8 thoughts on “Israel’s Dirty Little Secret: Massive Arms Exports to, and Secret Military Exercises with Muslim Nations – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @ lepxii: Already corrected. I confused it with its neighbor, Malaysia. But good to see you’re keeping me on my toes.

      Interesting to note that you come forward with a minor correction but don’t respond to any of the moral implications regarding this issue. Shows where your priorities lie.

  1. Not sure why you feel you need to justify yourself of Melman’s criticism. It is clear you stand tall behind every word you write about Israel and clearly your focus is to bring everything which is bad about it (in your eyes) into the light. Your goal may be to create a better Israel but currently you dislike and disapprove any aspect of it.
    Bibi could say the same way he isn’t against Iran or Iranians but only against the nuclear program, which he actually just did in the UN. Did you believe him for a second?

    1. @ Shachar:

      clearly your focus is to bring everything which is bad about it (in your eyes) into the light.

      “Everything?” I assure you if my goal was to bring every bad thing about Israeli into the light there would be 100 times the number of posts there are now. That is NOT my goal. My goal is the offer my view of Israel, plain and simple. There are many posts here about Israeli culture, music, art, etc. which contradict you. But you don’t have the nuance to understand this–or the mission of this blog. Which isn’t surprising in the least.

      currently you dislike and disapprove any aspect of it.

      False again. You appear to want my site to be an adjunct of Brand Israel. There are hundreds of sites, publications, etc. which already offer you this. You’re gonna find something different here. Admittedly, it will be something you don’t like.

      Bibi could say the same way he isn’t against Iran or Iranians

      Bibi can & does say anything he wants. He can only claim he isn’t against Iranians because he harbors the false illusion that Iranians hate their leaders and want the sort of regime he would impose on them if he could (thankfully he can’t).

      If you are stupid enough to claim my views of Israel are as mendacious and duplicitous & deluded as Bibi’s of Iran, then I’ll bounce you outa here in an instant. I don’t truck with bullshit like that & you know it. So try a trick like that again & you will be gone.

      1. You have bounced me outa here more times than I can count so that isn’t a threat.

        Your hypocrisy about your hostility to Israel is amusing and claiming your write “many posts” which aren’t hostile is laughable. But you rather smear Israel on PressTV and smear Orthodox Jews than write about culture, music, art etc’ etc’ and that your choice. Just don’t pretend that isn’t what your focus in life is on.

        1. @Shachar: if you are stupid enough to admit that I’ve already banned you many times before, as you seem to have done here, that earns automatic banning for yr current identity plus any previous iterations that I discover which are not yet banned.

          Again, I am not hostile to Israel. I am hostile to the ideas underpinning classical Zionism as expressed in latter-day Israel. But the notion that I could spend four decades studying Israel, living there & learning the language because I hate Israel or am hostile to it is beyond ridiculous. I am equally hostile to many of the more noxious ideas underpinning this country. I’m no more hostile toward America than I am toward Israel. Only in Israel would anyone say because you write critically about it that you hate it. Here in America the only idiots who talk like that are Bibi’s alt right & neocon friends. No one else thinks I or any progressive hates America because we criticize it. That indicates your & their small-minded provincialism.

          I don’t smear Orthodox Jews. In fact, they smear themselves. I only write about their behavior. Usually echoing reports from other sites. You should really take up your grievance with those sources rather than with me. THough I presume you hate the fact that I amplify in English these reports in the Hebrew language press which readers outside Israel might not otherwise know about.

          As for my focus in life: it is on those values & qualities which make life worth living. And yes, some of them are art, music and culture; and others are justice, spirituality and tolerance. But again, I wouldn’t expect someone like you to understand that.

          I’ve tried to block commenters using methods like yours to plague the comment threads. I will continue to do everything possible to make it difficult for bad pennies like you to turn up again & again.

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