13 thoughts on “Israeli Claims of Hamas Sexual Assaults Lay Its Credibility on the Line – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. A carefully written article, which takes on a controversial topic. The style of argument and evidence is very good – very balanced – and human rights are foregrounded.

    One minor suggestion. The headline should say Credibility, rather than Credulity, I think.

      1. Though primarily gender-based violence, according to the NYTimes article from yesterday, “‘Screams Without Words’: How Hamas Weaponized Sexual Violence on Oct. 7” it appears there was at least one man who was sexually assaulted on Oct 7th by Palestinian assailants and survived, and is currently undergoing counseling.

        1. @ Shay: My problem is how Israel is weaponizing charges of sexual violence. It doesn’t care about the victims, except insofar as they are propaganda tools to deflect from FAR WORSE crimes against Palestinians. While certainly their trauma is real and crimes against them are inexcusable, they are alive. You can’t say that about 21,000 Palestinians. Nearly 15,000 of them are women. Not sexually abused. Just dead.

  2. “it’s important to understand this distinction: Palestinian women were murdered.” This is odd. I’m pretty sure Israeli women were in fact murdered.

  3. You should be ashamed. Hamas did not only attack military targets, it attacked villages and kibbutzes in Israel with only civilians in them. There are clear videos of how they invade this locations. There are clear evidences of rape, and there are clear materials regarding these assaults.

    Israel, as a policy, does not kill women or rape women or kill civillians. Yes, Israel does kill civilians by mistake, more than it should, and i am trully sadened by that, but it is not a policy, unlike Hamas’s acts on the 7/10.

    1. @Reader: Israel as a policy kills women and children. As a policy. You don’t kill 15,000 women and children, 70% of all those killed, unless it is so. You are morally blind and bankrupt.

      Spare us your performative “sadness.”

      1. Performance aside, and in fact irrespective of Israeli actions, Hamas absolutely attacked civilian targets on Oct 7th, deliberately. It is categorically false to state that “[their] overall objectives were military targets.”
        The evidence against this statement is overwhelming.

        1. @ Shay: Do not publish more than one comment in any thread.

          Hamas killed 400 soldiers, police & Shin Bet agents. More than one-third of the overall death count. We don’t know how many Israelis the IDF killed, but it was a significant number as attested by helicopter pilots, an IAF colonel and survivors all interviewed on Israeli TV. So did Hamas attack and kill civilians? Sure. But how many? We don’t know. The reason we don’t is that your government is engaged in a cover up. So don’t come crying here about Hamas attacking civilians. When Israel tells us how many were killed by IDF bullets, then we’ll know how many Hamas killed.

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