4 thoughts on “Deputy Shin Bet, IDF Nuclear Weapons Chiefs Named (and Their Favorite Beverages) – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Oh, Richard, you’re such a spoil-sport! I bet you do not even say prayers every night for a certain Israeli spy imprisoned in the USA! Shame!

    And coffee — or is it tea? — w/cardamom, too! Probably a Palestinian, no, I meant “an Israeli”, way to serve it.

    And then there is the spying/WikiLeaks/Bradley Manning side of the story: “The passerby snapped a shot of the list with their cell phone and leaked it to Channel 10. Et voila, a top secret spook gets outed!” If a “passerby” could photograph this name-list, what more important things could he/she not also photograph? Are there Iranian passersby?

    1. When they say “black coffee with cardamom” it means Turkish coffee. Though I’m relatively sure you can’t use the word Turkish in Israel any more. So it’s probably Greek coffee or some suitable alternate name.

      1. A former colleague who was Greek, used to insist that Greek coffee and Turkish coffee were exactly the same.
        However, I think it’s wider than that, and you find coffee with Cardamom in it more or less everywhere East of North Africa and Europe, until you’re far enough away to start finding cinnamon in it instead.

        Cafes in Green Lanes in London serve coffee with ground pistachio nuts (presumably roasted) in, which is perhaps more distinctively Turkish/Iranian. I’ve never entirely understood this, as about half of every cup is residue.

        Any culture with access to the finest Jamaican coffee probably wouldn’t use additives at all.

        I used to do work for a coffee machine company in Basingstoke, but was faced with an ethical dilemma when they said they were working on powdered instant tea and I decided that it was more moral to work on weapons than lend them any aid in that endeavour whatsoever.

  2. Young Spartans had to murder a Helot (and get away with it) in order to graduate.
    It would appear that fledgling Israeli intelligence officers might have to steal a secret from Israel’s most generous and powerful ally, and get away with it.

    It might be an idea to remember that America electrocuted a Jewish Husband and Wife next to each other for espionage, and not an unthinkably long time ago, either.

    It can take America a very long time to wake up to being shafted, but the reaction when it does is generally sudden and extremely brutal.

    Ben Zygier, we are told, died in prison because he “messed up” on a mission for Mossad. You don’t suppose it was some sort of coup-counting graduation exercise at America’s expense, which went horribly wrong?

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