6 thoughts on “World Music: What I Like & What I’m Listening To – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. First apologies for my previous comment… for my ignorance thinking asama amaton was a person. I’ve now realized, after further googling, that it is a song.

    Now, as I am pursuing your list, I am wondering if the Carolan’s ranbke to Cashal is from Carolan’s Receipt with David Bell or if it is the Celtic Fingertip Guitar cd?? ..or some other cd???

    Sadly, for some reason I don’t understand, when I’ve clicked on all the links to hear music (except for Hear the Ballad of Methausen) I get text only… lots of computer code like stuff.

  2. And … I forgot to say… thank you. I love finding new music, and since you love world music, this is great that you’ve posted your favorites (of the moment). In fact, it was music that caused me to come across your blog for the first time, and now I’m back again, and this time I’ve bookmarked your blog and will come back regularly.

  3. Jill: I’m so pleased & honored to hear that you’ve bookmarked my blog.

    It is hard, but not impossible to find a copy of Ballad of Mauthausen, which contains the song you like so much. You should start with the “Ballad of Mauthausen” link here in this post which should enable you to buy a good quality used copy through the Amazon Marketplace.

    I’ve cleaned up the problem with the Pete Seeger song file. The others worked fine for me using either Quicktime or Windows Media Player. If other listeners have similar problems playing the files, pls. let me know.

  4. I was looking for your previous post (the one mentined at the bottom) regarding the Miller’s tears (Dem Milners Trehren), but it seems it had been gone!
    Do you have a copy of it?
    I’m trying to find more information about this song, and I like to see what you wrote about it.


  5. Hagay: Sorry about that. I used to have a Typepad blog & changed my permalink structure when I moved to WordPress. This is the correct link. The post is more about the record than the specific song. But it’s a song about exile and just so full of pathos and longing. The music exquisitely conveys the emotions.

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