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  1. Insurance indeed. IF you have 240 hours a quarter and that’s only if your manager will give you those hours. In my experience with Starbucks, almost no one in the store made their hours to qualify. Now I’m the first to admit I loved my job at Starbucks, but I began to wonder why everyone on the schedule–even the supervisors–had such trouble qaulfiying. Just my two cents.

  2. Susanne: Thanks for keeping Starbucks honest. I had a feeling the corporate marketing blather might be inflated–it usually is. They never give you the fine points because it usually takes the luster off whatever corporate ‘virtue’ they’re trying to highlight.

    Maybe Heather Robertson would like to respond to this? But I doubt she’s listening since the blogworld is but a mere nothing in the marketing department’s eyes.

  3. Hi, i am only a student in Australia doing some report on Starbucks for my assignments. I just want to comment that it is really a loss for Starbucks not to pay attention to any blogger. But, in my opinion there’s may some reason for that in order to keep ‘safe’ ad as Starbucks had some hard time with their ad. For example, ad for Tazoberry and Tazo Citrus. Anyway, i get some more information on Starbucks through your blog and thanks for that.

  4. I have worked for Starbucks for the last four years during both undergraduate and graduate school. I’m not aware of anyone being in the situation where they were not able to acquire enough hours for health insurance, and I have worked up and down the East Coast (with the exception of Manhattan). As the schedule is controlled by the managers, Susanne may have simply been at the mercy of an uncooperative or malicious manager (as happens in all companies). Hey, I’m no shill, but the easy access to health insurance and decent pay ( I have slowly accumulated substantial raises) beats wating tables any day. Even if you are working for the proverbial “man.” It’s a lot more money than I made as a T.A.

    As an aside, 240 hours per quarter is only about 16-20 hours per week. I’ve rarely received fewer than 25 in my 4 years of employment with the company.

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