13 thoughts on “Israeli to Build Major Listening Post in Guise of “Smart City” on Azeri-Iran Border – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, what are you taking about?

    Israel’s dairy industry is the envy of the world!

    With her climate resistant breed, the Israeli Friesian breed, Israel has the highest national milk yield per cow (11,667 kg)..

    Is it no surprise either, that Israel’s dairy industry relies heavily on computeriztaion?

    And with that in mind, don’t be surprised if Israel is the only country in the Middle East that is a daily exporter!


    So why wouldn’t Israel proudly offer her technology and ‘know how’ to her friends in the international community; be they in Africa, the Far East, or Azerbaijan?


    Israel is a ‘smart farmer’, and only that.


    1. @ Amnon: I remind you that the Israeli ambassador did not offer Azerbaijan a “smart dairy.” It offered a “smart city.” And one directly on the border with Iran.

      Of course, Israel’s dairy industry, the wonder of the world as you describe it, is excellent cover for the Mossad and AMAN’s real intent.

      You haven’t answered where the market in Azerbaijan is for Italian Buffala mozzarella. Or maybe Aliyev has a hankering for it and he’ll consume the whole production at his magnificent palaces in Baku??

  2. I can imagine that any new Iran deal or old deal enhanced with the US and European allies that Iran agrees to with regard to nuclear arms will include curbing Israel.We cannot keep pointing at what Iran is doing that we don’t like and not expect them to point fingers at Israel. We cannot solve issues peacefully when one side acts with impunity, develops all sorts of weapons, sells them, does “funny stuff” like the above and expects that the other side will not react in defense. We are allied with Israel and so too we will need to deal with our Israel relationship in order to progress with Iran.

  3. Granted that Bibi Shakranyahu and his government were the worst ever Israel had. While doing a lot of shitty things, setting up listening posts to tap Iran is not one of them.
    No leadership of Israel ever contemplated the physical annihilation of Iran, while Iran’s leaders blatantly declare the opposite.
    So please, Richard, spare us your bleeding heart tears this time. 

    1. @ Eli Gal:

      No leadership of Israel ever contemplated the physical annihilation of Iran

      That is a lie. Bibi gave a speech in front of the Dimona nuclear reactor in which he threatened Iran with nuclear annihilation. I even wrote about the speech. How do I know more about your own country’s hatred and threats against Iran than you do??

      1. “…How do I know more about your own country’s hatred and threats against Iran than you do??…”

        @Richard: perhaps because I, contrary to you, try to avoid seeing Bibi talk, hearing Bibi speak – on account of feeling nauseous?

        However I do take it seriously when you present cold facts (actually mean that; no sarcasm intended) thus I did a google search for a speech at a Dimona… uhm… dairy farm 😉 where he said that anyone who threatens us with annihilation puts himself at a similar risk. Was that the threat which you were referring to? If it was, then even Bibi may enjoy mitigating circumstances here, don’t you agree? And you, Richard, as they say: took things out of context

        1. @ Eli Gal: Bibi threatened Iran with nuclear annihilation at Dimona. I don’t care how you characterize what he said. You know and I know that he threatened to attack Iran. Further, Israeli defense ministers and chiefs of staff has made similar statements. If you don’t know about them, you should. So go and look them up too. And stop thinking Israel is white as snow when it comes to Iran. It isn’t. It’s just as bellicose and aggressive as the worst Iranian IRG general.

          1. Richard: granted that “defense ministers and chiefs of staff have made statements”: about attacking Iranian uranium enriching facilities (which I think would be pointless anyway because it won’t be possible to destroy the whole lot), but never spoke about annihilations. Iranian generals, ayatollahs and revolutionary guards speak about annihilation. You don’t care how this is characterized; I do! For obvious reasons.
            And yes, Israel is definitely not white as snow; however not in this case.

          2. @eli Gal: wrong. They spoke of annihilating Iran. Not just its nuclear facilities. Do not argue the point further. And do not post again in this thread.

            Iranians only speak about annihilation in response to Israeli bellicosity. Israel could easily annihilate Iran with a few nuclear weapons. Iran can not come even close.

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