26 thoughts on “Three Israeli Boys Found Murdered in North Hebron, Netanyahu Promises More Vengeance – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I’d like to confirm if one of the 3 dead people was above the age of majority, 19. That is, fully accountable for crimes in most part of the world, including Israel.

    “The three, two of whom are 16 years old and the third 19, were hitchhiking home from their yeshiva in a West Bank settlement when they were believed to have been kidnapped.”


    I thought all of them were minors.

      1. Eyal Yifrach was 19, if he wasn’t going to a Yeshiva school by declaring Torato Omanuto, he’d be serving on IDF. He could well choose to study outside West Bank, but rather, he chose to stay there. So, he, as an adult, consciously chose to side with the colonial occupier. He (with the other 2) studied at Yeshivat Har Yetzion, inside occupied land. But since he was an adult, chose an yeshiva inside occupied land, using copious amount of resources stolen, like water, from Palestinians.

        So, unfortunately for you, yes, my heart is not with him, but with the deaths and the dislodged people from the land he used and with the people that were killed and imprionsed without proof, only suspecions. And now from people that will die in Gaza, since it was declared that it was Hamas tha did this.

        I am sorry, if my heart is selective. Even more, my heart choses the weaker side, whose had land stolen. The 2 others, who were underaged boy, I feel sorry them, but, they are just 2 victims along a much higher pile of corpses of innocent palestinians who were killed.

        1. One observation, my middle name was selected by mistake, rather than my final name, Rocha.

        2. @ Daniel de Franca: I don’t see how you can say that because a boy is 19 he’s responsible for his own death or the murderers are less culpable. He was murdered. He was a civilian. This was a crime plain and simple. We can argue about things like the relative pain & suffering endured by both sides and put this murder into context. BUt you can’t justify or explain it away based on the age of one of the victims.

          1. I am sorry, that’s how my heart is. I am not trolling, on the contrary. I am being deeply sincere, I am not going to accuse you of being “politically correct”, just as to dismiss your point of view. This is nonsense for me. I think you are being completely sincere since I don’t think anyone would waste so much time analyzing things so passionately and carefully.

            Regarding the suffering, the asymmetry forces in play and the out of proportion official (from authorities) international commotion for those 3 settlers makes me feel unsympathetic toward them or their family. And I don’t think being a civilian does not make one free of political relevance. With age comes political rights and responsibilities. And this is, in my view, so true, that the invisibility of the Palestinian personal struggle leads to a much harsher environment, and this is so for the large brutality suffered by the poor and miserable anywhere. This is why I see that political inaction, mostly when it comes from elites/oppressors, is brutal as a crime. On the oppressed side, though, the Palestinian in this case, the death of only one of them, makes me much more sadder, since I know the suffering machine, for them, will be much more hard stop.

            Note though, that I didn’t excuse the murderers, whoever they are, since their act would obviously add to the suffering of the Palestinians. So, I don’t see any of this as a crime, one crime a plain, as coming from a personal or familiar grudges. In this case, I see it inseparable from the whole political context.

  2. Thanks for this article and your thoughtful (and correct) ruminations on these deaths, and consequences. Just thanks.

  3. I too greatly appreciated your commentary on the deaths and the background on apostate rabbi Ben Abuya
    ….Where are such rabbinical thinkers in these times??
    Something else that is relevant to the discussion about all these deaths of children….that has been lost on the general public …(though you mentioned the 7 who have been killed thus far in revenge.) I read this post on Facebook earlier today
    …that every three days a Palestinian child is killed — over the past 13 years.

    1. [comment deleted–I find your comment insensitive & offensive. Apparently, it was an attempt at wit, feeble as it was. Your next comment violation will cause you to be moderated.]

  4. You missed the main point of Ben Abuya’s apostasy – the two commandments of honoring one’s parents and chasing away the mother of bird’s eggs before taking them are the only two commandments where the reward for keeping them is specifically mentioned in the bible, and ironically the reward is ‘long life’. Hence the child falling and dying while performing both these commandments together was beyond Ben abuyah’s faith and he thus chose apostasy.

    Apostasy aside, blood revenge is as ancient and middle eastern as it comes and still respected and expected in this area by both Jew and Arab. The solution is the sulhah aka a peace agreement. Until then don’t even begin to think that revenge will not be attempted.

    1. @ Shmuel:

      don’t even begin to think that revenge will not be attempted.

      So your response is that because we’ve always taken revenge in the past we’ll take revenge now and in the future as well. I think that’s the definition of mental illness isn’t it? Do something once that fails and keep repeating it because one of these days it might not fail? But somehow it never does succeed.

    2. “blood revenge is as ancient and middle eastern as it comes and still respected and expected in this area by both Jew and Arab.”

      My, my, ain’t we an ‘ancient people’, and don’t we have ‘deep roots’ in the Middle East!!!

      This is so totally fake, you silly pretender. Don’t make me laugh! Benjamin Netanyahu-Mileikowsky and the other violent, land stealing criminals in his government have NO roots in the Middle East, and you probably don’t have either.

