3 thoughts on “Join With Google Earth and Send George Bush Back to the Ranch – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I was able to find it using Google Earth, with pretty good resolution too. Google “Prairie Chapel Ranch” and find the Wikipedia page. It’ll give you the coordinates. He’s got a pretty nice looking swimming pool.

  2. I did find coordinates for the ranch but I couldn’t figure out how to insert coordinates in a Google Earth search. Could you give me some pointers? I tried entering the coordinates in the search field but must’ve done it wrong since I didn’t get any results.

    UPDATE: I just got the coordinates to work in Google Earth. But I’ve got to say that the image of the Ranch it displays doesn’t look at all like the image displayed here in this post or by the other mapping images offered via Wikipedia. I guess they could be the same place but visually to my naked eye they don’t look like it.

  3. Back to the ranch? I want Bush sent straight to the Hague. If they have a ranch in Belgium, then fine. But I want to live long enough to see him in the dock. War crimes.

    Can I be named an enemy combatant and stripped of my citizenship for saying this?

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