12 thoughts on “Israel’s Election: Bibi and Blood in the Water – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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      1. @ Richard
        In fact Majadele, a member of Labor, entered the Knesset when Avraham Burg resigned (and his later appointment in the Knesset is dur to retirements too). Isn’t that ironic, the same Burg who joined Hadash recently and endorsed voting for the Joint List while Majadele is stuck with the Zionist Union.

  1. “This is the prime minister who fought the 1967 War. The one who brought not just decisive victory, but the settler regime.”

    isn’t this a bit of an overstatement. I thought that Eshkol was dragged into the war by the likes of dayan and others.

  2. CNN is saying the Channel 2 exit poll has Likud @ 28 seats; Herzog- Labor w/ 27. The other exit polls show 27/27, per CNN.

  3. When you wrote a few weeks ago Bayit Yehudi will get less than 10 seats I was thinking “Prophecy was given to the fools” but apparently, you are one!

    1. @ Ariel: I think you’re saying I’m a prophet rather than a fool. At any rate, Bennett lost because Likud pulled out all the stops & Likudniks returned to the fold. They saw Bennett as a new flavor rather than what was tried & true. In the crunch, they abandoned him.

      I think this result makes Kahlon the new Flavor of the Month. Bennett is old news as is Lapid.

  4. More probably than not (given the majority of the exit polls), Likud got 6 more seats than expected, Jewish home, 4 fewer seats and Yachad, also 4 fewer (but no loss in one poll). So Netanyahu brilliantly cornered the Kahanist vote, but there is no change in respect to the center, which remains Kulanu (or perhaps Shas, or both).

    Miri Regev of Likud called Kahlon, Kulanu leader, “a traitor”. There is a long shot that she is well-informed and Kahlon indeed will cross to the Sinister Side.

  5. Wow, the exaggeration… sounds like a very gifted propagandist… Hoping for a slight turning of a corner and more panic button histrionics from the rightwing. Hope they don’t completely lose their minds and hurt anyone… they really have nothing but rage, lies and violence to offer the world. And Bibi, maybe if you weren’t such a violent nutcase, the world wouldn’t have a reason to send in “foreign money” … but you’re a threat to the world. Those around you can’t just stand there and let you run wild like you’re constantly threatening to do. They have a sense of self-preservation as well…and you’re a foaming loose cannon… eventually sane people need to step in and put you, Bibi in your place.

  6. “His robo-calls warn of “Hussein Obama” dictating a shameful peace deal”

    I hope you are joking. This would be unheard of!

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