18 thoughts on “Shabak Arrests 20 Year-Old Israeli Palestinian for Facebook Posts – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @ Lost: This comment is off topic. If you wish to create a blog pointing out corruption in the American judicial system, be my guest. You’d be joining a few hundred blogs that already exist for that purpose. But go right ahead. In the meantime, this blog deals with Israel. Stay on topic in future.

  1. Yes, I can definitely see how a young man like Nadaf would be a terror to the zionists. He sees no difference between Arab and Jews and helps the elderly, which makes him feel good. Sounds extremely subversive. He honors his parents and elders. Is that being too much of a freier for the savages to comprehend. I would be so proud to have a son like Nadaf. I’m so sorry for what he and his family have been put through. Someday, hopefully soon, this nightmare called the state of Israel will be replaced.

  2. The Shabak has way too much work these days. Does it make sense to you that they will arrest someone for a Facebook post?
    Yes, you said that his mom said that someone said that someone heard that someone said he was arrested because of Facebook post. And that is enough for you to write a blog post. Very professional “Journalism”!

    1. @ Adam: YOu know the workload of Shabak, how? THrough firsthand experience? Or not at all? Of course it makes perfect sense for Shabak to arrest Palestinians for Facebook posts. If you’d bothered to read the link I included you’d find that Shabak uncovered an entire “spy network” that was using Facebook to create a Golan insurrection (made up of course almost out of whole cloth).

      Not to mention since the entire Jewish terror unit seems to be doing nothing at all, they appear to need to fill in with meaningless tasks like torturing 20 yr olds for FB posts.

      Next time you decide to comment READ ALL THE LINKS IN THE POST, before wasting our time arguing a point that has already been disproven. You also clearly didn’t read the post linked, which was a direct report from the scene of the police search which recounted precisely what his mother said to the police.

      I’ve got news for you. I don’t like you. Don’t like your attitude. I have a very quick finger with people like you. Snark will get you nowhere here. You think it’s wit & I think it’s nitwit.

      If I moderate you there will be another 10 or 20 jumping in to take your place in the hasbara lineup. So I have no compunction turning you into a piece of this blog’s Zio-history.

      1. I like and admire the way in which you monitor your comment threads and keep them sane, Richard!!
        There is no obligation to allow things to deteriorate into a sewer.

        (972mag could learn something from you, although I sometimes wonder if they see their disgusting commenters as the most effective way of alerting everyone to what Israel has turned into.)

  3. Remember I wrote about the INQUISITION AND TORQUEMADA, not that old spanish passe stuff. THE NEW AND IMPROVED ONE, CALLED SHABAK AND BIBI.
    someone wrote awhile back, “stop the world, I want to get off” any values left to die for>

  4. From Wikipedia:

    “The human rights group B’Tselem estimated that 85% of all Palestinian detainees suspected of terrorism are subject to prolonged sleep deprivation; prolonged sight deprivation or sensory deprivation; forced, prolonged maintenance of body positions that grow increasingly painful; confinement in tiny, closet-like spaces; exposure to temperature extremes, such as in deliberately overcooled rooms; prolonged toilet and hygiene deprivation; and degrading treatment, such as forcing detainees to eat and use the toilet at the same time. Allegations have been made of frequent beatings. Such acts violate Article 16 of the United Nations Convention Against Torture. In January 2000, B’Tselem claimed that the Israeli General Security Service’s (GSS) methods of interrogation amounted to the five techniques: “[The] GSS used methods comparable to those used by the British in 1971, viz. sleep deprivation, infliction of physical suffering, and sensory isolation. But the GSS used them for much longer periods, so the resulting pain and suffering were substantially greater. In addition, the GSS used direct violence… Thus,… in practice, the GSS methods were substantially more severe than those used by the British in 1971…”[

    From “If Americans Knew”:

