17 thoughts on “Palestinian Kills Two Settlers, Hundreds Exact Vengeance, Burn Palestinian Village to Cinders – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Hey Richard,

    I am curious to know whether you think that the attack on the two Israelis that preceded the pogrom were justified in any sense. Or rather, under which circumstances would you consider them justified and in which would you consider them reprehensible?

    I ask because I see a lot of people claiming that these civilians are innocent and that their status as settlers is irrelevant. Thanks.

    1. @ Sadikov: I’ve answered your question a number of times here and on Twitter. Before asking questions about my views, pls search through posts or tweets relating to such incidents. I hate having to repeat myself endlessly. In short, it doesn’t matter what I support or oppose. It’s not my decision to tell Palestinians how they should resist Israeli mass murder (which the murders of the settlers was a direct response to). That is their decision. I respect decisions they make which are proportional to the violence and murder inflicted on them. As Malcom said: by any means necessary.

      Also, I will not criticize a people or a resistance that faces 20 of its own dead for every israeli killed by a Palestinian.

      Further, I don’t care what “a lot of people claim.” I don’t even know what that statement means. How many is “a lot” and who are these alleged people? Those are rhetorical questions and don’t answer them.

      Settlers are not civilians. These settlers in particular were not because they are from Har Bracha, a settlement sitting on land confiscated illegally from the Palestinian village, Burin. There are reports that the victims were members of the Hilltop Youth. I am researching this claim. If so, they were terrorists and certainly not civilians. But even if they were settlers, but not members of Hilltop Youth, they are direct accessories to Israeli state terror and land theft.

      I would have no problem with them living there under Palestinian sovereignty and subject to Palestinian laws. But they would never agree to this. Which again makes them anything but civilians.

      Before commenting read the text above the comment box. Do not publish the same comment twice. And publish only a single comment in any thread. That means you’ve published your single comment in this thread.

  2. The State must have a monopoly on violence. A State that allows citizenry to run wild is weak.
    A shame on Israel.

  3. Avi Maoz, chairman of the far-right Noam party, announced his resignation as a deputy minister, but said he would stay on as a coalition member.

  4. Hey Richard,
    thank you for the reply. I was genuinely interested in your views as I am wary of writing something similiar on social media and sounding without tact. I don’t use twitter so it must have been another user. Thank you for taking the time again.
    Best regards

    1. @ Sadikov: I apologize if you were expressing genuine interest and not engaging in feigned naivete. I interpreted your comment to be in the same vein as other similarly phrased comments published here which profess innocent interest in my views, but which conceal provocation.

  5. You would think that Israel would be mindful of the fact that this is happening at the worst possible moment for them. When the US and the rest of the world is laser focused on Russia’s war in Ukraine and a potential invasion of Taiwan by China, a third intifada is not something that the US is going to be able to do much, if anything, to diffuse. This is especially the case if Mahmoud Abbas dies in the near future and a power struggle ensues that leads to the Bantustan Authority’s collapse. Couple this with Iran seeing it as a way to distract Israel from illegally bombing their nuclear program, which Netanyahu has been very public in expressing his desire to do, and you have a recipe for disaster.

  6. Richard said:

    “The murders were in retaliation for Israel’s massive attack on Nablus a few days earlier, in which 11 Palestinians were murdered and the main shopping street was partially destroyed.”

    Richard. No less than 3 of the 11 dead Palestinians were armed, wanted terrorists who’d been shooting at Israelis for two weeks. Is the IDF to blame that the terrorists went to ground in a souk?

    1. @ Pamela: Yes, definitely the IDF is guilty of war crimes in this attack and hundreds of others. Murdering 3 wanted Palestinians does not justify committing a war crime against an entire city. Murdering 11 people 8 of whom were unarmed civilians is a war crime. It doesn’t matter what other cirucmstances were involved. THe murders and resulting ravaging of the city stand on their own as acts of terrorism against a civlian population.

  7. There’s no doubt that in a large scale operation, war crimes become increasingly likely.
    BTW, Richard, your numbers are off, insofar as ,”The Palestinian Center for Human Rights said that at least three of those killed were civilians, including the teenager and Abdelaziz Ashqar, who were shot in front of a medical clinic.” So five or your eight ‘civilians’ were actually combatants.

    1. @ Punch: Look this is just semantics. I have no interest in semantics. If there was one civilian or 20; if there was one militant or 30, Palestinians are fighting to defend their homes and towns and have every right to do so. Israel is both occupier and invader under international law. It has no right to be in these towns. These murders are war crimes. And God willing, there will be accountability and every IDF chief of staff who committed them or approved them will go to the Hague. If I could clap them in leg irons, I would.

      Since you are the third hasbaroid to try to argue about how many Palestinian militants are dancing on the head of a pin, be warned all three of you, I will likely delete such comments in future.

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