      This is just a pretentious and stupid combination of Orientalism (portraying Arabs as backward: “we live in a tough neighborhood you know”) and fake pretensions of having ‘old roots in the region’.

      Get lost.

  5. @richard
    I’m not justifying revenge but stating the reality that has and will exist in the ME.

    Not taking revenge by either side is (mistakenly?) interpreted as weakness.
    Neither side will admittedly be seen as the weak one

    1. This is not a revenge culture. Eye by eye revenge is common in many cultures around, not at all restricted to middle east War in Afeghanistan and Iraq were like this, but, it in reality it was an excuse to dominate the weaker. I think the same case is here.

  6. Also ironically it was Arik Sharon who in later life claimed that there is strength in restraint. But I think the other side saw it as weakness

  7. When in Rome…..that’s the local custom.
    50% of Israel’s pop. is middle eastern which includes North Africa Iraq etc.
    blood revenge is integral to the Torah so much so that is forbidden to accept money as a substitute for the blood revenge.

    But Elizabeth, named after Aaron’s wife, could perhaps at least hold her tongue at least until the end of the funeral taking place now.

    Sickening lack of tact! Shame on you!

    1. Your new comment is even dumber than your first.
      ” When in Rome…..that’s the local custom.”
      There you go again, you stupid racist: The civilised guy, surrounded by barbarian natives. (“We simply HAVE to take revenge, you know, these savages only understand the language of violence.”)

      ” 50% of Israel’s pop. is middle eastern which includes North Africa Iraq etc.”
      Oh really? And who are, and have always been in positions of power, deciding the policy since the beginning of the state of Israel? The Mizrahi Jews? Again: Don’t make me laugh. It is Europeans like you Shmuel, and Mileikowsky.

      ” blood revenge is integral to the Torah so much so that is forbidden to accept money as a substitute for the blood revenge.”

      Funny then, how European Jews never acted upon that. How repressed they must have felt by the surrounding society that had abandoned such customs. I pity them profoundly. I am so glad they can feel free to resort to their ‘old’ customs again, now they are ‘back’ in their ‘ancient’ neighborhood. I suppose the moratorium on polygamy that was voted for under this European oppression will also soon be lifted?

      My name is with an ‘s’ and I was named after John the Baptist’s mother, and I do not see why I should wait to point out to you that you say dumb things until after the funeral. Did you yourself ‘hold your tongue’ until then? (Shame on you!)

    2. “But Elizabeth, named after Aaron’s wife, could perhaps at least hold her tongue at least until the end of the funeral taking place now.
      Sickening lack of tact! Shame on you!”
      Yeah, because Elisabeth and everyone else outside your Zionist bubble is of course following closely when the teens are being buried, and the world has in fact decided to stand still for the rest of the day. And the funeral taking place didn’t prevent you from writing your essentialist crap about Middle Eastern revenge-culture. You really should go back to England before these Ayrabs come for you too…. and they have lots of reasons, don’t they, Shmuel ?
      If we

    3. This is the funniest comment so far.

      These antisemites are so rude! They pillage and rape before we have a chance to bury our dead!!

    4. @ Shmuel: Yeah, but you forgot the story of Dinah in which two of Jacobs sons are condemned for engaging in an act of blood vengeance. So it’s more complicated than you’re letting on.

      Elizabeth was attacking you, not Israel’s mourning. I think you’re a big enough boy to deal with that. So stop diverting the subject. Your generalizations were racist, whether you know it or not. As Daniel pointed out, blood vengeance is as American as apple pie: Hatfield & McCoys, anyone? Stop trying to make the ME into some primitive jungle when it ain’t.

  8. Ok so i’ll go back to england
    But then i’m an intruder there, since i only came a generation ago to england from nazi germany
    Ok i’ll go back to germany.
    But i have no rights there since my father was actually a polish citizen
    So i’ll go to poland
    But they won’t take me in since my family left there to germany 3 generations ago
    So i’ll do what english anti-semites always told my father to do ‘go back to Palestine’ – and i did.
    I came HOME

    And Deir Yassin – i have no reason for any Palestinian to seek revenge from me. I have done none any harm.
    Ask your friends from the popular front.

    1. I have a good memory ! You told us you were born in England, that your father came with the Kindertransporte from Germany. It makes you as English as anyone else in the UK.
      “I’ve done none any harm. Ask your friends from the Popular Front”
      Why don’t you ask the Palestinian neighbours of your friends in Kfar Etzion….. by the way, that’s where the Yeshiva-boys studied, wasn’t it ?

    2. @ Shmuel: What’s odd about this is that you certainly are entitled to German citizenship due to your connection to Germany. Any Jew with any connection to Germany whose family was affected by the Holocaust is entitled to German citizenship. 100,000 Israelis live in Germany now. Hard to believe you don’t know this since I’m not Israeli and I know this. Certainly Israelis like you would/should know as well.

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