12 thoughts on “Israeli Government Body Funds Astro-Turf Group Spying on Human Rights Activists – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Goldway, the rat from the so called expose, has been in and out of mental institutions, a fact not mentioned anywhere, yet speaks directly to his ability. As far as I know, he is currently committed.

  2. Shabtai Bandet, the Walla reporter who wrote the story, providing no proof or even the sort of proof he got, is the spouse of an admin at BtS. According to an article, Walla weren’t aware of this conflict of interest and he won’t be allowed to cover BtS in the future. link to kolhazman.co.il
    His coverage of the subject doesn’t worth the electricity for viewing it. (that doesn’t sound right but the point is clear).

    And Richard, you call both organizations as ‘Shomron Regional Council’ while one is מועצה איזורית שומרון and the other ועד מתיישבי השומרון. Two different entities.

    1. @Arik: Your are wrong. I distinguished between “settler council” & “Shomron Regional Council.” They are difficult to distinguish because of the names chosen by the 2 entities, not because of any error on my part.

      Nor did Bandet’s main contentions have anything to do with BtS. They dealt with financing of the settler groups & stand on their own. If you wish to disprove that Shomron did fund Ach’s projects, by all means do so.

      1. Richard – you should at least explain the reader there is difference between the two orgs. As it is written, it is poorly explain and completely unclear. That is a fact.

        You bring a piece by a spouse of BtS person on a topic directly related to his wife work (hasn’t BtS found SHATUL from Ad Kan in their midst?) as a proof. Even that piece is extremely unclear as from his sources, he just doesn’t specifies anything. Was it a document? recordings? arbitrary assumptions? (fact that Haaretz didn’t follow is another evidence it cannot be trust).
        SORRY but the burden of a proof is still on you.

        1. @ Arik: Interesting that you’re the only person who had problem distinguishing between the two groups. As I said, it’s not my problem. They use almost the same name. Talk to them about it.

          You’re repeating yourself in this comment. Please don’t do that.

          As I said before, the information about funding transferred from the Shomron Council to Gideon Ach’s group is available in government databases that are publicly accessible. Go look it up yourself. The only thing that’s important is that the funding went the way the reporter said it did. If you can disprove that, do so. Who his wife is & where she works is irrelevant. If you can disprove his claims regarding funding THAT would be highly relevant. Now, go & do it or shut up.

          I have no burden of proof & obligation to you in any way shape or form. Remember that, bud.

  3. The layout and appearance of your new website is very poor. You should go back to the old one or go back to the drawing board. You will not attract new readers with the new website.

    1. @ Barbar: I can always rely on “Dr. Nyet” to have a nasty, unkind thing to say. Listen idiot, I don’t give a flying fig what you think. If you said it was Day, I’d know it was night. If you told me something was ugly, I’d know it was not. If you’d actually praised the new theme I would’ve known something was afoot…

      Remember my mother’s saying: if you have nothing good to say, say nothing.

      1. @ Arik: I need the ad because of freeloaders like you who refuse to contribute. In fact, I’m considering an access fee for the hasbara crowd (wink, wink). I’d like the Israeli government to pay for the right to heckle here!

        1. I considered donating “a penny for your thought” but I felt like I would be overpaying.

          You begging for donations in 3 different languages makes me believe I’m not the only one who feels that way.

          1. @Arik: Hey, that snark just earned you moderation. Try it again & you’ll be banned. In case I hurt your feelings & you decide to take your marbles & go home, watch the swinging doors on yr way out.

            I don’t “beg” asshole. Unlike you I believe tzedakah is obligatory & laudable, not begging.

            I urge readers offended by his bullshit to get the best revenge & donate to support the blog.

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