12 thoughts on “NY Times Botches Reporting on Israeli Police Execution – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. @ Richard
    “Hadid spells Alloun’s name “Alon.” That does not seem to be phonetically close to the spelling Electronic Intifada adopted and which I’ve used. The name Alon is a common Israeli name. But Palestinian? ”
    That was exactly my first reaction when I saw your transcript from the New York Times. His name has been hebrewized …. The family name is علون in Arabic, the first letter, ain (a fricative that does not exist in English but appatently in Hebrew) is transcribed ‘ in specialized litterature and mostly simply ‘a’ in general transcription. The correct transcription is ‘al(l)ûn with a long ‘u’/’oo’ so “Alloun” is the perfect transcription into European languages; ‘alon’ does not put the stress in the right place either.
    Here’s a short video with his family (father and aunts). I read somewhere else that his mother lives in Jordan with a younger brother, she was not allowed to resettle in her native Jerusalem after living in Jordan for some years when her father died there.
    And a picture of Fadi Samir Alloun:
    (without the www not to block the submitting)
    – imemc.org/attachments/oct2015/alloun.jpg

    1. PS. Minor correction: your first link is Maan News (feel free to moderate this comment after correction 🙂

        1. Alon vs. Alloun:
          ALL zionist journalists in our media screw up arab names intentionally.
          It’s simply part of their denial of arab culture and history in Palestine.
          Nothing new.

  2. Why shouldn’t this country get the same labels Chechnya or Somalia get?
    Is there a rule of law in those countries, Democracies, “legally” elected authorities, NONE
    Similarities, : Mob/Military/Police rules, Theocracies
    The country is ‘ALLOWED’ to operate as long as we do not get involved with the criminals purportedly “RULING”
    As a person who have seen many versions of countries, I can say this is not A DEMOCRACY IN ANY WAY NOR SHAPE. THIS IS A MOB THEOCRACY RULE –
    I see no difference between BIBI and TORQUEMADA – NONE –
    if wrong please let me see my ignorance – whilst one burned people for faith, the other is burning them for pleasure. both derived pleasure in their duties while blood run down the streets.
    For my greatest sorrow I resigned my religion, MY FATHER A PURE JEW FROM A PURE JEWISH TREE NEVER HAD AN OUNCE OF HATRED TOWARDS NON JEWS WHILE WE GREW IN EGYPT AT THE START OF THE 20TH CENTURY in the midst of christian and arabs, Even now jews are better treated in Egypt than arabs in Israel.
    As I said I gave up my religion because of lack of hatred in my soul. i cannot see the minute I can to give up living in this hell hole. Syria’s current condition is without remedy due to wars. ISRAEL IS WITHOUT REMEDY DUE TO RELIGION. = RELIGION WILL DOOM ISRAEL === MUCH MUCH SOONER THAN PEOPLE THINK.
    no amount of money AIPAC can use will be able to paper up the amount of blood jews are demanding and getting.
    i am sure the messiah has come and left full of repugnance at what goes in the name of judaism.

  3. Again, for some reason you forgot to mention that Fadi Aloun, twitted right before the incident :
    “O Allah, accept and grant victory to the martyrs of slaves in Palestine and Al-Aqsa Mosque concluded Jewish usurpers. ”
    This makes you wonder.
    His family layer says
    Even the Israeli-Arab MK Ahmad Tibi edited his post, and now does not claim that he did not stab, only that on the time he was shot he posed no danger. That might be the case, but please, if you are a serious blogger try to show ALL the details known in this story.

    1. @ Dani: Primary comment rule: do NOT comment without reading the thread. Your claim has been mentioned twice before you. I already rebutted those claims. Do NOT repeat previous comments or you may be have your comment privileges restricted. Now go & find my rebuttal & stop repeating things.

      If you are a serious commenter (as you clearly are not) read the comment rules as the comment page clearly indicates BEFORE you comment.

      Further, there has been no concrete evidence yet linking him to the stabbing. None. As for what Ahmed Tibi says I doubt you know what he says. You merely are repeating something you read on social media or Rotter. In this blog, you offer quotations and sources in order to be taken seriously. WIthout them you’re comments mean little or nothing.

    2. @ Dani
      Haha, nice try ! You don’t know any Arabic at all ? That Tweet is NOT by Fadi Alloun but by the other person, EsraaAwaysheh, your own link even indicates that clearly : There’s nothing about al-Aqsa, Palestine or Jews in Fadi Fadi Aloon’s Tweet.
      It’s that how desparate Hasbara has become to try to convince the world that this cold-blooded murder is justified ?

      1. PS. I forgot to mention, the Tweet by EsraaAwaysheh is AFTER Fadi Alloun was killed, as it’s dedicated to the Martyr Fadi Alloun (the blue link goes to a Twitter that has been opened since his death (his name written in Arabic). I can’t find the Fadi Fadi Aloon Twitter, maybe it’s just a Hasbara invention …

    3. Hi. I’m new to your blog and realize I’m late in joining this thread, but I want to make a point that I have yet to see brought up.

      The Israeli police’ version of events is that: a) Alloun is the person who stabbed the 15-year old Israeli, and b) he was still wielding the knife when he was shot after being chased by the angry mob.
      My point – aside from wondering why he wouldn’t get rid of the incriminating knife – is that it should be easy to confirm he was indeed the attacker by checking the knife for blood/DNA belonging to the stabbed boy.
      Anything to this regard being mentioned in the Israeli media?

      1. @ italian: At this point, I don’t think Israeli police bother with forensic evidence or serious investigation when murdering a Palestinian is involved. Of course, there must’ve been surveillance video at the gas station where the stabbing took place. We’ve heard nothing about this. Frankly, I believe Fadi had no knife when murdered. If he had, they would have shown us pictures. I also don’t believe they ever found the knife. If they had, again they would’ve displayed it publicly.

        That doesn’t mean he didn’t do it. It just means they haven’t proven it, which makes Fadi innocent in most democratic countries under rule of law. Israel is not such a place unfortunately.

  4. I agree entirely about the shoddiness of the journalism. “shot by police officers early Sunday after he stabbed and wounded” with “according to police sources” only tagged on at the end of the sentence. It would far better to say “shot by police officers, according to police sources, after he stabbed”. A small point but the first would encourage a person hastily scanning the article to assume action was justified, and the second would make clear that there may be legitimate doubt about the justification. All other news media highlighted doubts about the killing; surely the NYT with correspondents based in Jerusalem could have done better. Inevitably correspondents often give weight to explanations or allegations by government spokespersons, but surely the NYT has had sufficient exposure to the often inaccurate hypotheses and frequently downright lies offered by Israeli police following any killing. Surely any competent journalist knowing that a “suspect” had been killed in cold blood when arrest would have been easier, would smell a rat regarding official explanations. I know investigative journalists are in short supply in the occupied territories, all all of the established media take short-cuts by swallowing news stories fed to them, but surely the NYT has a reputation to protect.

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