7 thoughts on “Hamas Turns Against Syria’s Regime – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “HAMAS TURNS AGAINST SYRIA” (or does it?)

    This heading got it seriously wrong.

    Hamas might have turned against its long time host and sponsor, Assad, but Assad is not Syria and Syria is certainly not Assad.

    1. The simple and straighforward interpretation is that Hamas cannot stomach any more of what Assad is doing, and what his father did before him. (Ie: murder 20,000 odd people in a single purge.)

      Hamas members actually in Syria can see things which the Mullahs in Iran do not and probably would choose not to see if they happened right in front of them. Confronted with relentless atrocity on a large scale, Hamas has to follow its members, whose sympathies have been with the anti-Assad demonstrators for months.

      Iran can go along with this, or lose the use of Hamas as a tool of its policy. It may have lost Hamas already, in fact.

  2. Haniyah also said at a rally in Cairo yesterday that,
    “We will never recognize Israel and the resistance will continue as long as the occupation continues.”

    To which the crowd replied, “Khayyber, Khayber oh Jews..the army of Mohammed will return”.

    [link deleted per comment rules]

    Richard. Isn’t this the guy you said was conciliatory a few months back?

    1. And you think Elder of Ziyon is a credible website & that anything printed there is credible?

      I said that Khaled Meshal was becoming more pragmatic, not Haniyeh. Besides Haniyeh seems to be equating his opposition to Israel to his opposition to the Occupation. The inference being that if the Occupation ends, so could Hamas opposition to Israel. That’s if the blog you quote is even accurate, which is a dubious proposition since it’s a known far right pro settler shmatteh.

      1. Elder is not far right pro settler shmatteh. If it was, I wouldn’t be reading and quoting it..

        BTW, is Yediot Ahronot a rag? I don’t know whether to believe this story or not.

        [link deleted per comment rules–do not pimp this blog with anti-Arab racist material or messages]

        1. Elder of Ziyon certainly is a pro settler rag & you read & quote it because you’re a settler supporter yrself.

          I’m sick & tired of you’re posting anti-Arab media material. If that’s your game start your own blog. If you have a political agenda & attempt to pimp my blog with it I’ll shut you down right quick. Consider this a final warning. Next violation & you’re done (this time for good, there will be no reprieves or returns).

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