28 thoughts on “Israel’s Dangerous Game with Syrian Islamists – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. I’d be very surprised if that was true. Druze don’t much like the prospects of a Nusra government in Damascus.

  1. Can you link to the reporting of Israel providing “military … supplies” to the rebels? I saw some UN reporting of unspecified objects being transferred, but has there been any evidence that it was military in nature?

    1. @eli

      There is zero evidence that Israel give military supplies to any rebel group.

      There is an unsubstantiated claim that Israel has provided artillery cover for the rebels.
      That claim comes from an AL Monitor article, written by ‘anonymous’ and quoting anonymous sources.
      That article provided one named source for the artillery cover claim, a Syrian Army General.

      That’s it.

      1. @Mitchell: This is a lie. Al Monitor does not publish articles anonymously. Further, the claim of Isrsel launching artillery into Syria is widely reported including in Israeli media. UN observers observed the IDF unloading boxes full of supplies for al Nusra fighters. These were not I assure you boxes of books to raise the morale of the troops.

        1. @Richard

          ” Al Monitor does not publish articles anonymously. ”

          Ahh! You’re right. AI Monitor doesn’t publish ‘anonymous’. It publishes writers who use pseudonyms.

          ‘Khaled Atallah, Contributor, Syria Pulse. Khaled Atallah is a pseudonym for a Syrian journalist based in Syria’.

          Mea culpa.

        1. @ Mitchell Blood: I’d support Israel and every other military force (including Hezbollah & Iran) keeping their nose out of other nations’ business. Especially regarding military intervention. I have less problem with humanitarian intervention.

          1. No one deliver ammunition by a few boxes. It is heavies and spent quickly. Ammunition it transferred by truckloads which isn’t the case here. I saw somewhere an assumption it is either medicine or communication systems. Both makes a lot more sense then a few thousand bullets hand delivered.

          2. @James: I never said the boxes contained ammunition. They could’ve contained any type of weapons system that could fit into boxes. If you claim it was medicine, let’s see a statement & video footage documenting this claim. We’ve already seen the IDF lies through it’s teeth so why should we believe an unfounded rumor planted by you to cover its ass??

          3. Like you write, there is no proof that will convince you they didn’t supply ammunition so that is a waste of time. But the fact remains, a few boxes of ammunition is nothing and doesn’t make sense and I’m not sure what type of ‘weapon system’ you may refer to. Maybe night vision?

  2. I assume Mitchell was referring to this article:

    The author Khaled Atallah is writing under a pseudonym. I consider Al Monitor to be a reliable organisation with a serious track record. I would be surprised if they would publish someone unless they had some confidence in their professionalism and reliability.

    This being said, I certainly wouldn’t accept everything that was told to the reporter at face value.

    The article reports that IDF reportedly provided communication equipment, medical devices and maps.

    In terms of the English-language UN report, the relevant sentence is:
    “On one occasion UNDOF observed the IDF on the Alpha side handing over two boxes to armed members of the opposition on the Bravo side.”

    For what it’s worth, Israel officially responded to this claim via UN representative Prosor:
    “At the time of the incident in question, UNDOF officials asked the IDF about the contents of the box and were informed that they contained medicine for Syrian citizens that had received medical treatment in Israel and subsequently returned home to Syria.”

  3. Thanks Richard. You nailed it.
    Israel is fooling around with silly short lived alliances, playing with fire, when it should have made peace a long time ago.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Yeah, it’s a clever idea for Israel to support al-Nusra (al-Qa’ida), just to maintain the level of confusion in Syria. Now we have the problem. Unfortunately there are Druze on both sides of the cease-fire line. If al-Nusra, supported by Israel, wins, they will massacre the Druze, as Islamic heretics (which they are). The Druze on the Israeli side of the cease-fire, not surprisingly, are unhappy.

  4. “But lately, al-Nusra has mounted attacks in a new Syrian sector: the Druze-populated Golan. This new offensive, which has threatened several Druze villages, led to the death of 20 Druze villagers last week.”
    The massacre didn’t take place in the Golan, but in the Druze village of Qalb Lawzah in the Province of Idlib, close to the Turkish border.

  5. As you know, for what it’s worth, Nusra officials apologized for the death of the some 20 Druze villagers. Analysts seem to agree that Israel is putting pressure on Nusra to avoid targeting Syrian Druze.

  6. Richard – your comparison of Israel and syrian rebels to the US and what became the taliban is horrifying and true. The US and the zionist state have too many empire builders/war mongers in power to see the shit they are knee deep it.

    1. @ nikkor1: If rebel fighters murdered your family you’d celebrate their death too. What I do love about hasbarists like you is when you get on your high horse and call Arabs beasts & savages without reailzing your own country is no less beastly and savage.

        1. @ james: I never said they weren’t murderers. Of course they’re murderers. But what’s important is the context of their act of violence. Israel itself is fully to blame for things getting to this point. Did Israel think it could play with fire in Syria & not pay a price in the Golan? How absurd!

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