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  1. Alfreda Frances Bikowsky head of CIA Darkside?

    Several recent news reports claim the new head of CIA clandestine service is a woman, first female to head the darkside division. None publicly name her, although her identity is said to be known to journalists. She is said to be a formerly top member of the CIA bin Laden hunt team, former COS in New York City and London, an advocate of destroying CIA torture tapes as assistant to Deuce Martinez and an esteemed briefer of Presidents of the United States.

    First Female Head of CIA’s Clandestine Service Signed Off on Destruction of Torture Tapes | FDL Kevin Gosztola |

  2. CIA says “…There are crazy people in this world and we are trying to mitigate those threats.” But this is precisely what RS is trying to do and Greenwald and others. Besides, democracy requires exposure except under very unusual circumstances.

    Thanks, RS for keeping the flame lit.

    1. Glenn Greenwald named Bikowsky because ‘of her key role in misleading Congress about the agency’s use of torture, and her active participation in the torture program’.

      This guy you’re outing hasn’t even had his first day on the job.

      1. @ Figg: That’s not my understanding. Schneerson is the current commander. THe whole point of referring to the protest statement was to show the heinous, immoral acts of Unit 8200. They are no different than the torture Bikowsky advocates. In fact, Unit 8200 helps identify victims & targets for the Shabak to torture.

        1. Uhh…..when was the last time Shabak tortured anyone?
          I thought that was all behind us. Names and dates please, if possible.

          1. @ Figg: You “thought?” Are you sure? Shabak continues routinely torturing Palestinian security suspects. It does so with impunity. Visit Public Committee to Stop Torture in Israel. It documents such practices which are rampant despite Supreme Court ruling which outlaws torture except in certain limited circumstances. Israeli military & intelligence services routinely ignore Supreme Court rulings, which aren’t generally enforceable.

          2. Leah Tsemel’s quote is at least three years old. My ‘cherry picked’ PCATI quote is weeks old and speaks directly to the detention of West Bank Palestinians arrested as a consequence of the kidnap/murder of the three Jewish youths this past spring.

            You would think that as a consequence of Israel’s ‘West Bank pogrom’ (your words), there would be many, many petitions and reports of torture from ‘necessity interrogations’. I haven’t seen them on the PCATI website. So where are they than?

          3. @ Figg: Leah Tsemel’s quote was only one part of the longer passage. The entire passage was not three years old. And even if it was 3 yrs old that’s far more recent than the original Supreme Court ruling that banned torture. So what justifies continuing torture, except Shabak’s refusal to honor judicial authority when it suits it to do so?

            You cherry-picked one quotation which doesn’t even fully support what you claim, ignoring the entire rest of the website which affirms ongoing torture. The plain truth of the matter is that PCATI says Shabak continues routinely torturing Palestinians.

            There ARE many petitions claiming torture. But the reason there aren’t thousands is because Palestinian victims are smarter than you. They know the entire process is fixed against them: either they have to hire a lawyer to prosecute their case & can’t find or afford one; or they do hire a lawyer but are prevented from getting to court by goons at checkpoints so their case dies; or they succeed in all those other matters but are ruled against by the judicial system which automatically discounts almost all Palestinian testimony in favor of the torturers. So why bother?

            I warn you: if you make me spend any time researching this site to disprove your claims and I do, then I will ban you for acting in bad faith. Don’t f(^k around with me because I’m not in the mood for your bulls(^t.

        2. I have assiduously reviewed the PCATI website, including it’s latest filing with the UN Human Rights Committee.

          There is little to substantiate the claim that Palestinian detainees are ‘routinely tortured’.

          In their own words, “PCATI has so far only had limited access to a small number of those interrogated by ISA. However, based on testimonies from victims and on information gathered from lawyers, human rights activists and other sources we believe that ISA interrogators may have used legally-sanctioned torture (“necessity interrogations”) against dozens of Palestinian detainees.”

          Where are the petitions? Where are the victims statements and the corroborating evidence?

          Are ‘necessity interrogations’ being conducted? Yes. Do they amount to torture? I don’t believe so.

          1. @ Figg: You’ve haven’t reviewed the PCATI site assiduously or otherwise. You’ve cherry-picked one passage which doesn’t even support your claims. Overall, PCATI B’Tselem & other human rights NGOs document ongoing torture.

            There is no such thing as “legally sanctioned torture.” The Supreme Court stupidly approved torture of ticking bombs and Shabak tortures all Palestinian security prisoners whether ticking bombs or not. In fact, almost every post I write about the secret arrest of Palestinian security detainees (none of whom are ticking bombs) documents torture as does this blog post by a national security journalist. Since you seem a bit dense (deliberately so I’m sure), I’ll quote from it extensively. You’ll note it makes reference to PCATI confirmation of ongoing torture:

            the 1999 Israeli Supreme Court ruling has a massive hole in it. It assumes that only in extraordinary circumstances can Israeli officials use torture. However, as lawyers for the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel confirm, there is “normal” torture and then “extraordinary” torture.

