3 thoughts on “Language, Social Media, and the Gaza Information War – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Haaretz has been asked to “tone down” … meaning more pro-government narrative and stop independent reporting.

    Even the Israeli military censor has been pressured … to expand limits on reports from Gaza atrocities.

    Military censor says PM unjustifiably pressing him to clamp down on reporting

    Brig. Gen Kobi Mandelblit said to tell other senior officers Netanyahu sought to prevent publication of comments from cabinet in which he came off as hesitant on war effort

    The “terror porn” circus too traveled to The Hague for parliamentary journalists. Big time influencers, just as unreliable. The Dutch already are nearly 100% pro-Israel and fascism. A warm bath …

  2. Thank you for this subject, very worthy and sorely needed. It should be mainstreamed. I read so many comments online that reflect Pro-Israel thinking and reasoning. People make exceptions for Israel about human rights and international law revealing unconscious (or conscious) prejudices: their dehumanization of Palestinians. It’s as if this should not even be questioned. Aaron David Miller, the go-to analyst on MSNBC, really upset me the other day.. in all his earnestness. So clueless. No wonder attempts at negotiation over the years have failed with such a mindset. We have failed to put ourselves in other’s shoes– the not so secret sauce to being successful: the biblical do unto others. We have failed miserably.
    Those in our government keep up the mantra that Israel has a right to defend itself. This cuts off context and you then do not have a right to your emotions feeling or thinking about the morality of what we are seeing and then even what some of us are remembering. There are so many nods. The Israeli argument tries to obliterate everything that went before October 7th. They are terrorists, all.
    The history that is argued by some is that Palestinians have done nothing positive with all the freedom and aid they have been given.
    The phrase “river to the sea” is forbidden only when Palestinians say it.
    Worst of all in my mind is the claim about pervasive anti-Semitism now.. rally played up in the news. The goal seems to be to claim victimhood and sympathy back for Israel, remembering the Holocaust.
    Those who are protesting what they see in going on in Gaza, those who are or have become anti Israel as a result are labeled anti-Semites. This has emerged and burgeoned now from the basics of Israeli occupation and this most recent and outsized devastating of all past “operations”.

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