7 thoughts on “Settler Bridegroom at Knife-Dance Wedding Charged with Hanging Dog from Tree, Filming it – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. How decidedly unjewish of them! Cruelty to animals(and incidentally, also hunting) is strictly forbidden. Heck animals even get a day off on Shabbat if they belong to a Jew.

    Perhaps this could be justified, halachically, by your explanation that this is a practice lynching (in which case it might be pikuch nefesh? Or to alleviate suffering to a human).

    And this is from the crowd that want to setup a Jewish kingdom, ruled by the Halacha (actually in terms of animal cruelty – it’s all in the old testament).

    Youth these days…. They keep on getting in trouble with stuff they record on smartphones. One must note that this material (the video of torture of a dog) is a bit of a fruit from a poisonous tree – the initial investigation here regarding the dance would seem to be baseless in terms of the criminal code (though definitely tasteless).

    The IL police is prone to gangbanging suspects (of all stripes) after they’ve gone through a media expose’, particularly if it was prime-time TV.

  2. Eshbel family lives in Israel and aren’t settlers.

    The only thing this video proofs that he is an extremely troubled teen, a psychopath. Now to make it the common rule for all settlers is smear and total sham (if I may use your words about Mr. Nawi, the convict.

  3. Can’t say that I generally agree with your opinions on things but if the above story is true he is certainly a sick pup.

  4. Oh Richard, I almost wish I hadn’t read this article, I’m such an animal lover that for me animal cruelty is up there with cruelty to babies, it upsets me in a way cruelty to an adult human being never could. And the cowardice of the scumbags who prey on helpless creatures is beyond the pale. I still get homicidal feelings when I think of Michael Vicks and what he did to those poor innocent dogs.
    And the jerks who say he ‘has paid his debt to society’ – he didn’t hurt ‘society, his debt to the dogs he abused and killed will never be repaid, unless maybe in the nexr life, if there is a just God.

    And to Arik:
    Of course, an Israeli or any Jew committing an atrocity is a ‘troubled’ individual, deserving of our understanding, because, after all, he is not responsible for his actions, ‘the devil made him do it’. Whereas, if an Arab commits an act of violence, its because ‘that’s what they

  5. Oh Richard, I almost wish I hadn’t read this post. I am such an animal lover that I rate cruelty to animals up there with child abuse, it upsets me in a way cruelty to an adult human being never could. I guess it’s because of the victims’ innocence and inability to defend themselves and fight back. Which is exactly why these coward scumbags prey on them. I still get physically ill when I remember Michael Vicks and the torture he inflicted on those poor dogs. His defenders claim he has ‘paid his debt to society’, except it’s not society he hurt, and I hope he wil pay in Hell, for eternity.
    One more reason to hate these disgusting settlers – not that any more was needed.

    Arik, your trying to whitewash their criminal behevior as ‘isolated cases’ of mental illness doesn’t wash. We are seeing here a whole generation of these psychopaths, and one has to wonder where they learned to hate in such a way that it prompted them to burn innocent people to death. It has to have been learnt at home, or at least in the community they grew up in – the fact that they have so many supporters defending them speaks volumes. Of course, if a single Arab commits a heinous crime, it’s a given that that’s is seen as representative of their entire race, killing is in their blood.
    And g

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