2 thoughts on “MPAA Exploits Boy Scouts to Proselytize Against Music Piracy – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This opens some interesting ideas for new merit badges – how about “Respect Tax Responsibility” – where Scouts are encouraged to loging into TurboTax Online and compare it to their parents Quicken accounts? “Respect Traffic Laws” – snitch on those parents who drive above 55 in the freeway? “Respect Charity” – if you parents skipp the collection basket or tzedakah box – make sure your minister or rabbi – knows!

    The possibilities are just endless – let’s hear it for the BSA!

  2. Fuck the boyscouts. Bunch of sellouts; undoubtedly someones high up in the BSA is getting their pockets filled with green. If whoever drew this curriculum up, truly had honest intentions, the “education” they speak of would be well-rounded and involve ALL matters of the subject (including but not limited to: fair-use, how long copyright lasts, etc).

    Lastly, you can tell me that the “boyscouts of LA” drew up this plan all you want, but frankly most of them are young, and I wouldn’t doubt for a second if the whole idea was subtly suggested and impressed upon them by some greedy scoutmaster or someone else higher up in the BSA.

    As they say! BSA!

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