. @ Hasbara lady:

          if you think that using a phrase like “rabid jews” is less violent than knocking over a camera

          Indeed yes, assaulting someone & breaking their video camera is, first of all, quite violent; 2nd of all, it’s a crime. Saying something that is objectionable & even vile, is not.

          maybe try to let go of the image of rageing [sic] prophet you have

          I wasn’t aware I asked you for personal advice on how to write or run this blog. Oh that’s right, I didn’t!

          1. @ Lady: You are so boring I’m already asleep.

            As for your suggestion that my comment section didn’t meet your specifications: again, I wasn’t aware I’d asked for editorial advice about my blog. Oh that’s right, I didn’t.

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