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    1. Mitchell: ONe of my comment rules says to read the entire post AND the links before publishing a comment. I’ve already linked to that image. SO you’ve just duplicated something I already did. Don’t do that.

        1. “The embedded Daily Mail video, seen above @00:15, shows the blue and yellow handled knife laying on the ground, where the girl had been standing earlier when confronted by the soldiers.”

          That statement is demonstrably untrue.

          The knife is shown lying on the ground next to a one of those support pillars. It is very clearly the pillar that was next to the soldier on the right of screen (we know that because of the presence of that white plastic bin).

          So the knife very clearly was lying on the ground near where that second soldier was standing, it was not lying anywhere near where Hadeel al Hashlamon was ever standing.

          (Note also that the photos showed that she subsequently moved back behind the steel railing, which meant that even *IF* we accept that she had that knife in her possession during the initial confrontation she most definitely did *NOT* still have it in her possession when she moved back behind that barrier).

          Yet they still shot her, even though BY YOUR OWN ARGUMENT the knife was now lying at the feet of that second soldier, and she was nowhere near within arms-reach of it i.e. she had already been disarmed.

          But you and I both know that’s a crock o’ shit. The simple truth is that those soldiers shot that girl, and then one of the soldiers (most likely the one on the right of screen) produced an oh-so-convenient knife from somewhere and dropped it at his feet.

          Honestly, the lengths that hasbarah bots will go to defend the indefensible….

          1. @Yeah

            I didn’t say the knife was lying at anyone’s feet. I also lack your certainty as to who dropped the knife.
            I just know that approaching a checkpoint wearing a burqa immediately arouses suspicion because you have to present photo I.D.

            Something was up here. I don’t buy that the victim donned a burqa and innocently went off to attend university classes and was murdered. Something else happened.

            Also, note in photo 2 in the Daily Mail array, that the victim, now with her back to soldier #2, and apparently taking directives from the Arab man, has to walk UNDER the three stanchions.


          2. Something else happened.

            You should convert to Christianity & then you can believe in Immaculate Conception and any number of miracles to explain improbable events. But I think we’ll stick to what our eyes, ears and brain can comprehend clearly. That she was murdered.

            It’s entirely possible none of those soldiers woke that morning saying: “I’m gonna get me a Palestinian.” It’s entirely possible they all love their pets and momma and daddy. But their (execrable) training and their prejudices, their fear, their youth, and their ineptitude produced murder.

          3. “I didn’t say the knife was lying at anyone’s feet.”

            No, Michael, I’m TELLING YOU that the photo that you pointed everyone to shows a knife lying on the ground WHERE THE SOLDIER WAS. It does not show the knife lying on the ground WHERE THE GIRL WAS.

            You can see it by comparing *that* photo with the photos showing *that* soldier and *that* girl.

            You can see it, man, all you need to do is to put those photos alongside the photo showing that knife, so stop playing dumb with me.

            ” I also lack your certainty as to who dropped the knife.”

            Dude, the photo shows the knife lying on the ground, and that ground is located WHERE THE SOLDIER WAS at the time that HE WAS CONFRONTING THAT GIRL.

            There is therefore absolutely no way – no way on Earth – that the girl could have put that knife there.

            No. Way. On. Earth.

            “I just know that approaching a checkpoint wearing a burqa immediately arouses suspicion because you have to present photo I.D. ”

            And you “know” that… how, exactly?

            “Something was up here.”

            Yeah, a Palestinian girl set off a metal detector, and so the IDF soldiers shot her dead.

            “I don’t buy that the victim donned a burqa and innocently went off to attend university classes and was murdered.”

            Dude, the knife was photographed lying on the ground, and that ground happened to be exactly where that soldier was standing during that confrontation. It was not wear that girl was standing during that confrontation.

            You need to explain how that knife got there, and if you can’t – and I’m saying again that you can’t – then she was murdered, and that soldier is attempting to blame his victim.

            “Something else happened. ”

            No, nothing else happened. The girl set off the metal detector, and so those two IDF soldiers shot her. Whereupon one of those two soldiers produced a knife and dropped it at his feet.

