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  1. Thank you for the two articles about The Tablet. From my email message just now, I understand I got a rare preview of the Leibowitz story. Thanks, quite exceptional.

  2. @Richard Silverstein

    ” There was no “Nazi-salute,” merely a raising of arms toward Al Quds (Jerusalem) as a place sacred to them and Islam.”

    If the IJ demonstrator’s ‘Nazi salute’ was, “merely a raising of arms toward Al Quds (Jerusalem)..”, then why are some demonstrators raising their arms in the opposite direction, away from al Quds (Jerusalem)? See pics.

    Fair question?

    1. @porter: Hmm, let’s see. Because people who were eyewitnesses explained what the salute meant and which way they were facing. You mean to tell me that based on a picture in Maariv you can tell they were NOT facing Jerusalem? I saw every picture taken of this event & none allow you to tell in which direction they’re facing unless you are a student or faculty member and know the campus well enough to tell. Are you saying you do?

      1. The photos plainly show some demonstrators giving the salute in one direction and other demonstrators giving the salute in the opposite direction. I don’t know where they were facing, or why, but clearly, some, or all, of the demonstrators don’t know which direction Jerusalem is.

        1. Al-Quds University IS in Jerusalem, right ? Abu Dis precisely. The ‘direction of al-Quds’ is thus symbolic. Just for your information, the Marxist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine use the same salute but with the left hand. http://www.nacjonalista.pl/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/pflp-salute.jpg
          We know Hasbara Central and Hasbara International try by all means to picture the Palestinians as the new Nazis, but the fact is that the ‘Roman Salute’ has been used long before the rise of Nazism, and is used in many parts of the world (like the army of El Salvador, the oath by the Mexican President etc). And why don’t you look up ‘Bellamy salute’ to see how the Americans used the ‘Nazi Salute’ too.

          1. There’s also an Al Quds U. campus accessible via The Cotton Merchant’s Gate of the Haram al-Sharif. That’s where they teach probably the best Arabic language courses in all of Jerusalem. Great hummus nearby as well.

        2. @ porter: Or you just don’t understand Palestinian nationalist rituals. That’s the more likely explanation. This isn’t a prayer service. They’re not facing the Kotel, haboob. They’re Palestinian religious-nationalists. When you understand their beliefs as well as you understand Orthodox Judaism, then you can talk.

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