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  1. Iran Guard Says Dead Official Wasn’t Assassinated

    (Bloomberg) – Iran’s Revolutionary Guards rejected reports that head of the country’s cyber warfare program was assassinated and said that it was probing the circumstances of the man’s death. The Revolutionary Guards, which didn’t provide the man’s name or rank, said he was found dead near Karaj, a town northwest of Tehran, according to the statement on Alborz website – link.

    1. Was IRG Officer Killed Pro-Ahmadinejad?

      IRG officer: cause of death under investigation

      (BBC Persian) – Following the death of Iranian Revolutionary Guards officer in Alborz province, the army spokesman said the cause of death has not been “assassination.”

      Gen. Ramazan Sharif, spokesman for the Iranian Students News Agency in an interview with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps has said the confirmed death “Police are investigating the cause of death for this individual.”

      … A few days ago the website “officers” His body was found a picture of where it was published. This website is a virtual social network, but it seems like people are members of supporters of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

      His body was discovered the location of the user images published on this website are killed with firearms and he’s a close friend of Mr Ahmadinejad has been introduced.

      Photo’s of crime scene

    2. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards: Officer’s death not assassination

      (Ynet News) – Elite unit denies Cyber War Headquarters Commander Mojtaba Ahmadi was assassinated, calls his shooting death ‘horrific incident.’

      “In the wake of a horrific incident involving one of the IRGC officials … the matter is being investigated and the main reason of the event and the motive of the attacker has not been specified,” said an IRGC statement, quoted by Sepah news.

      Sepah, which is operated by the Revolutionary Guard, ran its report under the headline “Denial of news reports of the assassination of one of IRGC’s officials.” The statement did not identify Ahmadi but a local news website published pictures showing his funeral procession, along with text excerpts of the IRGC communiqué.

      [Identical article published in Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post – “Iran denies assassination in cyber war officer’s death.”]

      Iran claims cyber warfare expert not assassinated, as Israel remains cagey over involvement

  2. And you its Mossad and not a war mongering american (cia/nsa) because … ? I mean those heartless americans kill people world wide for decades, who said its not them and the horrific monsters who finance them ? (You know, those evil tax payers)

  3. Previous reports on secret Israeli-Saudi meetings:

    The Ha’aretz newspaper’s website quoted unnamed political sources in Jerusalem as initially confirming the main elements of the report. It suggested the Saudi official was Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, Saudi Arabia’s former Ambassador to Washington who is now the national security advisor and who was in Jordan at that time. Olmert’s subsequent denials, in an interview to Ynet, were not very convincing (UPI Sept 25, 2006).

    In response to the renewed discussion of the Arab League peace plan in October 2006, Israeli Justice Minister Meir Sheetrit expressed a willingness to talk about the Saudi initiative. At the same time, it was reported that Olmert had secretly met a member of the Saudi royal family (Reuters, October 4, 2006).

    Assad targets the House of Saud. Syria’s intelligence service, the report says, is recruiting Saudi, Algerian and Moroccan extremists who live in Syria and Jordan to target key members of the House of Saud, including Prince Bandar Bin Sultan. Officials in Damascus blame recent acts of violence in the Ba’athist state on Saudi and Saudi-influenced extremists (Kuwait Al Seyassah, October 20, 2006).

    Israel may join defense pact with Saudi Arabia, UAE May 5, 2013

  4. “This is state terror, plain and simple.”

    Well, yes, if [1] you define “state terrorism” to include such acts AND if [2] you APPLY such a definition to what CIA and NSA and MOSSAD (and the spies and terror-agents of other USA-“friendly” nations do).

    My belief is that the definition may not matter much in the USA since the MSM will never APPLY the definition to the doings of USA and its “allies”. for instances, we call the CIA’s assassinations-by-drone “acts of war”, not “acts of terrorism”. The extreme terror induced in nearby populations is an undesired side effct (collateral damage) of the act-of-war assassination of the intended target.

    And, of course, in the USA and UK, the term “terrorism” is often defined to exclude the terroristic acts of official/acknowledged state organs (police, armies, acknowledged spies) and, presumably, also the terroristic acts of their unacknowledged agents.

    1. Why should the West have a monopoly on the definition of terrorism? If the peoples of Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia say that drone attacks in their countries constitute terrorism, then they are terrorism: those on the receiving end should get to make the call.

      1. Like you, if the guy on the ground claims the action against him was committed by a terrorist(s), who am I to question him?

        In this regard it might be of interest that the National Counterterrorism Center NCTC criteria for labeling someone or group as terrorists in their Worldwide Incident Tracking System (WITS) include the following: “. . .only those that have already been designated as foreign terrorist organizations by the U.S. State Department that themselves claimed responsibility for terrorist actions or status as a terrorist group; or that have been repeatedly and reliably suspected of involvement in specific activities are included in WITS.” Not meeting these criteria for inclusion in the WITS database are failed or thwarted attacks.

        The WITS database is no more, having been transferred to INR in State, where, presumably the NCTC criteria were ignored.

        ref.: Criteria. Methodology Utilized to Compile NCTC’s Database of Terrorist Incidents. 2008

    2. “Terrorism is what we call the violence of the weak, and we condemn it; war is what we call the violence of the strong, and we glorify it.”

  5. Looks like you were way off here – not only the guy wasn’t the leader of the cyber warfare unit, the Iranians themselves are saying he wasn’t at all assasinated .
    Check your sources …

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