            “Also, note in photo 2 in the Daily Mail array, that the victim, now with her back to soldier #2, and apparently taking directives from the Arab man, has to walk UNDER the three stanchions.”

            Look at it again: she has two pillars next to her – one on her left, and the other to her right. It is indisputable that neither was the pillar shown in the photo of the knife, because the metal gate behind that photo is the metal gate that you see *behind* those two IDF soldiers during that confrontation.

            QED: at no time did that girl come anywhere near where that knife was photographed.
            She couldn’t have: there was an IDF soldier standing there, and she was walking away from him, she wasn’t walking towards him.

            Honestly, all you need to do is to have the photo of the knife in front of you and then compare what you see there with what you see in those other photographs. It is impossible to come to any other conclusion that the knife is laying exactly where the IDF soldier was standing DURING that confrontation. Which makes it impossible that the girl put the knife there.

          4. @ Yeah Right

            “*IF* we accept that she had that knife in her possession during the initial confrontation she most definitely did *NOT* still have it in her possession when she moved back behind that barrier).”

            I agree with that.

            Be that as it may, the photo of the knife laying by the bucket is a pose. The knife originally was seen in the video laying in the dirt at the base of the triple stanchion.
            We see the victim walking away from the soldier on the left and toward the Arab man. She has to walk under the triple stanchion.
            My strong feeling is that she dropped the knife right at the base of the triple stanchion, and proceeded to walk towards barrier. That’s when things suddenly went very wrong.
            I don’t believe she lunged at a soldier but I do believe that she planned to use the knife to do bodily harm to a female soldier (who she had requested to do a security check).
            Just my opinion.

          5. “The knife originally was seen in the video laying in the dirt at the base of the triple stanchion.”

            If the video you are referring to is the one on the Daily Mail website then it is a recording made AFTER the girl was shot dead – you can see her dead body – and in it you see the Kippah-wearing soldier motioning the cameraman over and pointing to the knife lying at the base of the pillar.

            Now, one more time, yet again: go back and look at the photos taken AT THE TIME OF THE CONFRONTATION.

            Do that and you’ll see that the pillar in question is the pillar that is NEXT TO THE SOLDIER, it is not any pillar that is anywhere near where that girl was standing.

            I’ll say that again, because you very clearly are not listening: the girl never goes near **that** pillar. She neither does so at the beginning (when she is on “their side” of the cattle-gate) nor does she do so later (when she has been motioned behind that gate).

            She. Was. Never. Anywhere. Near. That. Pillar.

            But someone was: the soldier who was wearing a kippah.

            The only possible conclusion is this: that soldier shot the girl dead, then dropped a knife at his feet, then motioned the cameraman to come over and record that “evidence”.

            That’s it. That is the only way that a knife could have found its way under that pillar i.e. the girl couldn’t have put it there. The soldier could.

            Now, this has got to be the third time I have pointed that out to you, and you still don’t get it.

            You will never get it, and the reason why not is simple: you refuse to open your eyes and actually look at the evidence.

            You, sir, are a fool.

        2. @ Mitchell Blood: That’s nonsense. There is a knife. You don’t know where the knife is in relation to where the girl stood. You don’t know whose knife it is. You don’t know how the knife got there. I repeat: you appeal to your masters in Israeli intelligence/secret police to release the security camera footage so we can see for herself how this went down. That is your only credible proof. The rest is idle speculation & puffery.

          1. ” You don’t know where the knife is in relation to where the girl stood.”

            Sorry, Richard, you are wrong.

            If you look in the background of that photo you can see a metal gate.

            If you then look at the photos of the “confrontation” you’ll see that same gate i.e. it is the gate in shadow that is **behind** the two IDF soldiers.

            You can see it.

            That means that the knife was photographed on the very same ground that the IDF soldier was standing on during that entire “confrontation”, which means that the knife could not possibly have been dropped there by that girl.

            If you look at the photos showing Hadeel al Hashlamon’s dead body (i.e. a photo taken from the other direction) you’ll see that the gate she had been standing behind when she was shot is completely different to the gate that you see behind the knife.