    The London Sunday Times conducted a five month investigation in 1977 – one can only assume that matters have got worse since then:
    “The investigation resulted in concrete conclusions: Israeli interrogators routinely ill-treat and torture Arab prisoners. Prisoners are hooded or blindfolded and are hung by their wrists for long periods. Most are struck in the genitals or in other ways sexually abused. Many are sexually assaulted. Others are administered electric shock.
    Prisoners are placed in specially constructed “cupboards” two feet square and five feet high with concrete spikes set in the floor. And maltreatment, including “prolonged beatings,” is universal in Israeli prisons and detention centers. Torture is so widespread and systematic, concludes the Sunday Times, that it cannot be dismissed as the work of “rogue cops” exceeding orders. It is sanctioned as deliberate policy and all Israeli security and intelligence services are involved”

    And the rot spreads (from Ynet):

“The newly-released report by the US Senate Intelligence Committee on the CIA’s use of torture says that CIA lawyers used Israel as a justification for building a legal case for torture of Al-Qa’ida suspects after the 9/11 attacks.”

  5. It’s frightening what is going on and that we, the US, still support it, say nothing, do nothing. It’s frightening too because at some point, it’s going to come around, be felt more and understood more and there will be results. The tipping point. The question always is lately is this the 3rd intifada. Richard is right– this is not the point. The statute of limitations on what can be dismissed because of the way Jews have been treated in the past, if there was such an allowance (I think there was or still is) should have passed it’s expiration date by now and maybe it has. It’s right and even mandatory for Jews here who feel this way, who know how immoral and compromised supporters of this are, to disassociate and speak out as at least the first order of business. It’s really frightening to me what “karma” is building for Israel, and by inference, for Jews.

  6. richard , you are a racist !

    your blog is all about israel and not a single word about the arabs and their doing…
    maybe you expect less from the arabs ?
    if you would have open a blog for syria / iran / iraq / saudi arabia / egypt you could had endless writing
    but maybe you assume that the arabs cannot be civilized and this is why your blog is not about them but
    about israel…

    so are you a racist ? , if not why your blog doesn’t deal with the bad things that the arabs are doing?

    1. A racist? Telling the truth is racist? If you are looking for anti-Arab propaganda, you’ll find it all over Israel and the internet – you can start with Israel H’Yom, Jerusalem Post, Haaretz (right wing in my opinion, esp, comments), The Times of Israel, Arutz Sheva and of course the New York Times. There have to be a few voices in the wilderness of Israeli hasbara and one of them is this site. You don’t have to troll here.

      1. Should have been “voices in the wilderness against Israeli hasbara…”.

        I did not include almost every news rag in Israel is right wing/pro-settler/pro government. And you “A reader” have a tantrum on one of the very few sites that is anti right wing/anti-settler/anti-occupation? Not everyone has been brainwashed.

      2. @ marnie:

        You don’t have to troll here.

        Ah, but they do, Marnie. They do. Either they’re doing it for credit in their Israeli hasbara course, or paid by the foreign ministry, or hired by Stand With Us. Or doing it just because they’re True Believers. But they have a repetition compulsion disorder in doing this. They can’t help themselves.

    2. @ reader: I’ve only published this comment because I want sane & sentient readers to know the sort of horse manure the pro-Israel hasbara crowd attempts to sling here every day. The worst of it I don’t publish. But I wanted everyone to see this example of total narischkeit.

    3. Jeez, is that for real ? Or did you have some kind of competition at your pre-school day center, like who can write the most stupid comment on the internet. Or maybe it’s part of your exam to enter the ‘Ambassadors Online’ hasbara course at Haifa University.

    1. @ loony angel: This is typical of the stupidest hasbara offered here. A secret police force arrests someone, won’t tell anyone what he did, keeps him incommunicado so even his lawyers don’t know anything about the case, and you say, without any knowledge at all, he deserves whatever they give him. You’re a racist, demagogue and support the blind national security state. Mazel tov. You & the secret police deserve each other. In fact, they’re recruiting (but only looking for goons who can beat people up well). You should apply.

  7. Great post Richard.
    6 months in administrative detention should turn Hassan into the “terrorist” [cough cough] Israel desperately needs to justify[disguise] the treatment of the Palestinians.

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