2 thoughts on “Clinton Disses Obama’s Campaign ‘Poetry’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. After taking some anti-nausea tablets and with clothespin clamping my nose, I read Kristol’s NY TIMES column, his first, and have come to a major conclusion, that you needn’t visit a stable to see a horse’s ass. This odd homunculus, garbed in expensive suit and tie, ever grinning, no doubt his underarms heavily perfumed, a creature a la Rush Limbaugh and other such refutations of the Theory of Evolution, obviously knows what side his toast is buttered on. In brief, this is how he earns his keep, probably a very handsome keep, dishing out right-wing mantras of hate, scorn, arrogance, fear, bigotry, of course bloodthirsty patriotism, and in this instance a cute pretense at political savvy. In bringing to boil the ire of liberals like me, he is simply doing that which puts food upon his plate and champagne in his goblet. He differs from Anne Coulter and Michael Savage and Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh only in his blandness, but look at him after dusk and you will see, like them, an evil-smelling vampire sucking blood from the neck of democracy. That is ultimately what all these people are about, whatever their daytime disguise, in Kristol’s case seemingly rather academic and balanced. They are all anti-democracy; they are the ultimate corporate enablers advocating profitable wars and control of the unwashed; they are against anything that smacks of social decency, whether economic fairness or adequate universal health care; they sew confusion wherever possible so that might better serve that divide-and-rule machinery so helpful to the continued maintenance of the greedy dominating our society’s upper echelons. One could indeed go on, but it’s not unlike boxing with soft butter, but for one further conclusion, and that concerning our sainted NY TIMES: our little old Gray Lady is a fraud – she is actually a whore in her heart of hearts struggling to dominate the same street corner and lamp post as Fox News…. End of sermon.

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