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  1. Lol Talk about clown journalism. You complain about Haaretz reporting a firefight because “how do they know? Were they there?”, yet you present a photo of the terrorist with the caption “note planted weapon” without qualifying this statement and your only evidence for it being “I’m almost certain”. P.S. I don’t know whether you are claiming to be a journalist or not, but if you aren’t then you have my apology in advance.

    1. @ Nate: You mischaracterized just about everything I wrote. First, I didn’t fault Haaretz for not being at the scene of the murder. I faulted the reporters for not examining the scene afterward to determine whether what they were told could be true. Clearly they did not do this since they did not say they did.

      Second, I claimed the weapon was planted because they claimed there was a firefight, yet the weapon by the victim’s side could not fire a bullet. It was a weapon in several pieces: one piece is in one of his hands and the other lays at his side. He could not fire such a weapon as it was not assembled. So there could be no firefight.

      Further, & as I mentioned in the post, there have been numerous proven examples of Israeli security forces planting weapons at the scene of their murders. This is not the first example. Therefore, planting a weapon isn’t just possible, it’s likely.

      BTW, I dare you to offer a single shred of credible evidence there was a firefight. I’ll be waiting.

      And if you address me the same way again, you’ll be banned here so fast your head will spin.

      I am a journalist. But you are a jackass.

  2. First of all, if Jewish terrorists would fire on security forces coming to arrest them, they’d die of getting-riddled-by-lead poisoning just like Palestinian terrorists. The fact is that not every Palestinian terrorist arrested by the Israeli security apparatus resists arrest, such as the Fogel murderers, and as such are captured and brought to trial relatively peacefully.

    Beginning with the preconceived notion that the IDF is dishonest, and alters or fabricates evidence is unfounded. Also, I’d like to see a source regarding your claim that Shimon Ruimi had anything to do with the Shabak. If Israeli social media was indeed rife with rumors regarding Ruimi’s involvement with the Shabak, then it shouldn’t be a problem (As an Israeli, I’ve seen nothing of the sort so far in Hebrew or in English).

    1. @ DS1216: There is absolutely no evidence that any Palestinians wanted for terror murders ever engaged in a firefight with any Israeli forces arresting them. In fact, my own security source has told me that the Palestinians generally don’t offer resistance and are liquidated on the spot. There is absolutely no justification for executing terror suspects.

      But the U.S. itself did the same to Osama bin Laden. So I suppose Israel takes solace from our own lawlessness.

      I’ve actually offered a credible source who says the IDF liquidates Palestinian fugitives and lies. This is the same source who reports all the other correct stories I report. Your evidence for the claim that the IDF doesn’t fabricate evidence is what?

      READ MY LIPS and post: I never said Ruimi had anything to do with the Shabak. That was the social media rumor & it was wrong. DO you know how to read?

  3. It is obvious that this was a murder of an Israeli citizen who was also a Palestinian, by Israeli forces. I see a large pol of blood around the victim’s head which suggests the “Certificate of Death” policy Israel has for Palestinians, citizens or not.
    This is not the first time Israelis are ultra-considerate of their Jewish folks but totally cold-blooded about all other “goyim”.

    Loyal Israeli Jews to the defense!
    It is amusing to see NATE use the normalized Israeli Jewish term for Arabs (“Terrorist”), a term they bend over backwards and still cannot choke out for their fellow Israeli Jews when they go on their rites of passage and kill Palestinians. Just as amusing to see EFFY say that the Israeli Palestinian was a muderer (he was) but the Israeli Jews who murdered him, were not murderers.
    DS1216 believes the IDF is an honest machine. If so, then the Wehrmacht and the Serbian soldiers were also models of decency. The Israeli “Defense” Force is actually an efficient slaughter machine trained to oppress, humiliate and destroy the identities of Palestinians, a policy defined by the UN Convention on Genocide as yes, GENOCIDE. Check it out before you protest.

  4. This is a response to your reply to my previous comment (there seems to be a problem with the reply function on your page).

    1- Distinction without a difference. If I’m not very much mistaken, in journalism, if two or more witnesses attest to something, it can be presented as fact . So if Haaretz reported the gunfire as a fact (without attributing the claim to police and without at least questioning witnesses )that is bad journalism which is not inherently apparent.

