7 thoughts on “Is American Judaism Dead? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Thank you Richard … I needed this. Always had an admiration for the Holy Land and Jerusalem because of tolerance, peace and unity in diversity of faith. Judaism should be a beacon of light, not darkness.

    I will not generalize and still see the oppression, occupation, and apartheid a failure of leadership and offences committed by individuals.

    In Amsterdam the Holocaust Memorial Day was politicized by PM Mark Rutte, conflating 7 Oct. terror act with the horror of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.

    The ICJ ruling is an opportunity for the global community to correct/stop the genocidal acts by Israel.

    Your essay should be spread and read by many from all faiths and diverse political homes. Knowledge is an instrument for peace, not war.

  2. You wrote “fall of the Second Temple in 130 CE”.
    130 is Bar-Kokhva’s disastrous revolt (and short-lived Jewish statehood), following which Palestine’s rivers were flowing blood-red – yet another reminder that you can take a leave of reality, but you can’t divorce her.

  3. You write “An Israel-centric Jewish identity is weakening, which bodes ill for our overall survival.” Doesn’t the second half of that sentence contradict the whole drift of your piece?

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