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  1. ICC Complementarity Rule and UK War Crimes in Iraq

    Will ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan Offer Israel a Stay Out of Jail Card?

    The two principal trial lawyers standing behind me today Brenda J Hollis who, in addition to leading our work in the situation in Ukraine for the past couple of years, has since January also taken over leadership of the Palestine investigation and Andrew C. Cayley who more recently joined the office and will be leading our work on the situation in the state of Palestine going forward.

    Based on complementarity clause, ICC chief prosecutor Bensouda dropped case in allegations of war crimes committed by UK nationals in Iraq.

    Iraq war: All but one war crimes claim against British soldiers dropped | UK News – 2 June 2020 |


    Chief Inspector of Her Majesty’s Crown Prosecution Service Andrew Cayley said although one case was still being considered, it was ’quite possible’ the accusations will ultimately result in zero prosecutions.

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