18 thoughts on “Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Israel’s Sole ‘Responsible Adult,’ Publicly Opposes Iran Attack – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. If one goes by track record, Ovadia Yosef also has one: The Oslo agreements. Of course, Barak can be counted as igniting the Oslo war. Bibi is kind of clean here, kind of.

  2. “Responsible adult” seems slightly ridiculous. Some of his other public statements…

    On Muslims – “They’re stupid. Their religion is as ugly as they are,”

    On women – ‘Women should stick to cooking, sewing’

    On Palestinians – “All Palestinians should perish”

    You must be pretty desperate for a beacon of light if you’re holding this guy up. He’s not even a flicker in the dark.

    1. You forgot ‘the Goyim exist to serve the Jews’.

      That’s a personal favourite of mine, since many Goyim seem to live by this: Gingrich et al.

      1. What are you talking about? I’m all for opposition on attacking Iran. But holding up Yosef as a sensible source is a mistake.

  3. You can’t see everything the Azeris do and say solely in terms of Iran: they also have fraught and nervous relations with Russia and other former Soviet Republics. Not to mention the Turkish mafia seeing their country as a trade route.

    They probably do want and need help, from somewhere, with all of this, especially in the year when Mr Putin is trying to return to the Russian presidency.

    Protecting about the only country in the region not actively raising tensions, does not seem wildly unreasonable to me.

  4. There wouldn’t happen to be a link for the documents that Iran used to identify the alleged Mossad agent somewhere, would there? I tried searching for them on the net, but didn’t find one. There’s no mention of PressTV actually seeing the documents; I’m also skeptical of news from state-run companies, and ones with the ‘reputation’ that PreeTV has.

    1. I tried to ask my Israeli source about confirming the ID of this Mossad asset. But for various reasons I can’t go into, I couldn’t get the question answered.

      Press TV has as much or more credibility than Jerusalem Post.

  5. English translation of Rabbi Ovadyas statement from the a7 article you are linking to above:

    Rabbi Ovadia Yosef: No need to attack Iran

    Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, first weekly lesson addressed the issue of Iran.

    “In every generation they stand up to finish us off and God saves us. Now there’s a “Haman” in “Persia and Media”. This is perhaps a reincarnation of [the original] Haman. We have noomne to rely on, only on our Heavenly Father. Pray to God to see what the faithful are thousands who engage in Torah that was never as many Yeshivos.

    Rabbi Yosef added “No need to attack Iran, not attack, God will fight for you and you hold your peace. Trust in God. I saw an evil tyrant and behold he is no more. Like it was done to Haman so it will be done to him he will go to gehenom (hell).

    1. All the other stuff is commentary. The operative statement is “No need to attack Iran.” Proof of the pudding will be in Eli Yishai’s No vote in the ministerial forum. You can dress this up any way you want, but he’s calling for no attack on Iran. Deal with it.

  6. Perhaps in a less mystical language, “The regime in Tehran is nasty, but eventually it will change. [Trust G.d] If we attack now, we will be alone, and it will not work. It is better to trust G.d [then the boychicks Bibi and Ehud].

    Yosef could be also impressed by the recent announcement of Russians that they finished upgrading radars in Syria to have capability of monitoring air traffic from Cyprus to northern Saudi territories. Attacking targets in Iran that are build specifically as a trap for Israeli planes (and actually containing rather few centrifuges etc.) is not a good idea.

    One thing that Israeli simply do not comprehend is that Israel deeply crossed Russia (and Putin as a person) by helping Shaakashvili prepare his attack on Ossetia. Moreover, USA crossed Russia in several ways, of which least justifiable is installation of anti-ballistic missile radars. Russians perceive that USA tries to obtain “first strike” capability. So is there any way Russia can cause reciprocal pain? Installing best radars from their inventory gives some feeling of symmetry. And if Israel looses some planes, Russians can get quite a few orders.

    Of course, we can be quite skeptical about Ovadia Yosef. However, within largely militaristic Israeli establishment, Shas is a non-militaristic exception.

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