9 thoughts on “Trump’s New Era of Anti-Muslim Violence – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “She now is claiming refugee status on the grounds that if she returns to Iran the regime will view her with suspicion and persecute her due to her U.S. arrest.”

    She wants to stay in racist, Islamophobic America? Her government will persecute her because she was detained and deported before even entering the country?

    This doesn’t strike you as odd?

    1. Her government may persecute her on the suspicion that if she was detained in the US and allowed to leave, she was recruited by US intelligence. This may not be the strongest possibility, but for some Iranian security thugs, it can be at least an extortion lever against Ghandi and her family. She seems to have a case here.

      A lot of regimes in the world are paranoid and corrupt, with little respect to human life and dignity. The Iranian one is probably one of them (on the side of respect for human life, Iran is the world’s champion in executions per capita). That’s not a reason to be willing to bring the US, or Israel, to that level.

      1. @ Meni: Exactly. Seamus doesn’t understand such things.

        But we should note that Israel is a close competitor to Iran in the way it treats its various minorities. And the U.S. is well on the road under our current president.

    2. @ Seamus:

      This doesn’t strike you as odd?

      What strikes me as ‘odd’ is your inability to understand what it’s like to live in such a society. YOu don’t know much about Iran, do you? Have you ever had any run-ins with the IRG? I didn’t think so.

      BTW, Aalia has a sister and family here in the U.S. Do you understand what family can mean for people like them? No, you don’t. Because they’re Muslim and you’re not.

      1. “YOu don’t know much about Iran, do you?”

        You give interviews to Islamic Republic of Iran’s Press TV and I do not, so yeah, I guess you know more about Iran than I do.

        1. “You give interviews to Islamic Republic of Iran’s Press TV and I do not”


          Your insinuation stinks. Go away, stinky.

        2. @ Seamus:

          I guess you know more about Iran than I do.

          Glad we got that out of the way & you concede you know very little about Iran.

          As for you, you spout Zio-hasbara here. I guess you know a lot more about hasbara than I do. Though i read so much of it here I probably know at least as much as you do about it.

          Doing interviews with PressTV isn’t a crime, last I checked. In fact, the interviewers are quite sophisticated and knowledgeable. They’re actually more tolerant and open-minded than you are, though they certainly have a strong point of view. But it’s not as distorted as yours, that’s for sure.

          I also do interviews for Real News Network and publish at Middle East Eye, which aren’t outlets of the Iranian state. Problems with them too?

  2. As Hasel Afshar is a Bahai, maybe he could move to Israel, they like to ‘hasbarize’ about the Bahais too. The founder of the Bahai religion is buried in Akka (long before Zionism, but what the hell, every thing is good for hasbara) that’s where the Bahai shrine is, Palestinian diplomat and intellectual Leila Shahid is his direct descendant. I’m sure Afshar wouldn’t experiece anything like that in The Light Upon Nations, not a cross at least …. (maybe a hint of sarcasm)

  3. My third consecutive year of participation in this annual Stop AIPAC event in D.C. and the first time we have experienced violence. In previous years we were approached by zionists who yelled obscenities at us, but no physical violence ensued. This year JDL in Canada announced plans to join with some Kahanists in the U.S. to put us in our place. I had some dialog with Meir Weinstein who promised not to incite violence, but I guess I was right to doubt his sincerity. They came here to create trouble and instigate violence. Considering these thugs are well known to the authorities I don’t understand why they were allowed to cross the U.S. border from Canada.

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