            The photograph showing that knife proves only one thing: that there was only one person present during that confrontation who COULDN’T have put that knife there, and that person was Hadeel al Hashlamon.

  1. “But the knife could be lying anywhere and there is no direct connection between the knife and her. ”

    The knife is laying next to the white bucket that appears in your uppermost photo. Spent shell casings and bootprints appear next to the knife and bucket.

    Question. Do young, unmarried women in Palestine commonly wear a full burqa? I’ve seen married women wearing full burqa, but not unmarried women. Maybe Deir Yassin can explain.

      1. @ Elisabeth: He’s earning overtime too for day after Yom Kippur! Or else he’s an IDC student earning extra credit for work in the hasbara social media war room.

        Have a feeling he won’t be hear much longer. They’re calling his departing hasbara flight at Ben Gurion!

    1. Hadil was not wearing a burqa. She was wearing a niqab and fairly standard modest dress. I have certainly seen gals dress in this way in the OT.

    2. “The knife is laying next to the white bucket that appears in your uppermost photo.”

      Yep, that would be the bucket that was next to that soldier. Meaning that he had possession of that knife during the confrontation, not her.

      ” Spent shell casings and bootprints appear next to the knife and bucket.”

      Yep, that’s because that knife and that bucket were both next to the feet of that soldier.
      Which meant that he was in possession of that knife, not the girl, when she moved back behind that steel barrier.

      There is no other explanation i.e. she couldn’t have that knife in her possession when she was behind that barrier **AND** that knife was lying on the ground next to that soldier when he opened fire.

      Both propositions can not simultaneously be true, yet that is what your argument demands.

    3. Just further to Mitchell’s comment: if you look at all the photos then it is obvious that the pillar that the knife lies next to is the pillar that lay upper-right in all the photos that were taken of the actual confrontation.

      It’s not *just* the white bucket that tells us that. The giveaway is the metal gate in the background, which is clearly the same metal gate that you can see behind those two IDF soldiers and is completely different to the metal gate that Hadeel al Hashlamon moved back behind at Fawaz Abu Aisheh’s pleading.

      So of the four pillars that are there (two that are left-and-right with respect to Hadeel al Hashlamon, and two others that are one-each next to the IDF soldiers) the knife is indisputably lying next to the right-most (i.e. the kippah-wearing) IDF soldier, which means that the knife had to have been lying at his feet during the confrontation.

      Which means that the girl was unarmed, indisputably so by the time that she was motioned back behind the cattle-pen by Fawaz Abu Aisheh.

      The only other possibility is that the knife was moved to that spot later (much later, if the shadows are any indication).

      But once you posit the idea that the “evidence” has been moved there then, heck, it is no longer “evidence” in any real sense of the word.

      That should be axiomatic, since once we accept the idea that the IDF HAD PUT IT THERE then we have to entertain the notion that THEY COULD HAVE PRODUCED IT FROM ANYWHERE.

      Honestly, Mitchell, you are talking nonsense.

        1. Well, all you need to do is ignore the knife and look at all the other objects in that photo.

          When you do that it’s impossible to miss two Very Important Things:
          a) The metal gate in the background is indisputably the same metal gate that can be seen behind the two IDF soldiers. Which must mean that the pillar in the “knife photo” is the same pillar that can be seen next to the kippah-wearing IDF soldier.
          b) Heck, everything *else* in that photo – the bucket, the bottle, and the chair – had *all* been moved following the shooting. So if *everything* *else* had been moved to get them into the photo frame then why would that knife be any different?

          It’s not rocket science: all you need to do is to compare that photo with all the other photos and make note of
          a) Where the immovable objects (pillar and gate) are, and
          b) Compare the positions of all the movable objects pre- and post-shooting.

          It would take a competent police investigation all of 10 seconds to decide that the knife was dropped on the ground by the IDF soldier who was wearing the Kippah.

          But that requires a competent investigation, which is not what is going to happen here.