    2- I admit I did not see the link to the photo you posted; that was my bad since I skimmed over your article and ,not reading everything you wrote , I assumed you were explaining why you posted the captioned photo. I was wrong and I apologize.
    However, my mistake aside, that photo proves absolutely nothing. Since the gun is being covered by the terrorist’s body there is no reason to assume it is broken since there is no apparent damage to the visible part of the gun. The same goes for the claim that it might be a different weapon since there is no readily apparent distinction between the weapons in the two photos. So your ” evidence ” is really just selective interpretation.

    3- What examples are you talking about? You can’t just make a claim without backing it up.

    4-If you assume that Israeli security fabricate evidence then you could simply dodge by claiming “fabrication” to any evidence I present so why bother?

    5- Hm…Using pejorative language and then threatening to ban if I respond in kind. Seems fair.

  5. Richard – you slam Haaretz for not examining themselves the scene but offer your ‘take’ based on a single picture. Are you for real?

    Nate – I wouldn’t call this ‘clown journalism’ but rather ‘wanna be journalism’

    1. @ Barbar: “Photographic evidence?” Of what? Bullet holes? That’s photographic evidence? Puh-leeze. That’s evidence that someone shot bullets at someone else. We know that happened. But who shot the bullets. You haven’t offered evidence that Milhem fired a single bullet or that he had a weapon with him before he died or that he tried to use it.

  6. @Richard

    No. Richard. That is not a second weapon. The picture you linked shows the pistol grip of the Falcon machine pistol Milhem used in the pub attack. The second photo, with the police standing by, shows the weapon after it was removed from under Milhem and placed alongside his body.

    Please. Basta!

  7. [comment deleted: WARNING, anyone who brings up OFF-TOPIC subjects like this places themselves in danger of of being moderated or banned. Try me…I dare you.]

  8. @Barbar

    You’re right with regard to the photos of the machine pistol. It is impossible for Milhem’s right hand both to hold the pistol grip and to be empty at the same time. There’s clearly a time difference between the two photos, and the body was tampered with in between.
    With regard to your “photographic evidence” of the firefight — who knows? Ynet has published photos of walls hit by bullets. In such photos, it’s impossible even to see what kind of weapon fired those bullets, let alone who fired them. They could be fired by the police squad as well.
    Does this mean that Milhem was executed? No, we don’t know. But given the recent record of the Israeli security forces treatment of alleged terror attackers, it is impossible to rule out a cold-blooded execution. Unfortunately, the public atmosphere in Israel is now much more poisoned than when the Fogel family murderers were apprehended back in 2011. One cannot allow one’s police to shoot down every person who may seem dangerous (and is of a “wrong” ethnicity), and then assume everyone else will trust the said police when it claims it had *really* legitimate grounds for the use of lethal force. There’s a price to crying “Wolf, wolf.”
    As a matter of substance, the circumstances of Milhem’s death can probably not be recovered through an independent investigation — at least through a journalistic investigation. Richard’s assuredness of what happened there is misplaced, as is yours.
    In contrast, the question of the Milhem family collaboration with the Shabak is more important and potentially revealing of other circumstances of this case. That is perhaps the most important question a journalist can raise about this case now.

  9. no matter the strength, will and courage eventually all good men are worn down
    Let’s face it democracy for all that goes under that name is dead and done with in Israel. When terrorism is state condoned and nurtured eventually we reach a “Russia” or “Egypt” type of democracy, where there’s one party, one candidate who “wins” by 99.999% of the votes. Are we still not clear about this. Palestine is a Chechnya type of “Independent state”
    Bibi has mastered well his KGB mentor (Putin)
    What is the point at repeating issues such as a palestinian being “murdered” by the state, please remind when it is a “reporter” that gets “promoted” by having an “accident” Only THEN do we have the final nail, perhaps not a reporter, might even be a President. that will do to. until then and in as much as we love the lurid “gagged” info that you fight so hard to excavate, all your reporting serve no purpose, ALL ISRAELIS are no different than poor egyptian arabs. they’re happy with their daily pita and do not have any intention of shouting democracy. It has come so, that to say democracy in this country is like yelling “FIRE” in a crowded movie theater, when I say “poor israeli” I include the likes of Kahlon who sold their mother (democracy and pre-election promises) for some beans (not even a plateful, cheap apartments yeah rite, come again)
    The dice are down, the “jewish” Israel has already crossed the halfway threshold towards dissolution in the next 25 to 30 years max
    yes i do see the future

  10. @Meni

    You’re being silly.
    Milhem fled the police, and he died clutching his lethal weapon. Whether he fired off shots at the police is irrelevant.

