9 thoughts on “Avrum Burg’s Radical Diasporism – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. If the issue is how the שיבת ציון Shiva Tzion – Return To Zion has worked out in modern times, then maybe OK, there might be a point … but if the issue is with the very premise of Jewish People’s Return to Zion, a hope that has been on the lips of Jews for the last (almost) 2000 years since the חורבן בית השנני Horban Bbayit HaSheni – Tzion – Destruction of the Second Temple during even the most horrific of persecutions of Jews, then I suggest that other nefarious reasons motivate.

    1. @ gefilte: The problem is the hijacking of ancient Jewish traditions on behalf of Zionism. There is nothing in theory wrong with Jews wishing to return to Zion. As long as that return doesn’t threaten or destroy another people. But latter-day Zionism, as implemented by the uber-nationalists relishes the suffering not just of Palestinians, but of other neighboring Arab states. You’d be hard pressed to find this sort of smug satisfaction in any of the ancient sources or traditions.

      1. I don’t, I am a Zionist but am sorely aware of others heave occupied the land to which I (or others) might wish to return. Ultra-nationalism is not Zionism, Zionism is not racism and nor is it Euro-Colonial (or whatever other pejorative negation that is en-vogue).

        1. @ Gefilte: Your comment deliberately reveals nothing of your views on the subject. No doubt you are in favor of wresting control of lands owned by others in order to facilitate the Zionist return. That is impermissible as a violation of international law. Now you may wish to run your state as a rogue nation in violation of international law. That’s your prerogative (and the world’s prerogative to reject such behavior). But you aren’t allowed to steal land that belongs to others. And a reference in the Bible to Jewish presence is not a valid current title or deed. It’s a historical reference & nothing more.

  2. “you’d be hard pressed etc…..”
    Not exactly true. the Gra obm, probably the biggest or one of the the biggest luminaries in the diaspora, wrote concerning the 3 oaths that the first 2, not take Israel forcibly and not to ‘annoy’ the gentiles, are now void and only the 3rd oath, not to build the temple which is to be done by the Machiach, is still intact.

    1. @ marty: Unless you made a typo, I have no idea what supposed religious authority you’re talking about. Further even were there such an odious figure spouting such odious views, the vast majority of Jews reject such noxious views of non-Jews.

      1. The Gra is the Gaon of Vilna and ‘obm’ is the English form of ז״ל [of blessed memory]
        I am sure you have heard of the Gra and one could hardly call him an ‘odious figure’.

  3. Just a remark: Flossenburg had a crematorium. Only inmates that died shortly after the liberation of the camp would have been interred, and the cemetery looks too old and unorganized for a post-war remembrance cemetery.

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