16 thoughts on “BREAKING: Israel’s Mossad Downed Iranian President’s Helicopter – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. The analysis of the president’s assassination is wrong. The main beneficiary of the president’s assassination is the supreme leader who thinks that the actions of Gov. Raidi harm the country and therefore soon we will hear that the supreme leader appoints his son to the position of president. Then you will know that I was right

      1. Lol, like you can trust any Israeli cabinet member these days.
        Id actually find a “shmendrick” much more trustworthy.

  1. So early … nothing to grasp in the digital age of AI. A daring speculation … all I could find were farfetched conspiracies with disinformation from bad actors.

    This single item I cannot substantiate the time stamp corresponds to night of the crash. Too much at stake … not a path Joe Biden would like to enter although I have no trust in his moral values. US Congress and Antony Blinken discuss sanctions on the ICC prosecution team. Not democracy or complying with the International order post WWII. Is there no genocide law adopted? Israel and America (have gone) going rogue.

    IsraelWarRoom – Helicopter crash Timeline?
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    Satellite data “deleted” that night also part of conspiracy?

      1. “It wasn’t us,” said the official, who requested anonymity.

        Quite uncommon for Israeli intelligence …. leaving the honors of the assassination to another entity.

  2. Non è strano che tutte le registrazioni aeree dell’area interessata, pare siano state cancellate?
    Chi può farlo e perché?

  3. Latest biblical line by the master himself … a give-away?

    Netanyahu using coded language in the Hebrew version of his rant against the ICC. Apparently, Netanyahu believes that if he makes his Amalek references more vaguely, that they will fly under the radar. 


    The Hebrew version was different. It ended with a Hebrew phrase — “Netzah Israel lo yeshaker.”

    King Saul was admonished by the prophet Samuel for not completely eradicating the Amalekites — Saul had spared their king Agag.

    Is Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi … king Agag?

  4. Correction
    That is not the late President Ebrahim Raisi in the image with the late FM Hossein Amirabdollahian – it is the late Ayatollah Hashem.

  5. … quite easy for Israel to jam the helicopter’s electronics, including apps and online navigations aids.

    A convoy of 3 helicopters within close range of one another? Singling out a single copter …

    Why was the mobile phone of the captain within reach of Ayatollah Hashem after the crash. I followed the developments of the night to early morning on Al Jazeera and TRT World … the summary of the interview with chief of staff Esmaili is the exact narrative. There was a moment of hope between a “hard landing”, the moment of contact poor to circumstances on the ground, and realization it was a crash and the calls for prayer became universal.

    Possibility Hashem was on the phone during the last seconds of flying. One expert looked at photo’s of the crash site and suggest an catastrophic failure of the rear rotor causing spin and downing of helicopter. See crash Leicester City owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha.

    Your article: The Internationalist 360* – Pepe Escobar (Asia Times)

  6. Richard, please, as an honest and accurate journalist, you must change this sentence. Elijah Magnier, has NOT “raised the possibility that Israel may have caused the crash which took the life of Pres. Ebrahim Raisi.” He never mentioned Israel in his article that you linked, and you should correct this statement. You were also incorrect in later making the statement that Elija speculated that Israel may have caused the crash. You should say that you are the one who making this speculation. It would be easy to correct this. Just take out “Israel” and say that Elijah Magnier, has raised the possibility that the helicopter “may have been shot down by hostile forces.” (Which is what the article actually says)

    1. @chuck: there is only one party that could cause a crash of his helicopter: Israel. It has motive, means and opportunity. No Other does. Magnier clearly is implicating Israel, in the event that the aircraft was downed.
      Nor am I “speculating.” I am declaring, based on a trusted source, that Israel did it.

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