3 thoughts on “Bill Kristol’s First Times Column…And It’s Pure Gold – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Malkin is definitely a writer – remember her infamous book defending the WWII Japanese internment camps? – but I’m hard-pressed to think of anything that she’s actually “conserving”.

    More generally, however, most (not all) bloggers do qualify as writers. They may not be professional (salary-earning) writers, and they may not be well-known writers, and yes, they might not be good writers, but they are writers nonetheless.

    BTW, it’s “Ann”, not “Anne”, Coulter. If Kristol does mention Coulter, please let us know – as I recall, Coulter once publicly mused that Timothy McVeigh should have blown up the New York Times!

  2. Kristol is a walking intellectual black hole, really nothing to say there.

    I have to admit that I find Huckabee entertaining and somewhat likable, not that this is important or relevant Presidential criteria. I could never vote for Huckabee, or any Republican for that matter (except a Ron Paul/HRC contest would be a difficult call and I can imagine my hand floating fleetingly over to the Republican ( ) circle–in the end I’d probably pick a third-party candidate over Hillary), but it’s hard for me to despise Huckabee the way I do Romney, Guiliani and the other neocon crypto-fascists and Wall Street Barons. I’ll take a dose of conservative populism over the Weltanschaung of the George Will’s and Norman Podhoretz’s. Huckabee’s hee-haw religious conservatism and (sometimes) demagoguing is disturbing and a bit scary, but frankly there are scarier things out there. I would even venture that Hillary Clinton’s sober and quite secular acceptance of belligerent American militarism and empire scares me a little more.

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