37 thoughts on “Syrian Killed in Attack by Golani Druze Was Islamist Fighter, Not Civilian as IDF Claimed – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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        1. That’s a stretch to call them “Israeli” given that “real” Israelis (the Jewish citizens) don’t read any Arabic nor engage with the Arabic language media in their own country.

          1. It doesn’t matter how much israeli those sites are- Silverstein lied about “first time”

          2. @Nikkor1: Nope. I wrote that I “named him for the first time outside of Syrian media.” Which is absolutely true. I never said I posted his picture for the first time, which is what you claimed. Israeli media posted his picture & didn’t name him. It makes you a liar. You are now moderated. Do not try to publish any further comments in this thread or you will be banned.

          3. That’s largely true & further indication of Israeli Jewish racism. But there are a few hearty Jewish souls who do the right thing, study Arabic & do what they can to break barriers. I know some of them first hand.

        2. @ nikkor1: So tell us, my dear hasbarist, how you came up with 2 Arabic reports which supposedly name Munther Khalil? I very strongly doubt you know Arabic. Other readers can test you on this. I suggest you had some “inside help” in this from some official sources. Nice to know we’re monitored here so closely by Israeli foreign ministry and other official outlets.

    1. @ Mitchell: Oh please, read the Israeli press & not just the right wing schmattehs! And stop wasting my time with your nonsense:

      Army Radio:

      …דובר צה”ל: הפצועים אזרחים, אנו לא מסייעים לג’בהת א-נוסרה
      לדברי אלמוז, הפצועים שהיו באמבולנס שהותקף הם אזרחים סורים. “אין בצה”ל סינון סביב הגדר, ברגע שיש פצוע מדינת ישראל פותחת את שעריה ומאפשרת לפצועים להיות מטופלים”, הוסיף, “הטענה לפיה אנחנו מסייעים לארגון ג’בהת א-נוסרה היא לא נכונה”.

      IDF spokesperson: “The wounded were civilians, we don’t aid al-Nusra.”

  1. What amazes me most is to see that the Facebook memorial simply situates Majdal Shams in Israel, it seems pretty ironic for a group claiming to be a revolutionary council in the Golan. Except Israel and its inconditionnal supporters everyone considers Majdal Shams to be illegally occupied Syrian territory.

    1. @ Deir Yassin: I wouldn’t be surprised if al Nusra hadn’t the faintest idea about Golan geography & where Majdal Shams is located. As far as they’re concerned it’s on the other side of some fence controlled by Israel. Hence it’s “Israeli” to them.

      Not to mention that given the al-Nusra-Israel alliance it’s no surprise that the rebels might follow an Israeli narrative saying Majdal Shams is Israeli.

      These guys are Islamists, but not Syrian nationalists.

      1. Sure (by the way Daesh was been filmed burning the flag of the Baath party, very similar to the Palestinian flag) but knowing that ‘liberating Jerusalem’ is part of the Islamists’ rhetoric, Daesh or Nusra Front likewise, it’s still amazing that they just put Majdal Shams (which is clearly a name in Arabic) within Israel. Go figure ….

  2. “Israeli TV reported that Israel has built a camp for Syrian army deserters in Israeli occupied Golan” – That isn’t what the article says. It talks about a refugee camp on the Syrian side that Israel doesn’t interfere with.

    And ‘Lynch’ is also used when Israeli beat up Arabs (http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-4536873,00.html) but in the past those events end up only with injuries (not that it makes them better). regardless, it isn’t ” Israeli code for ‘Arab savagery.’ ” but a description of the event.

    1. @James: Nonsense. Of course Israeli couldn’t interfere with a camp on the Syrian side because it would be by definition Syrian. The camp is on the Israeli side & likely built by Israel, & under Israeli protection. “Lynch was first used to describe the beating ro death of two Israeli soldiers on the West Bank by Palestinians years ago. It has been used frequently as well to describe physical attacks on Israelis in which no weapons are used. Only recently did a few Israeli attacks on Palestinians merit this term & then largely due to Haaretz & Israeli activists who deliberately used the term for political reasons to show Israelis were capable of similar brutish violence. As for how savage these attacks are, I assure you that a Palestinian put in a coma by a merciless onslaught by Israeli thugs who are neither caught or punished, is devastating devastating to the victim. I resent your insulting, racist claim that Palestinians are not savagely injured or killed by such lynches.

      1. I didn’t write a Palestinian wasn’t injured in lynch by Israelis but that no Palestinian was killed (to my knowledge). And I read of people being arrested for that crime.
        The word Lynch is rarely used

        1. That depends on how one defines “Lynch”, there are plenty of cases where Palestinians have been brutally killed by Israeli Police or settlers and plenty more where they were brought to within an inch of their lives.