    4. @ Mitchell Blood: Listen, haboob. It’s not Deir Yassin’s responsibility to teach you about Palestinian customs. Your questions are an affront. Some Muslim women wear burqas. That is all ye need to know. Wearing a burqa should not be a death sentence. Your assuming she was wearing a burqa to hide a knife or suicide vest was exactly what her murderers were thinking. So congratulations, you think exactly like Israeli murderers. You deserve some sort of a hasbara merit badge for that I suppose.

      The alleged proximity of the knife and shell casings mean nothing. Not to mention that you have absolutely no evidence that she held a knife or dropped a knife. If you were 3 scared young recruits who’d just murdered a Palestinian girl in cold blood you’d damn well have a knife or gun to plant as the need arose. Policemen & IDF soldiers have been doing this for ages as Andy’s comment notes.

  2. Well Richard, this story is mega now. Let’s hope the soldier are named.

    You’ll know of the story told by our famous Left-Wing Israeli journalist who was in the IDF of how soldiers way back when, carried a bag full of weapons from which to select something appropriate to plant on innocent Palestinians they had shot. Obviously if you an old man with a donkey who got sent to Kingdom come, it wouldn’t be an Uzi. A good old trusty Webley, stolen from the British Army, or a Sten gun maybe.

    Responding to israel is to a great extent about naming names. A big black book. I look at it like the long, long, seeming ineradicable monument to the American dead in the Vietnam war. A place where you can go to see all the people responsible for propping up the inexecrable State of Israel.

    In the modern world you can’t take away what you’ve said and you can’t magic away what you’ve done.

    Hadil’s death has coincided with the the rising tensions over Al Aqsa, and the rumblings from the Palestinians about a Third Intifada. Though quite that works with a separation wall…..I would be prone not to protest on the West side, wouldn’t you?

    It seems bearing witness in the electronic age is the New Intifada. The good old-fashioned uprising has probably had it’s day.

  3. The article on http://www.mako.il to which you link does not include the Shabak claims you mention, though the article may have been edited after it was posted. Can you provide links to any articles/media pieces quoting these Shabak claims about Hadeel?

    1. @ Deborah: Indeed, you are right & that passage has been removed either by the censor or by some Shabak official more senior than the idiot who leaked this crap, who complained to Mako. But here is the original Hebrew that was in the article:

      מתחקיר האירוע עולה שהפלסטינית הייתה מוכרת לשב”כ והביעה בתקופה האחרונה רצון לבצע פיגוע. בחודשים האחרונים אמרה הדיל אל-השלמון במספר הזדמנויות שונות למקורביה כי ברצונה “לעשות מעשה”
      ולהוציא לפועל פיגוע. יום לפני התקרית בחברון היא ביקשה להיפרד מבן זוגה ואמרה לו כי לא יתראו יותר

      I’ve added a screenshot of the original story before it was censored, to my post. Perhaps you should ask the reporter, Nir Dabori what happened?

  4. When we consider all the circumstances of this matter, we must consider the training of the soldiers (including their training to be fearful and a system that puts them close to people they are trained to be frightened of), the business of speaking only in Hebrew (and shouting, at that), and, but far more important, that the entire business of checkpoints and roadblocks and soldiers running around whilst highly-armed doing crowd-conrol, and all the takings of land and infuriating of Palestinians — all this is deliberate, arguably illegal, and clearly unnecessary. Consdidered as a whole, the war-crime of murder is but a part of a large-scale, systematic,well-thought-out system that is calculated to lead to small-scale crimes like this one. But keep your eye on the system. The entire system is designed as a crime and as a crime-producer.

  5. 1. There is a bit of a confusion between burqa and niqab+abbaya. Iranian press uses term “burqa”, but if you want to buy that dress, say on Amazon.com, this is Saudi-style abbaya+niqab combination, worn by 63% of women in KSA, 9% in Egypt, so I presume that in Palestine it is rare but not unusual.

    2. IDF sources do not claim that the knife was shown where it was dropped, but that it was “recovered” and then shown. But why on the ground? To explain the lack of finger prints?

