7 thoughts on “Le Chambon: It Takes a Village…to Save Jews – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Thank you for this heart warming bit of history. It is always heart warming to hear of truly good people like Schindler, Nicholas George Winton, Abdol Hossein Sardari (if you don’t know the last two, google them) and many other unsung heroes. It is astonishing and more heart warming to know that there are some truly good communities like Le Chambon-sour-Lignon in the world.

  2. As Huguenot (Calvinist) Protestants, they had been persecuted in France by the Catholic authorities from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries and later provided shelter to fellow Protestants escaping discrimination and persecution. Many in Le Chambon regarded the Jews as a “chosen people” and, when they escorted those who were endangered 300 kilometers to the Swiss border, the guides were aware that they were following the same route that their persecuted Huguenot brethren had traveled centuries earlier.

    A tribute to humanity, so much needed in today’s society. A beautiful narrative … thanks for sharing. Touching lives of others …

  3. Yes. A wonderful story of courage and survival.

    And lest we forget, the 70,000 French Jews forced to wear yellow stars in public before being sent to the death camps by the Nazis and their Vichy French collaborators.

  4. I was in the Protestant Cevennes region on holiday two years ago and it is very similar there: because of their history of persecution they have a very strong distrust of authority, and also record of hiding Jews during ww2. My mother had studied French and had a number of French Protestant friends. We camped at one of her friends’ village when I was small. She had two elderly aunts, very religious, unmarried, always dressed in black. When my father saw they read a communist newspaper he was surprised and when he asked them about it they explained: “Parceque nous sommes contre le systeme!”

  5. It is worth bearing in mind that this one, tiny village saved almost as many Jews as the Zionists ‘Aliya Beit’ the illegal war-time immigration. Bearing in mind that the Zionists also opposed all rescue attempts that were not aimed at Palestine. Stephen Wise rejected Alaska, which was not subject to the US’s immigration quotas, because it was ‘too cold’. Presumably the furnaces of Auschwitz were more to his taste

  6. It appears that the film may be accessible online to some people. Although, I don’t seem to qualify, this site, apparently, allows certain public library members or university faculty/students to view it online.

  7. A very beautiful tribute to the people of Le Chambon Sur Lignon is given in Romain Gary’s book “Kites”. Relying a bit on my memory, the ending lines of the book are “To finish my story, I will recite again the names of Andre and Magda Trocme, and their 435 village people. Because no one is as good as they are.”

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