16 thoughts on “If You Want to Be Shin Bet Chief, Get on Sara’s Good Side – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. the word ‘decadence’ comes to mind. israel promotes itself as an ‘intelligent’ nation, a source of technical innovation and more broadly innovative thinking. this pervasive, roman-style, end-of-the-empire corruption makes a good case for the opposite.

    1. Technology has no relation to progressiveness, and a vague (at best) relation to intelligence.
      One of the sad things about Israel’s politics (that is, after control over a large population with no political rights and after neglecting the social rights of those people who aren’t money-making machines) is the addiction of the public opinion of this country to an image of a “capable leader” who will direct all the affairs single-handedly. That creates a feasible danger of a personality cult, and Israeli civil society is not strong enough to resist this danger. By the way, this is the reason why Israel was devised as a parliamentary democracy from its inception, as a parliamentary democracy presumes collective leadership and decision-making.

  2. ” It now becomes obvious that one of the ways in which he did this was to promote the fortunes of the successful finalist,”

    Nothing you write suggests that it is “obvious” that Sarah Netanyahu played a major role choosing the new Shabak director. What you provide barely amounts to gossip.

    1. Eshel doesn’t have independent views of his own. He gets all his ideas & marching orders from Sara. If he pressured Bibi to favor Cohen over Ilan it was because of Sara. His harassment of Kidron no doubt was also influenced by the fact that Sara hated her.

  3. Somethings wrong here. The idea behind getting married multiple times is that by wife number three, she’s all tits and ass and knows how to keep her mouth shut. He ain’t doing this right. She’s haulin’ a caboose, has diahrea of the mouth, and has a face that could scare paint off the wall.

    1. Whatever anyone might or might not think about Sara Netanyahu, I hope there is no place in this blog for completely sexist and inane comments like this one.

    2. Not sure if my first comment on this got through, but I feel strongly enough to write again just in case.

      Whatever the view of Sarah Netanyahu, this comment is simply inane and sexist and from what I know of this blog, has no place here.

      1. I agree with you. If we respect women here, we’ve got to respect all of them, even the ones we can’t stand. There are plenty of legitimate ways to criticize Sara without going to the dark side.

  4. “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned”

    William Congreve….The Mourning Bride (1697),Act III, Scene VIII

    Sara’s influence upon her husband is not unique among the wives of world leaders.
    Michelle Obama is not reticent about her strongly held opinions,ask Rahm Emanuel.

      1. “Are you really comparing Michelle Obama to Sara Netanyahu? Are you sure you want to go there?”

        No disrespect is intended or implied toward the first lady,who I believe will continue to be the first lady after November.I compare Michelle Obama to Sara Netanyahu only in as much as they are both women and are both wives of influential men and like most women they both seek to influence their husbands.This is not necessarily a bad thing,many wives compliment their husbands and not for nothing is it said that behind every successful man there is a woman.

        However, when considering any candidate for elected office one should not discount the future potential influence of their wife.In the U.S., first ladies have influenced, both overtly and inadvertently,everything from domestic political agendas to foreign policy through their relationships with their husbands.

        Also in Israel wives of politicians have influenced their husbands both overtly and inadvertently.Sara has even been reported as writing some of Bibi’s speeches so it is not inconceivable that she might try to influence the appointment of the next Shin Bet director.
        The question is not whether she has or has not influenced the appointment of the next Shin Bet director.The question is why was she permitted to do so if she indeed did
        do so.

  5. Richard said:
    Cohen (who is, like Eshel, an Orthodox Jew).
    I am not sure what that has to do with anything . Recall that “progressives” oppose generalizations, particularly negative ones, about groups of people….they label that “racism”.

    Or how about this one….”Cohen, who is like Eshel and Richard Silverstein, a Jew….

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