            Lawyer Bana Shoughry-Badarne says that when she interviews Palestinians who have been released from Israel’s prisons, they often say that the treatment was ‘adi, normal or as usual. But what is usual for them has been described by attorney Lea Tsemel: “Almost every Palestinian who was interrogated can tell you about the sleep deprivation, the denial of access to a toilet or shower, the hunger, the physical pressures, including being made to sit tied to a small stool for days, the beatings and the kicks, the threats, the hanging, the bending, the shaking (sometimes) to death, etc.”

            The sheer length of the list of routine tortures Tsemel rattles off should concern the reader.

            The justification for CIA torture in the War on Terror should not have been Israel, but it’s own history in Latin America.
            What is an ‘adi detention? Shoughry-Badarne tells the story of a Palestinian with Israeli citizenship held for thirty-three days in incommunicado detention. Toward the end of his time in prison, four or five members of Israeli intelligence (GSS) interrogated him, “while he was being humiliated and handcuffed painfully”. GSS officers threatened his family, told him that his twin babies would not have a father – and then told him that his father had been arrested. He was knocked about a bit. This is ‘adi.

            I asked Laleh Khalili if she saw any similarities between CIA torture techniques and the ‘adi methods of the GSS. She made a list for me: “placing people inside boxes in which they have to contort their bodies to fit; sleep-deprivation; food control; extremes of cold and hot. Dogs have been used in all cases, as has loud music and darkness. A mid-1990s lawsuit by two Lebanese detainees accused their jailers of using tools to anally rape the men, which is remarkably reminiscent of the ‘rectal hydration’ torture.”

            Israel has its own Guantánamo: Camp 1391 – between Hadera and Afula in northern Israel. In 2009, the UN Committee Against Torture asked for access to this Camp, but their request was summarily denied. Remarkably, the Israeli Supreme Court has prevented any investigation of Israel’s Guantánamo. Unspeakable treatment of prisoners was the norm in 1391.

            Shoughry-Badarne notes that none of the seven hundred complaints of torture made to the GSS authorities have resulted in any serious investigation, let alone criminal charges. In 2009 Israel’s High Court of Justice decreed that the Supreme Court ruling of a decade earlier was unenforceable. In other words, Israel’s policy of torture could continue without any legal barrier.

            I’m not gonna get into a pissing contest with you over this. If you want to believe hasbara talking pts be my guest. But don’t regurgitate them here.

          2. @RS

            ““while he was being humiliated and handcuffed painfully”. GSS officers threatened his family, told him that his twin babies would not have a father – and then told him that his father had been arrested. He was knocked about a bit. This is ‘adi.”

            Sorry. ‘Adi’ isn’t torture in my book.

          3. @ Figg: Then you’re a liar & fraud. This is torture under any international standard. But of course it’s not “torture” by Israeli standards because Palestinians aren’t the same as the rest of us. Shabak would never treat a Jew this way, even a Jewish terrorist. They’d never torture them. Never. You make me sick.

    1. Bikowsky is all over the internet now. Names, dates, colleges, even the Bikowsky’s street address is now public information. I’m very sorry Richard, but things have gone too far. Does Bikowsky have to go into hiding now because she fucked up once or twice trying to protect her country from psychos like Bin Laden?

      1. She did a massive disservice to this country. She & the CIA are accountable for what she did. And if u think the CIA’s not capable of protecting her you’re nuts. That’s what they do for a living. BTW, David Lange published my home address & phone as did someone on aTwitter. When i hear a little outrage on my behalf you’ll be more credible.


      David Silverstein
      Deputy Director
      Foundation for the Defense of Democracies

      Live from the Headlines (06/19/2003)
      Q&A With Jim Clancy (06/18/2003)
      The Larry Korb Show – Clinton Military and their Mideast Performance (05/20/2003)
      CNN Saturday Morning News – Saudi Arabia, Iraq (05/16/2003)
      Money and Markets – Topic: War on Terrorism (05/13/2003)
      G. Gordon Liddy Show (03/27/2003)
      Michael Dresser Show (03/25/2003)
      CNN Sunday (03/09/2003)
      Take Syria at Its Word (02/13/2003)

  3. From the Amnesty International Annual Report 2013:

    “Torture and other ill-treatment

    Palestinian detainees reported being tortured and otherwise ill-treated during interrogation by the Israel Security Agency (ISA), including being subjected to painful shackling or binding of the limbs, immobilization in stress positions, sleep deprivation, threats and verbal abuse. Detainees were denied access to lawyers while under interrogation for days and occasionally weeks. Detainees on prolonged hunger strikes were repeatedly denied access to independent doctors and ill-treated by Israel Prison Service (IPS) staff. The authorities failed to independently investigate allegations of torture of detainees by the ISA, fuelling a climate of impunity. Investigations were the responsibility of the Interrogee Complaints Comptroller, an ISA employee, despite a November 2010 decision by the Attorney General to place the Comptroller under the Ministry of Justice. A law exempting the Israeli police and ISA from recording interrogations of “security” detainees, almost all of whom are Palestinian, was extended, helping to perpetuate impunity for torture and other ill-treatment”

  4. Richard,
    With all due respect to your confidential sources calling Ehud a “Khnoon” is a like calling Frank Underwood a “Nerd”.

    1. You’ll have to take it up with my source who has quite an awareness of matters related to this subject. I had no idea what a khnoon was till he told me, and how he used it in the context of Unit 8200.

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