9 thoughts on “Pro-Settler House Members Engel, Nadler, and Hoenlein Provoke Muslim Violence Touring Disputed Jerusalem Holy Places – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. No doubt these pandering American politicians will not be exposed, on their trip, to the uncomfortable truth about the destruction of Jerusalem’s ancient Muslim Mamilla Cemetery – an odious exercise in ethnic cleansing by Israel in order to make way for the Weisenthal ‘Museum of Tolerance’ – a bitter irony that fans the flames of division and discord.

  2. No. Their paid visits with be carefully coreographed to avoid such embarrassing counter-evidence. The Simon Weisenthal Center is a disgusting Zionist enterprise in the US and the “Museum of Tolerance” is a big joke, given Israeli policies and practices. A joke as big as the crimes of Israel.

  3. Nadler, my congressman, is, alas, a case study in political/ethical dualism. In domestic and most foreign affairs, he is a liberal – period, no argument. Then all such classification collapses where Israel is concerned. This stalwart progressive thus becomes simply another representative of a cowardly, self-serving majority willingly, even eagerly supporting Israeli outrages and remaining both comfortable with and supportive of the stalwart little democracy’s contravention of international law. Same goes for Engel.

    1. Nadler has a sizable bit of Brooklyn in his district along with Manhattan. Anyone representing Brooklyn had better take positions favorable to which rebbe happens to rule in your portion of the borough.

  4. Richard, you are a complete psycho. Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe we live on the same planet. I don’t know how 4 people walking down a public street in the municipal jurisdiction of the capital could possibly be a provocation, unless we are now telling property owners where they can and cannot legally buy property because of their race or political affiliation. Yishai and co are Jews. Does that mean they should not be able to walk on that street – are they the 1950’s black man to your that-era American south? Your morality is so twisted and unequally applied! I can only imagine your reply if someone were telling Arabs that being attacked on the streets of Pisgat Ze’ev is legitimate because “their kind” doesn’t belong there. You don’t care about justice or rights. You’re just afraid.

    1. Use of the term “psycho” is a major comment rule violation. Yr next violation will cause you to lose comment privileges.

      Don’t be disingenuous. These were not “four people.” They were 2 U.S. Congressmembers, a leader of a violent settler cult seeking the eviction of Palestinians from East Jeruslem, and the leader of the most powerful U.S. Jewish group (which just so happens to support the settler enterprise). They walked in a neighborhood that is Palestinian, not Israeli and is not recognized as Israeli by anyone except Israel & its lackeys like you.

      “Yishai” has nothing to do with this post. Invoking African-Americans is a red herring diversion. I would feel much more comfortable entertaining such nonsense if it was possible for Palestinians to live whereever they wish within Jewish Israel. Since they can’t I’m afraid you’ll have to address the racism inherent in Palestinians exclusion from Jewish neighborhoods as well as Palestinian eviction from their own neighborhoods by Jewish settler interlopers.

      I’m not afraid of anyone or anything, least of all you & your settler thief friends.

      1. Your comment leaves me one proud Israeli. I am totally blown away by the education Jerusalem Arabs seem to be getting in local schools – to recognize 2 obscure US congressmen, 1 increasingly popular though otherwise unknown Jewish activist, and the director of a Jewish organization 6,000 miles away, and then to use that amazing recall to exercise their democratic right to protest with rocks! Pssh!!

        Ok, jokes aside, give me a break. The adolescents who decided to lob rocks and blocks at some white guys wearing kippahs couldn’t have cared less who they were attacking. They just got lucky.

        If we’re already lauding the splendid educational system in Ras el Amoud, how about some Geography? The place in which the attack occurred is Jerusalem. As of now, there is one Jerusalem, with all Israeli citizens being allowed access to all parts. You can’t live in Ras el Amoud without Israeli citizenship – which means your perps – I mean civics students – are Israelis, not Palestinians (at least according to their ID cards). Those kids are Jerusalemites – like Yishai, and like the rest of the few-hundred Jews living LEGALLY in eastern Jerusalem, just steps away from the tombs of Menachem Begin, Eliezer Ben Yehuda, and Moshe Barazani. In your perfect world of equality, Jerusalemites attacking Jerusalemites should not be ok.

        And as far as racial segregation is concerned, you are not about to squeeze any tears from me for the poor Palestinian wondering homeless “please-sir-some-more”. Because of an endless stream of people who think ending the occupation means blowing up grandmothers and little Sderot school children, there are security policies in place to protect Israelis. Let them find a better life elsewhere if it’s so terrible here – surely their compassionate brothers in Syria, Egypt and Jordan will wrap a blanket ’round their weary shoulders, right?

        What about you? Want to buy a timeshare with me in Iran? Lebanon? Jews have centuries of history there, it should be no sweat for the locals to accept my rights, right? And you lecture me about racism!

        The Middle East is not a sappy place of rights talk. It’s a region centering on honor and respect. You’ve been duped into thinking Arabs want rights in Israel. They don’t want rights. They want ownership. When we start actually participating in the real dispute – who’s the boss in the street – we’ll be able to work out the solution. Rock(s), paper, scissors.

        1. The place in which the attacks occurred is EAST Jerusalem. A Palestinian neighborhood, one in which if there are any Jews they are likely there because they evicted or otherwise stole property from Palestinian residents. This is OCCUPIED territory which is not recognized as Israeli by anyone in the world except Israel.

          Interesting that Israeli Jewish citizens have access to all parts of Jerusalem, but Israeli Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem do not since they are denied Israeli citizenship, though their lands have been annexed illegally to Israel. A double standard, no.

          When you steal someone’s property & evict them from their homes you aren’t living there “legally” as you claim.

          The rest of your comment is standard hasbara shtus. So you’ll be moderated from here on. You’re done in this thread. If you publish another comment in this thread you’ll be banned.

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