10 thoughts on “Shabak Nabs Alleged Iranian Spy–Surprise!–Same Day Bibi Leaves for UN to Skewer Iran – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Netanyahu is up to the same old tricks. I think it’s called, “smoke and mirrors”.

    I saw this interesting article from last year –
    “I don’t care what the U.N. says! Netanyahu vows to continue illegal settlements.” Dec 23, 2012

    In the article, he’s quoted, saying, Israel would not react by “sitting with it’s arms folded.”

  2. I looked at ynet in English.
    Netanyahu is threatening to abandon “the diplomatic path”, if Iran does not fully dismantle NW.
    1. What “diplomatic” path?
    vague, no time time – but I couldn’t read the whole article.
    2. The point? Buy time?
    Room for “maneuver”, “bargaining chip”?

    I also looked at the headlines/story at Haaretz.
    Netanyahu is planning on fear mongering and accusations (of what he , himself, seems to do) in hope to get people to believe what he wants them to believe. This is politics, I suppose?
    He knows the power of the media. He has no intention of letting up on lines or much else, and no credibility. It makes him dangerous, and maybe, that’s the intent.

    See : “Netanyahu returns to the U.N. now guess the drawing.” Sept 27, 2013 Katie Miranda

  3. Pathetic desparation. A quick Google image search shows the US embassy from all angles. Here is one showing the complete view of the roof taken from a hotel next door.


    If the Americans were concerned about Israel building hotels overlooking the embassy, I’m sure they would have complained. Oh, wait they did and Israel went ahead anyway violating the Vienna convention.


  4. God, what a joke.

    I guess they’re hoping that a lot of people aren’t going to buy the entire thing at face value, and not read any of the Israeli publications that themselves are tearing apart the shabak and Bibi’s narrative as to who this man is.

    I wonder– if an Iranian baby messed itself on the street of tel aviv, or maybe in a kiddie pool or something– would Bibi accuse the parents of being “agents for Iran conducting a campaign of biological warfare”?

  5. Website and business EFGS is as phony as one can imagine. Looked-up WhoIs and DNS, creation date 17 April 2013. Telephone numbers are bogus and email address is to non-existent link/site info AT efgesprl.com. A poor set-up that doesn’t place any trust as a business or front company of a spy agency. Very weird.

    Searching the Internet, came across a LinkedIn profile Alex Mans in Brussels, Belgium – listed as a gerand at fito, glass, ceramics en concrete. Fito is unknown in Belgium. A number of spelling errors in website registration and “gerand” is not listed in Dutch or French dictionary. Perhaps intention was “gerant” translated to English as manager.

  6. The picture of the “spy” in Tel Aviv’s promenade is photoshopped. His shadow doesn’t correspond to the shadows of the street lights…

  7. On Sunday, Netanyahu left Israel for his second homeland (United States) to address the UN General Assembly (UNGA) in New York on October 1. In his farewell speech, Netanyahu told his subjects that he intends to “tell the truth to counter Rouhani’s charm” – to Barack Obama and the world at large.

    Do anyone knows the TRUTH?

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  8. Netanyahu at UNGA: Iran Is 50x More Dangerous Than NK

    Accuses Iran of blowing up the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia. Opens his remarls by speaking solely about the terror state of Iran. What a bs from a “leader” of the Jewish people. Accused Iran in support of Assad murderous regime and responsible for gas attack of Damascus. The planned assassination of Saudi Ambassador in US and the Iranian spy just arrested in Israel who “planned to bomb” the US Embassy in Tel Aviv.

    Netanyahu at UNGA: Israel will stand alone if needed in preventing Iran nuclear weapons

    (JPost) – A steadfast Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu made clear in a speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday that Israel would not accept a nuclear armed Iran, and would “stand alone” if necessary to achieve that aim.

    “Israel will not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons, even if we have to stand alone,” he said.

    ‘Iran’s Rouhani is wolf in sheep’s clothing’ – Netanyahu to UN General Assembly (video)

    Netanyahu ended his speech with a tale of the anti-Semitism suffered by his grandfather and his subsequent Zionism. “The people of Israel have come home, never to be uprooted again.”

    Remember Bibi’s Wisdom on Iraq 11 Years Ago Video

    Gal-On slams PM’s speech to UN for ignoring the peace negotiations with the Palestinians

  9. I just watched Netanyahu on Charlie Rose.
    C. Rose had previous guests Al-Assad, and Rouhani, and Netanyahu, not to be left out.
    I was wondering, if Charlie would stay on his toes.
    Even though Netanyahu deflected constantly – and often didn’t let Charlie finish his sentences or make his points/questions, without interrupting – I managed to get a better idea of what he is about.

    Thought it was well worth watching. Charlie Rose did ask pertinent and direct questions. Not that they were answered in any satisfactory manner, in my view, bit did give insight behind Netanyahu’s “reasoning”!

    Netanyahu’s motto, says he : “Distrust, dismantle, and verify.”

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