11 thoughts on “BREAKING: Tel Aviv Terror Attacker Identified – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Is Israel worth saving as a country? Is anyone strong enough to pull the leash back? Is there such a person?
    The answer to all, is NO. We are searching for goodness, a miracle. WE ARE THE ANGRY PEOPLE who gave rise to such things as
    Donald Trump. Israel’s voice is ANGER, HATE, REVENGE, GREED, has there been of late ANY ACT OF DECENCY coming out of the
    Government, Knesset, Public anyone please. NO NO and NO. Good people scour underground, the voice of sanity Sarid gave up and went to better place. Richard, your work to debunk liars is endless. The whole government is based on lies, none of the laws are based on fair play. No
    The newspapers can’t cope with the riverS of bad, neither do you. at this we get, IS ISRAEL WORTH SAVING, IS ISRAEL ANY DIFFERENT THAN THE SURROUNDING SEA OF EVIL. please do not mention democracy, rule of FEAR (arabs are coming) is NOT DEMOCRACY. even that, what GOOD GOVERNANCE did THAT DEMOCRACY generate.
    There is NOTHING jewish in this Israel.

  2. I don’t see much difference between emptying a pistol into a crowded pub, and tossing a molotov cocktail into a private home.

    Have I missed something?

  3. @Richard- “In truth this Intifada, which started as a Palestinian reaction to Israel blocking access to free worship at the Muslim holy site, Al Aqsa, has been vastly exacerbated by Israeli security forces overreaction to the violence. It is Israel who originated this Intifada and the rivers of Palestinian blood spilled further feed the flames.”

    And herein lies your philosophy of “truth”: Palestinian violence is always only a “reaction”. Israel either “originates” the violence or overreacts violently.
    This ignores both facts and context. Facts, because the violence started due to a false rumor about a change in Al Aqsa access rules. The Palestinians continue to perpetuate this false accusation. They wouldn’t even accept Jordanian verification procedures to confirm this.
    Context, because the PA and Hamas, the representatives of most Palestinians, support the uprising. Abbas has refused to condemn it. Not because of this or that Israeli reaction, but because they think it is the right strategy to weaken Israel.

  4. If Jewish apartheid fascist racist Israel stopped breaking international law, and stopped violating human rights, and stopped persecuting the people whose stolen land it’s illegally occupying, then this vicious circle of violence would end. Simple.

  5. Barbar January 2, 2016, 8:00 AM
    “I don’t see much difference between emptying a pistol into a crowded pub, and tossing a molotov cocktail into a private home.
    Have I missed something?”

    No, you haven’t missed anything Barbar. This is the direct result of Jewish apartheid fascist racist Israel’s continued occupation, ethnic cleansing, and persecution of the Palestinian people. It’s as simple as that.

  6. There is something odd about this case, which I cannot grasp. It is tragic that an unbalanced or embittered young man started firing a gun in a public place. In my view, an atrocious crime.

    But the reaction of the Israeli authorities is puzzling – it is muffled. They are not going all out to catch him, as one would expect. Why is his name under a gag order in Israel? They should have published his name, his picture, and a circulation notice saying “believed to be armed and dangerous, do not approach him. If you see this man alert the authorities.” But they didn’t. His name only came out because Arabs who knew him, recognised it from the surveillance video, and leaked it to the media.

    Also, there has been another crime. A taxi driver was found murdered, near Jerusalem. Is this linked? Was the taxi his get away? Again, we don’t know anything, because this other death is strictly under ANOTHER GAG ORDER.

    What is with the gag orders? When engaged in a man hunt, the authorities usually rely upon tips from the public.

    1. @ menachem: Menachem buddy, let me let you in on a little secret. I’m not clarivoyant. When I write a post in which I break a major story or a gagged suspects name, I can’t predict what will happen hours or days later. Things happen. Censors change their minds. Editors get balls. Sometimes these things happen because I broke the gag.

      In this case, a few hours after I published this post the gag was removed. So tant pis (that translates roughly to “tough piss”), Charlie. You earn no Gotcha points on this one. But do keep trying. One of these days before you’re 94, you’ll catch me out.

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