23 thoughts on “Canada Welcomes Mossad Assassin, Offers Him New Identity – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Thanks for atricle!

    Canada spied on Brazil energy ministry

    (Oct. 7, 2013) – Canada spied on communications at Brazil’s Mining and Energy Ministry, according to Canadian intelligence documents revealed by Globo television. Documents leaked by former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, purportedly from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), show a detailed outline of the Brazilian ministry’s communications including phone calls, email and Internet traffic.

    The documents Globo showed included instructions on the next steps the Canadian agency should pursue in Brazil, which included seeking help from a group code-named TAO, said to be an elite US espionage unit.

    It also suggests a more detailed analysis of data, and pursuing tactics that include copying all of a computer’s data without altering them.

    Elite cyberatack unit within the NSA, operates under the Agency’s Office of Tailored Access Operations (TAO)

    BTW Canada, UK and The Netherlands have set up or are in the works to create an identical ‘plumbers’ cyber attack group. Today, Germany announced plans for an Internet divorce from US trunk lines and server locations for European communications. Perhaps it is easier to prohibit Echelon stations and military espionage serving NSA from European soil …

  2. I look at the Canadian press occasionally. Fair amount of dissent there, Canadians calling out Harper for his slavish relationship with Israel. Not so much hasbara backlash as here. Some peace groups active there as here, but having a tough go against huge odds.

    http://www.cjpme.org/ Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East
    “Harper’s trip should not be a love-in with the Israeli right”

    It is pretty discouraging, Israel lobbies active and successful in a lot of Western countries. On the other hand, the US president and his secretary of state giving the Israelis a hard time. Israeli lobby here has its hands full trying to control our president. Right wing calling out of the President for NOT being supportive enough of Israel — I’ve become a big fan of Obama.

    given his warm relationship with Israel’s current lea
    ders and their
    supporters in Cana

    has considerable
    leeway t
    speak frankly
    with Israeli leaders
    impediments to peace

  3. He’s being investigated for espionage so he throws his girlfriend under the bus. He’s either a shit heel or an Iranian spy.

    1. @ Shoshana: You certainly don’t understand how the intelligence world works. Nor the effective use Israel has made of such honeypots. “Girlfriend?” Do you think two spies who have a romantic liaison are human beings like you & I? If so, how naive. They are two people using romance to advance national interests. This is not a romantic exchange, it is pure self-interest. You don’t think planting a honey pot Canadian agent in an attempt to ferret out Iranian secrets from him was a pretty cold calculated thing to do?

      We know on which side your pro-Israel bread is buttered.

      1. “Her assignment was to romance an alleged Iranian spy.”

        How do you come to that conclusion? How do you know that she wasn’t the target of the ‘honeypot’?
        It sounds to me as if she worked in law enforcement, not espionage.

        Question: If your ‘source’ is currently out of government, how does he/she stay so well informed? It strains credulity.

        1. @ Shoshana: Did you read the stories to which I linked? The Canadians suspected the Iranian was working for the Iranian govt, therefore they assigned her to find out. She failed & in fact was turned herself. Believe me, a woman responsible for creating a fake identity for an Israeli agent as she did, is NOT in law enforcement–she’s in the intelligence business.

          Regarding the credibility of my source: so you claim that political-intelligence officials of past Republican administrations can’t stay “well-informed” about developments in a current Democratic administration?? It’s you & your limp judgments which strain credibility.

          The sort of State Richard envisions is unrealistic. Czechs and Slovaks once had a ‘marriage of convenience’ but have called it splitsville. Do you really think Arab and Jew are going get along in a unified State?

          “Unrealistic?” Like the non-existent 2 state solution is “realistic?” Or the current apartheid situation is “realistic?” As for the situation between the Czechs & Slovaks–curious you neglected the German reunification. It hasn’t gone perfectly smoothly, but it was historically justified and both sides have determined to make it work. And it will. No one believe Germany will return to two separate states.

          As for whether Israel-Palestine will be a “unified” state–I don’t know what it will be: a bi-national state, a confederation. Who knows? It will only be unified if both peoples want it to be. If it will be in the long range interests of both sides, then it will be. If not, then it won’t.

          I never said Israelis were “the world’s worst bigots.” You did. There are plenty of bigots in the world to compete for that honor. But Israelis will get along because they must. They will have no choice. The world will expect them to & demand it. If Israelis refuse then there will be consequences too painful for them to do otherwise.

          I don’t know how you published a comment about Avrum Burg’s op ed in the thread for my Canada post. But make sure you post in the right thread. Otherwise, you’re off-topic.

          1. I read the Toronto Sun article you linked several times and I failed to find where it says anything like, ‘The Canadians suspected the Iranian was working for the Iranian govt, therefore they assigned her to find out’.

            Please point out where it says that. I’m at sea.

          2. @ Shoshana: People like you are perfectly willing to make logical connections between pieces of evidence to draw conclusions when it’s convenient to your ideology or biases. But when the conclusions run counter to your biases, all of a sudden your brain slams shut. How convenient.

            Canadian intelligence believed the Iranian was spying for the Iranian government. Hence they assigned a counter intelligence agent working for the Canadian equivalent of the Dept. of Homeland Security to make contact with him. A sexual relationship ensued. Let me guess what happened and what the mission was…HONEYPOT.