          1. In Israel a “Lynch” is defined by a large group of people (dozen/dozens) beating up another person/people. The first time I remember it being used is in Ramallah. It isn’t used often, it was used before for Israeli violence and is completely due in this case.

          2. James. Definitions by the folks in power are designed to favor the folks in power and work against the weak ones. When Israeli Jews create a definition that “Lynch” only applies to a mob-killing, they are pretty certain the situation will not arise among Jews.
            Dictionaries define the term as “Murder for a supposed crime” that can even include some poor Palestinian walking down a street and getting beaten to death for the crime of being a Palestinian in Israel.

          3. Jafar – nonsense. Most definitions I can find on the web mentions ‘mob killings’. There were articles about Israelis lynching Palestinians. There were extremely few cases of articles about Palestinians lynching Israelis. How would you define the lunching in Ramallah in 2000? “a few freedom fighters winning a battle against an IDF unit”?
            It wasn’t stabbing or sniping. It wasn’t a few individuals but a big crowd, just like in the Golan now. It is completely in like with how the word lynch used in world media.

    1. Pretty bold Lewis and I admire Richard for leaving it in. Whenever I try to enter a comment in one of the Jewish media (The Forward, The Jewish Press or other places), it never gets in. I’ve stopped trying.

    2. Well it does mention Richard as ‘inventive’, that’s a good adjective for a writer, no?

        1. Richard, I’d be very interested to know… what, in your opinion, is the moral distinction between an American who lives in the United States on land stolen from the native Americans, and an Israeli who lives on land in the West Bank purchased from the Palestinians?

          1. @ Ed: I’d be very interested to know what, in your opinion should I think of someone like you who’s asking a question already asked by at least five members of the hasbarafia in comment threads here over the years? Don’t you guys coordinate your nonsense? Or is repetition ad nauseam part of the hasbara strategy?

            I may compile a compendium of all the hasbara memes here & refer you to a numerical code with a link referring to specific memes with the hasbara and the answer. It would save me a world of time. It reminds me of the joke about the prisoners who’d told each other the same jokes so often they simply numbered them & instead of tellng the joke would just shout out the joke number so everyone could laugh.

            Further, Israelis stole Palestinian land & expelled them in 1948. They continue such expulsions and theft till today. My ancestors were in Poland and eastern Europe in the late 1800s when America was committing genocide against the Native Americans. But today, I also support restorative justice for these indigenous peoples. In regards to Israel, what do you support in relation to repairing crimes against Israel’s indigenous people, the Palestinians? If as I suspect you support doing little or nothing, shut your mouth because you’re a friggin’ hypocrite.

            I also note Mr. Hasbara calls land Israel has stolen from Palestinians “purchased.” Really? How does an Israeli state edict confiscating Palestinian land amount to a “purchase?” A significant percentage of the land on which Israeli settlements stand is privately owned Palestinian land. Not purchased. Just stolen by various means. In the few instances in which settlers claim they did purchase land, more likely than not they used fraud, forged documents, shady agents to steal the land. Settlers have even ‘purchased’ Palestinian land from people who don’t own it!

            Since you’ve posted four questions in rapid succession I’m invoking the comment rule restricting you to no more than three commments per day.

          2. One happened within a generation ago and is still continuing and the other happened over a hundred years ago…two hundred years ago. Neither is a forgivable crime, but the is present deserves attention and the robbers do not deserve to benefit from their crimes.

  3. How, pray tell, did Israel come into possession of the Golan? Would it have something to do with the war that followed shortly after the Egyptians demanded UN peacekeepers be withdrawn from the Sinai?

    1. @ Ed: Under international law it doesn’t matter how a nation comes into possession of conquered land. Israel conquered land to which it never had rights and continues not to have rights. Possession of the Golan is & has always been illegal. Conquered land must be returned to the original party at the inception of an armistice or end of hostilities. Israel never did this.

      Hasbara of your sort here goes over like a lead balloon. And your quality is pretty inferior.

    2. So, if properties stolen during war are justifiable loot, why bother to return properties of Jews stolen during the Shoah?
      Do we want to get into the never-ending disputes of who actually wanted the war to start and who continued to fight even after the ceasefire (at Kissinger’s encouragement) until the Golan was taken?

      1. Jafar – there is a huge difference between individuals and states. private property vs public property. Do you suggest Israel should give back all the tanks captured during the war? Army truck, rifles etc? Is that a joke?

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