12 thoughts on “The Shabak Case of the Terribly Convenient Al Qaeda Terror Conspiracy – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. is that al-Zawahiri or Ben Kingsley playing the mandarin in ‘Iron Man 3′? they look so much alike.

    the articles that I read had included reference to the terrorists’ ties to AQ elements in Syria and to the Caucuses. this is a strange convergence with SA supporting various rebel factions in Syria, SA and others fomenting chaos on Russia’s southern borders, and the alleged Todashev/Tsarnaev links to terrorists in Dagestan/Chechnya.

  2. It seems that the Shabak can’t win with you:
    1. If they act you doubt their motive for acting, timing etc.

    2. if they will not act you are going to blame them for not acting and deliberately killing Americans.

    ” most highly guarded garrison state in the world” , have you been lately to Israel ? once you pass the checkpoints in the west bank, the chances you will be stopped by a policeman for whatever reasons are lower then the chances you’ll win the WA state lottery.

    1. What about the weapons brandished so prominently by Israelis everywhere? And do you think if I showed up at a settlement or on Palestinian lands outside a settlement they’d throw flowers at me? Or meet me with weapons prominently displayed? Would you care to compare per capita spending by Israel on security to other western democracies?? Not to mention the Separation Wall & Egyptian Wall & Lebanese & Syria borders all heavily fortified. Shall I go on???

      1. Israelis enjoy much freedom, more then any other people in any other middle eastern country, and that includes the Arab citizens of Israel. May i remind you their reaction to Liberman’s suggestion ? The per capita investment has nothing to do with personal freedoms.
        For the sake of Terror activities (which is your subject) once you pass through the checkpoints, it’s easy to mount them.

        1. @ Major Scoop: Your view that Israeli “freedoms” are greater than in any other ME country is simply that, an opinion. Not grounded in fact nor supported with evidence. There are other democracies in the ME. None are perfect, nor is Israel’s so-called democracy. But to claims Israeli democracy is fuller or better or more perfect that that of Lebanon, Turkey or Iran is fallacious.

          I don’t know what “suggestion” of Lieberman’s you’re referring to. But most of Lieberman’s views are endorsed by a very significant share of Israelis including his most noxious ones about loyalty oaths & ethnic cleansing (aka population transfer).

          Finally, your claim that it’s easy to mount a terror attack inside Israel once you pass through a checkpoint successfully is yet another bubbe meiseh disproven by the record. Very, very few successful terror attacks despite much effort to mount them.

        2. I remember hearing that (White-ruled) South Africa was “the only demoocracy in Africa”, they would just not mention the state of the Black and Colored populations. I also recall hearing how the Blacks and Coloreds in South Africa had the best life of any others in Africa, they would also forget to mention the deprivations of most of the Blacks in the country.
          Nowadays, what I hear about Israel is deja vu all over again…I know, Israel is NOT, NOT, NOT, an Apartheid state!

  3. It’s a shame the Israeli agents tracking and monitoring the 911 attackers prior to the attack didn’t warn the US authorities so armed marshalls could have been put on the flights. But then there would have been no 911 and all that followed.

  4. While Israel does try to minimise actual blood-letting in the occupied territories as it reflects badly on its dwindling democratic pretences, the humiliating reality of everyday-life there provides Israel with ample supply of would be young plotters willing to do their best — their worst — to claim vengeance on their tormentors.

  5. I’m not denying any of your claims. I just wonder if there is a good “timing” or perfect political and global circumstances to prevent a terror attack, to attack rocket launchers or any other act of politics/security/economics.
    If you find such timing, i would be thankful if you can write an article stating so.

  6. A “Terror” attack on Israel and the US, brought on by someone in Russia (Chechnya)? it would become perfect if somehow they could also sweep in an aspect of China…say, Uigurs being prepped to attack Israelis somehow.
    It appears to me that a well-placed, successful “Esek HaBish” (the Lovon Affair) would be just the icing on the plan to really mount a frontal attack on all Muzlems who pose a threat to tiny Israel. Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

  7. Al-Zawahiri communicating with recruits on Facebook/Skype? Give me a break!
    A minor Shabak operative posing as Al Zawahiri on FB? Makes much more sense to me.

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