19 thoughts on “Im Tirzu’s Shoval: Nuke Iran – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I must have listening to another speech …

    ADL praises Netanyahu’s ‘rational and emotional’ UN speech

    (JPost) – “Prime Minister Netanyahu has disappointed his critics who warned him not to be negative or shrill. He did not reject diplomacy, but in an articulate, reasonable, rational and emotional way made clear why the international community cannot afford to be complacent about Iran’s ongoing nuclear weapons program,” ADL National Director Abraham H. Foxman said in a statement.

    ADL Op-Ed: It’s Iran, Stupid — How to Guarantee US Credibility Remains After Syria Crisis

    1. The international community cannot afford to be complacent about Israel’s nukes apparently. I think the members of NPT need to take urgent action to bring Israel on board pronto given nuts like this getting the attention of Israelis (the permanent victims.) Certainly, this international community has failed Big Time to protect Palestinian people from the deadly assault of political Zionism, so this would –by his logic — justify Arabs at least becoming nuclear powers, wouldn’t it?

      And if Iran is intent on an extermination program for Jews, why haven’t they started already by “ethnically cleansing” Iran of Jews? Shoval is the criminal projecting himself on his victim and this is standard fare apparently in Israel. He is the bloodthirsty one, it is transparent.

      This guy is lunatic.

  2. … and people say the ‘hawks’ are in Tehran.

    It’s unfortunate that no-ones keeping a tab on how many times an American or Israeli has stated to ‘nuke’ Iran. Iran’s tally so far on dropping a bomb on Israel: still zero.

  3. There is no way Kahane would have been even elected to Israeli Knesset today. Look at the results for the 2013 election. Power to Israel (which is the extreme-right party that participated in the election) did not manage to put a single member in the Knesset. In addition our Supreme Court does has banned Kahane like parties in the past (and will in the future).
    @lifelong – Iran did not say it will nuke Israel because it does not have the bomb (yet). But if you will listen to their (and their ‘friends’ Hezbollah and Hamas) speeches in Arabic you will see that they want to destroy Israel.
    I do agree that this Shoval person is nuts and does very bad service to Israel. In addition he is wrong about why Israelis request foreign passports, it simply helps you bypass lines in Airports and work privileges.

    Richard – I will pay for this comment (and others) at the end of the month.

    1. @ Nir Katz: Of course Kahane would be elected to Knesset & a minister in this govt if not PM. By now, he would’ve moved over to Likud & with his charisma & fiery nature would’ve taken over the party (think Moshe Feiglin). Those who espouse precisely the same views as he did are now not just MKs but ministers. Even Bibi himself might as well be a Kahanist. He’s just slick enough to talk reasonably and sound moderate (though he isn’t). On 2nd thought, Bibi is a little too slick to make it as a Kahanist. Shall we say he’s a Kahanist in “sheep’s clothing?”

      I will pay for this comment (and others) at the end of the month.

      I expect no less!

      1. Feiglin and his likes are indeed a greater threat to the deteriorating Israeli democracy than any extreme party, yet still, when looking at the results of the last elections, we can feel relatively secure – very few votes to extremists still. And Likud is still not extreme as Feiglin would like.

        Not very reassuring but not as bad as it looks. A party based solely on promoting the peace process [Livni] got in, and the extreme Power to Israel did not.

        1. Ultra nationalist Settlerism essentially dominates all the levers of political & military power in Israel. Arguing whether a moderate party entered Knesset or saying that not too many extremists were elected is beside the point.

  4. Though I knew little of Im Tirzu, an almost identical group plays a key role in the mystery novel I’ve written, “The Watchman’s File,” about Israel’s most closely guarded secret (not the bomb). I’m frankly amazed at how closely reality follows fiction. For those interested, check out some excerpts from that novel, posted at http://barrymlando.com
    The book is available at Amazon as soft-cover and Kindle edition. I’d be interested in your reactions.

  5. What a terrific piece, Richard. Will Shoval’s op-ed appear in the English version of the Jerusalem post? Or is a different profile preferred for a foreign audience?

  6. I cannot abide by the fact that Netanyahu came to Washington Monday, when the country is having it’s own “hostage crisis” situation in Congress, with the intention of forcing his fear/war mongering fixation on the the administration and Americans!
    Furthermore, I do not understand, why “at a time like this”, his scheduled visit to the White House was not cancelled. I do not think that it would have caused much alarm. The business of the government, is primarily, that of ensuring what is best for Americans, not Netanyahu.
    His self centred “demands”, psychological projection and expectations presented, in Washington Monday, and at the U.N. disgust me.
    I believe he has crossed over the line, himself, to maniacal grandiosity and self delusion.

  7. Shoval is making one point that rings true. I have believed for some time that Iran’s nuclear program is an existential threat to Israel. Not because they have a nuclear weapons program (they don’t) or would attack Israel, but because of Israeli fear and paranoia. There are just too many Israelis with foreign passports who out of fear might just decide to emigrate. This could lead to the big demographic tipping point where Jews find themselves in a minority. It didn’t have to be this way but the Israeli people have been hit with unrelenting propaganda about the threat of the Iranian nuclear program for two decades now. Netanyahu’s successful political career has been built on playing up that threat and convincing fearful Israelis to vote for him.

    The internal political process has created this existential threat and now that the Obama administration is poised to accept that the Iranians have the right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes we will just have to wait and see if Israel’s political leaders can walk back that fear they have spread. If not we will see a lot of people running for the exits in coming years. Hitting Iran with nuclear bombs will not solve that problem, indeed it would just accelerate exodus of Jews from Israel.

    1. Of course, nuclear war anywhere in the region would send the ruling class , with the means after all, to other continents. This could be just the ticket to a less racist more just Israel.

  8. RE: “He [Shoval] argues in all earnestness, that because Iran’s bomb (even the idea of Iran having a bomb–since it doesn’t have one) is so psychically disabling to Israelis that they are seeking to flee abroad en masse, that this gives Israel the right to nuke Iran. If that’s not psychopathology I don’t know what is.” ~ R.S.

    MY COMMENT: The Dimona-Masada “Axis of Armageddon” scares the living hell out of me! ! !

  9. So I take it this giy Shoval wants to use the nuclear weapons that Israel officially refuses to admit that it has? Well, glad we could clear that up.

  10. Came across this new op-ed in the Jerusalem Post – Tackling leftist anti-Semitism by Rafael Castro.

    I don’t know how to qualify this, best to file it under plain lunacy. Perhaps the article below attempts to answer who Castro really is.

    How to combat anti-Zionism: defend colonialism

    (March 2012) – The prominent Israeli Zionist, Rafael Castro, presents an interesting argument in Ynet. (Over at Mondoweiss there’s a discussion on whether this piece should have appeared in Ynet or The Onion — tough call.) And as for who this Castro really is? Who knows, but dafter ideas do with some frequency come from the mouths of Zionists.

    Castro notes that anti-Zionists are not anti-Semites. “[They] gladly rally against neo-Nazis and have no qualms about socializing with or marrying Jews.” He neglects to mention (a mere oversight it would seem) that many anti-Zionists are themselves Jews, but this just confirms his point.

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