13 thoughts on “Israel Appoints Accused War Criminal as Special Forces Commander – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Thanks, Richard. May the Turkish trial proceed. May the war criminals be convicted, whether or not they are personally punished. It should get to the point that Israel’s imperial hubris finally gets too much for EU to stomach.

  2. He probably is proud of his ranking as a war criminal.

    It is only the US which shields these guys. Israel’s impunity and violations of international law are shielded by the US calling on cooperation with EU and others. It is all depends on the US and once that changes, it will be fair game to catch these guys, try and punish them appropriately. Perhaps an even more “special” team will emerge precisely for this sort of purpose. They will be tracked down like WW II war criminals.

    Thanks for exposing this appointment — and for undoing one little piece of Israeli duplicity.

  3. Generally commanders of that rank are named publicaly in the IDF. Like for Givati, Golani , Paratroops etc.

    Members and even commanders of special forces units Matkal, Shaldag, Maglan,Unit 669,Duvedevan etc never have their names disclosed nor can their pictures be published. Except for Duvdevan these units often operate outside of Israel’s borders and not always in uniform and not only during active warfare.

    So keeping his name secret is for operational security reasons.

      1. Names of the commanders of many units are made public when
        they are appointed. Ie this example of the appointment of the new
        commander of the Golani infantry brigade. If Golani fought in Gaza
        they every knows his name
        The Hebrew article you quoted announced the appointment of not one
        but 3 senior appointments to the Israel Navy. Two out of the three
        appointments all of who have the rank of Lieutenant Colonel were
        anonymous. The person promoted to be the commander of the Asdod
        Naval base was named in full. As I said certain commanders are
        named publicaly regularly and some are not that is based upon real
        life operational considerations. You generaly know who the
        commander of a Air Force base but you do not know who the wing
        commanders or even the pilots are. My comment above stands and it
        is obvious your knowledge of IDF policies is next to nil. Now get
        all snarkly with me. I suppose you beeive that every military in
        the world will list every corporal lieutenant captain ,major, Lt
        Colonel of all units at all times.

  4. You write: “… our Navy SEALs assassinated Osama bin Laden in cold blood as well.”

    One may question the legality of Bin Laden’s execution but such juxtaposition, suggesting some degree of “equivalence” between these killings is grossly out of place. The innocent victims on board the Marmara were civilians on board a humanitarian mission.

      1. I figured out your intent after a bit, but my first reaction was the same as Yankels. Something to keep in mind if you don’t want your intent misinterpreted by sympathetic readers, not to mention hostile ones.

  5. Speaking of Israeli warcriminals, still not a whiff of criticism or protest here in Canada over Israel’s resident Defence Attache Brig-Gen Eden Attias. Attias was formerly commander of IAFB Nevatim. He was involved in both ‘Cast Lead’ and Mavi Marmara, but nobody in Canada, “Israel’s best friend’ seems to either know or care..

  6. Surely one ought use the term SUSPECTED war criminal?

    ACCUSED is reserved for someone who has been investigated, found to have prima facia evidence against him and an indictment has been drafted against him. This is not the case with this officer who is only a suspect at this stage, and one ought remember that darned democratic nuisance of being innocent until found guilty.

    1. shmuel — we’ll never know whether he is innocent or not. We might just as well segue to a verdict as there will be no investigation, apprehension or trial. This really is the point, not democratic etiquette.

    2. Turkey has named scores of IDF officers as suspects in the Mavi Marmara massacre and opened an investigation. Thus they’ve been ‘accused.’ The word “accused” is use far more broadly than you imply. You don’t have to be accused of a crime in a court of law in order to be “accused” of such a crime.

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