    What’s most important is that Richard is accusing the police of an execution, when all the evidence, all logic, suggests that the police shot and killed an armed, cold blooded murderer who was fleeing arrest.

    1. @ Barbar:

      he died clutching his lethal weapon.

      No he died & a picture was taken of his body showing a weapon by his side. That’s all we know. We don’t know if “he died clutching his weapon.” But as I’ve written here numerous times there’s a way to prove it. Show us what you claim. Show us video of him dying with a weapon in his hands.

      when all the evidence, all logic, suggests that the police shot and killed an armed, cold blooded murderer who was fleeing arrest.

      “All evidence” shows this. What “evidence” would that be? A picture of a gun next to a dead body? That’s “evidence.” What are you smokin’??? That’s evidence that a photographer can assemble a dead body & a gun into one image. That proves nothing more than that.

  11. I don’t know if there was a firefight, but one evidence is certain. the image from the other angle shows the same weapon as seen in image 1. not parts of it, not “some kind of other weapon”. this is so easy to check. this is the back side of SPECTRE M4, which was used as the weapon of the murderous attack in Tel Aviv. i would offer the explanasion that image 2 was taken before image 1 was taken, and therefore the SMG was taken from his hand and was left at the side of the corpse. this is no “planting and evidence”, just unarming a body, which may be still alive and put the police force at risk.

    the official statement was that military wardog was sended to try and apperhand Milhem, and that dog was shot back- that was the justification for the massive shootout at the terrorist. you might call it a firefight, you may not, it’s a matt

    1. @ Yosef: I don’t care what the “official statement” claimed. Show me a video that shows a K-9 entering wherever Milhem was hiding. Show me gunfire (Milhem shooting at the dog). Show me real evidence. Till you do, you’re whistlin’ in the wind.

  12. “Further, & as I mentioned in the post, there have been numerous proven examples of Israeli security forces planting weapons at the scene of their murders.”

    Can you provide some of those “proven” examples that you mentioned? But i mean actual proof, not opinion pieces from Haaretz, or Palestinian “witnesses”.

    1. @ icefront: That’s one of the main subjects i write about, the lies of the security apparatus. My Israeli source, to use but one example, told me the murderers of the 3 Israeli teenagers were assassinated when Israel called it–SURPRISE!-‘a firefight.’ This is the same source who’d offered me scores of absolutely accurate stories in the past.

      So rather than doubting an impeccable source why don’t you demand proof from your own security goons of what they assert. Make them prove their own empty claims.

      When was the last time Israel arrested (rather than executed) a Palestinian who was wanted in a national manhunt?

  13. @Meni – and you sir you base you “consecrated” opinion based on what “independently verified” information.
    so the police state “informed” you that he was “armed” and “cold blooded” murderer. aren’t those same “israeli killers” ALSO ‘ARMED AND COLD BLOODED” HOW MANY PALESTINIANS did these ISRAELI SHOOTERS kill BEFORE killing this PARTICULAR ARMED AND COLD BLOODED PALESTINIAN.
    You are stretching BEYOND RECOGNITION the covering statement so as to ease you spirit and mind that LORD FORBID those ISRAELI SHOOTERS DID IN EFFECT SHOOT INTENTIONALLY AS IT WAS THEIR TRUE AND ONLY GOAL. you just can’t accept that Israeli daily MURDERS palestinians by shooting them in the back while fleeing. or by shooting 12 year olds with tiny rocks UNDER THEIR SHOES. sure rest quietly Israel policies towards ANYONE NOT JEWISH is as pure as snow

  14. I’m having trouble buying this theory. If he wanted to murder someone specific, he wouldn’t have fired on automatic, in daylight, in a careless fashion as caught by the cameras.

  15. @Richard;
    “When was the last time Israel arrested (rather than executed) a Palestinian who was wanted in a national manhunt?”