    3. On photos, IDF soldiers look absolutely terrified, I guess because of recent events in al-Aqsa, they were instructed to be especially vigilant, so unusually dressed young women with a large handbag made them panic. As we know from the behavior of American police, such situation often lead to a hail of bullets, once one men shoots, reflexes of the others are taking over. As they were separated by a barrier, and the women was in a piece of cloth that would prevent her from jumping over, and as she carried a large bag, it is hard to conceive how she could present danger with a knife. Hard to tell what they were thinking, perhaps they were afraid of a bomb.

    4. Official IDF version seems internally inconsistent: namely that the first shots were warning shots near her feet, true, then she started to move toward them (a bit doubtful, she could start moving but hard to see how she could get close given the barrier, abbaya and a big bag), then she was shot through her legs and yet!!! she kept moving toward the soldiers. A zombie? A vampire? IDF should take lessons from American police. On the same day, a criminal was spotted in the suburbs of Baltimore trying to buy coughing sirup with a fake prescription. A policemen came and the suspect started to run away, then he fall down, and THEN he became “uncooperative”, and against the verbal instructions of the policeman he made a rapid movement with his hand, so it looked as if he had a handgun (while lying on the ground, perhaps touching his sore bottom). Dead!!! I read quite a few times about bare hands looking like a handgun.

  6. pabelmont is on the money concerning the training of soldiers. I started to investigate it in the aftermath of Mavi Marmara incident where IDF commando troops operated like “everybody else would”. Is there anyone else attacking ships on the open sea? Yes, regularly! There is a set of incidents on Yellow Sea, where Chinese fishermen fish in Korean zone and are being chased and detained by Korean coast guard. From reports, it seems like kung-fu against taekwondo. Koreans go to considerable lengths to avoid shooting incidents, and their troops, at least in specialized units, are seriously trained in martial arts. By the way of contrast, the most elite commando unit was beaten up by amateurs, so subsequently they got mad and made some executions, with fire arms, of course. So in principle, any modestly trained soldier would be able to removed a knife from the hands of a much smaller person, but that principle does not cover Krav Maga which blows even in the elite version”.

    Israeli security seems to operate in two modes: lethargic and hysterical, and they have to deal with two types of threats: from Jewish religious fanatics and from Palestinians. How lethargic they can be? One can understand that they merely watch settlers attacking Palestinians, sheep or plants. And the same pattern explains taking 40 minutes to reach a shopping mall where soccer fanatics are beating up Arab workers. A bit harder to understand how they got meekly beaten up by such settlers. Yet harder to comprehend how they could remain lethargic while releasing from prison a fanatic who attacked gay parade in Jerusalem, on the eve of that parade, and then not noticing that a gaunt, tall guy in Hasidic garb and huge beard does not really fit the profile of the paraders (and he was actually described on a short list of people who may be dangerous). Or how they could get a call “we are being kidnapped” and decide to investigate it next day. But once they are bestirred to action, it is a total hysteria.

    1. All the info used here is pure speculation based on various sources and to draw concrete solutions is nearly impossible.
      The only solution one can draw from this site regarding Israel is “We will give {Israel} a fair trail and then take her out and hang him.”

      1. “We will give {Israel} a fair trail and then take her out and hang him.”

        Well, be fair: Hadeel al Hashlamon didn’t even get that much due-diligence before being executed.

  7. I want to draw everyone’s attention to two photographs:
    If you look here:
    you’ll see the photo of the knife lying on the ground next to a pillar.

    That’s the same photo that Richard has linked to, and which Mitchell Blood claims “proves” that the girl attempted to attack those soldiers.

    Now go here:

    Look at the first photo, which shows the moment before the soldiers open fire and kill that girl.

    You can see that same pillar, albeit only the left-hand side.

    But that is all-important, precisely because the “knife photo” has the knife lying to the left of that pillar.

    Q: Do you see a knife in that photo?
    A: No.

    Q: Do you see even the hint of a knife-handle?
    A: No.

    Q: Meaning….?
    A: There was no knife lying there during the confrontation leading up to her death.

    Q: Meaning….?
    A: The knife was dropped there AFTER the Israeli soldiers shot that girl dead.

    If the IDF’s claimed version of events is true then that knife would have been visible in that photo, yet There Is No Knife In That Photo.

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