            That may be too hard or complicated for your mind to comprehend. But others of us don’t have such limitations and can figure this out. Open your mind to new possibilities.

            You are at sea, but not for the reasons you believe.

          3. So she’s a spy sent to set up the Iranian and she gets drunk and tells the Iranian that she’s a spy?
            Richard. Without a shred of evidence you’ve concocted an entire scenario that is far from what the Toronto Sun reported.
            Don’t you think, at some point, you should your piece should have included a, ‘My guess is..,’ or a ‘Probably’, or a ‘This is pure conjecture on my part but…?

          4. @ Shoshana: I didn’t hear the pillow talk. But if you have any connections to Unit 8200, you might be able to hear their recordings of it. At any rate, when she told him she’d preprared a fake ID for the Mossad agent, what do you think he thought she was? A preschool teacher?

            I haven’t concocted anything. If you lack basic comprehension skills and the ability to string together two pieces of evidence, that’s not my problem. You keep repeating yourself–a cardinal no-no here. So you’re done in this thread. Do not post again here. If you wish, you may post in other threads.

            Not only did my own post not need any caveats of the sort you propose, I don’t need any caveats to know that you’re one of the Chosen–Hasbara Chosen, that is.

  4. maybe Canada simply realizes that Israel is a loyal friend/ally. obviously being pro Israel is not something you sympathize with silverstein

    1. @ Eric: Ah yes, and the moon is made of green cheese. I see nothing wrong with Israel or supporting Israel as the sort of state I envision. It’s the national security state that I have a major problem with.

      1. The sort of State Richard envisions is unrealistic. Czechs and Slovaks once had a ‘marriage of convenience’ but have called it splitsville. Do you really think Arab and Jew are going get along in a unified State? In today’s Middle East?
        You’ve got to be kidding.

        I thought Israelis were the world’s worst bigots? How can you expect them to get along with Arabs in a unified State?

  5. It is good to see this piece. Harper’s recent trip to Israel not only extended the existing free trade agreement, but also deepened security and intelligence sharing. Two authors with work on Israel-Canada are Eric Walberg and Yves Engler. See Walberg’s ‘Canadian Israeli Lobby’s ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop’
    http://dissidentvoice.org/2013/08/canadian-israeli-lobbys-good-cop-bad-cop/ and Yves Engler’s ‘The Long History of Zionism in Canada’
    In light of the serious indications that Israel’s Defence Attache Attias was involved in Gaza/Mavi warcrimes, Canada’s anti-Zionists should be calling for his immediate expulsion and/or charges brought, and hard questions put to those with answers on these and other by-ways of deception currently underway in the Great White North – that other settler-state, ‘Israel’s best friend’, Canada.

  6. From NYT article:

    “The French reaction to the N.S.A. efforts has been more equivocal, since it emerged that French intelligence was as assiduous in collecting communications and online data — a necessary tool in fighting terrorism acknowledged by many Western countries. In Washington last week, Mr. Obama and Mr. Hollande suggested at a news conference that any French-American rancor on the subject had dissipated.”

    TAO inquiry about the Elysée hacking revealed likely culprit Israel’s Unit-8200 or ISNU.

  7. Fron JPost link:
    “Horowitz was decorated twice for his service, most recently this week, for actions he performed for Israel’s security. The latest decoration was awarded him by Border Police chief Cmdr. Yoram Halevi for capturing an armed terrorist.”
    I suspected Doron Horowitz was more of a combat special forces guy. This link to his commander, now Police Major General Yoram Halevi indicates his unit is Yehida Mishtartit Mistaravim (YAMAS). Raiding Palestinian homes and taking no prisoners. Read this article – Terrorists Have Become More Sophisticated.

    See also Yehida Merkazit Meyuhedet (YAMAM). On a website with photos, DH had a series from Arad-Dimona, I recall a location for urban combat by special forces nearby – IDF’s National Center for Ground Force Training.

  8. I do not see what is your objection. Hiding a former spy (or even current ones) is what is necessary to protect Israel…so what’s wrong with that? Everybody has to be somehere. Israel and Canada are very friendly.

  9. Was Attias a military attaché or a defense attaché to Canada? I believe he was Israel’s first Minister of Defense, not military attaché to Canada. In the current Jewish Post & News, Israel’s new attaché is called a military attaché and the editor of the paper writes that they are two different things, as explained by the now unnamed attaché.

    I receive the pdf of the paper dated Feb17th but this article was omitted from its website.

    ” “As far as the duties of an Israeli attaché are concerned, he explained,
    there are two types of attachés: A military attaché coordinates between the
    militaries of Israel and the country where the attaché is posted; a defense
    attaché coordinates between the Israeli Ministry of Defense and its counterpart
    in the country where the attaché is posted.
    “Until I arrived in Ottawa the Israeli defense attaché”, who would have
    coordinated between the Israeli and Canadian ministries of defense “was
    stationed in Washington.”
    In contrast, “Canada has had a defense attaché in Israel for many years
    now,” he noted. ”

    Obviously confusing, either by the author, inadvertently, or by the military attaché, who compares his presence in Canada to that of the defense attaché in the US, though they are said to be different positions.

    There is a photo of him in the article. The author previously writes: “The name of the attaché is being withheld for reasons of the sensitivity of the post which he holds.”

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