    Just last week, actually:
    Sometimes they’re even questioned and simply let go:
    Or even apprehended after they’ve done their deed:

    There is, indeed, a new and troubling tendency with Israeli police and army to shoot first and ask questions later. But your sweeping generalizations and blanket assumptions make it harder for your readers to trust your reporting. No, we do not “summarily execute” every Palestinian suspect, and sometimes when a Palestinian terrorist is shot while trying to stab / shoot / run over people, the shooting and killing is indeed amply justified.

    If an armed man refused to drop his weapon when confronted with US police, let alone *seemed* like he was going to use it, would he not leave the scene in a body bag, with dozens of bullets inside him?

    1. @ Yaniv: You’ve published 6 comments in the last 24 hrs. I’m invoking the 3 comments a day rule for you. DO NOT publish more than 3 comments in any 24 hour period.

      Your “proof” is nothing of the sort. I specifically said ‘Palestinian wanted in a national manhunt.’ In other words, Palestinians wanted for murdering Israelis, in a case so major that Israel pulled out all the stops to “apprehend” (i.e. liquidate) the wanted men. You know the sort of manhunt I’m talking about. Instead you offer “evidence” for cases that have nothing to do with such circumstances.

      your sweeping generalizations and blanket assumptions make it harder for your readers to trust your reporting.

      No, actually your shameful, deliberate misconstruing what I’ve said & offering fake evidence that doesn’t respond to what I’ve actually written is what marks you for what you are: a lame-assed hasbarist. But nice try. You’re only the 1,400th concern troll who’s claimed to be concerned about the terrible liberties I take here with truth & fact; and how you worry that no one will be able to take me seriously for it. But it didn’t work the 1,399 previous times so I wonder why you try yet one more time. You’re lame. You’re unconvincing. You’re a fraud.

      we do not “summarily execute” every Palestinian suspect

      I never said that & you know it. Now, here’s the deal. If you misconstrue my words & arguments again here you’re toast.

      If an armed man refused to drop his weapon when confronted with US police

      We have absolutely no proof that Milhem was armed when caught. Here’s another deal I offer to all such hasbarameisters as you. THe IDF films these events. Produce the video as evidence. That will show what happened. It will show clearly Milhem brandishing a weapon & attempting to fire at officers. Prove it. You clearly would love to prove me a fraud. I dare you to the only way you can. Until you do, it’s you who are a fake & fraud.

  16. [Comment deleted: you are turning over ground that’s already been plowed here. Comments may not repeat the arguments of previous commemters. Plow new ground. Bring up new arguments. Further, I don’t defend the veracity of my sources to anyone. Their record is proven. Yours however is not. You are done in this thread. You may comment in other threads. Not here.]

  17. @nessim

    “The dice are down, the “jewish” Israel has already crossed the halfway threshold towards dissolution in the next 25 to 30 years max
    yes i do see the future”.
    I only hope that by 25-30 years it’s really 25-30 days, weeks or at the most, months. Much, much sooner than later please God.

  18. [Comment deleted: off topic. If I needed a paean to classical Zionism I’d know where to turn. But as I don’t, you’re off topic.]

  19. “Compare this to the treatment accorded the settler terror conspirators. They murdered an 18 month-old baby, his mother and father. Were they executed when apprehended? Were their families’ homes torn down in retribution as regularly happens with Palestinian suspects (surely, the Milhem home will be demolished if it hasn’t been already)? ”

    The trial has not even started, yet you already found them guilty.
    Furthermore, they have not resisted arrest, and/or waved guns at the police, so they were safely apprehended.
    If or when they are found guilty, it is my humble opinion that they deserve the death penalty, which sadly, doesn’t exist.

    The evidence against Nashaat was far more compelling since he was caught on CAMERA in broad daylight executing two people. He also violently resisted arrest, which you claim is false, but have yet to provide any evidence for that.

    To say that it is likely is a crude distortion of reality.
    It is merely possible, but wishful thinking will not make it so.
    Provide evidence that the police “executed” him, or retract your statements.

    1. @ David F Mayer, PhD: Imagine a man who boasts of a PhD, yet who acts like a beast in the jungle clamoring for blood. Speaking of getting what you deserve, you will. For major comment rule violations, you are banned.

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