16 thoughts on “Gaza and Modes of Media Hate – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard,

    You should update you post because the IDF has disavowed the Rabbi’s comments and brought him in for a ‘dressing down.


    “No university, let alone a president must be allowed to advocating genocide, no matter how raw the emotion.”

    No Richard, however repellant you may find the University President’s remarks, he is not advocating genocide, but rather, the destruction of Hamas, an Islamist organization.

    1. @ Minute Man: The rabbi expressed the views of most of the army and senior command. They’re just smart enough not to say it aloud. IDF chief rabbis have expressed similar genocidal ideas publicly as have IDF commanders. What sort of “dressing down” was he given? Was he relieved of his post? Was he disciplined formally? Of course not. So stop with the nonsense of acknowleding the faux outrage of the IDF at his comments.

      he is not advocating genocide

      What a disingenuous liar you are. He invoked Amalek and you know what that means. He and many Israelis including cabinet ministers are calling for the total destruction of the Palestinian people in Gaza and even the West Bank. So don’t try to peddle that bullshit. You know what Porat meant. We both do.

  2. Even in Belgium the idea of multiple ethnic communities barely works.
    In Lebanon it is outright disaster.
    Why do you think it can work is Israel/palestine especially after the last 100 bloody years?

    1. @ Danny Smith: You conveniently left out Canada where it works fine. Malaysia has a sizable Chinese ethnic population. Works OK there. Even Ireland, which once fought decades of ethnic-religious battles has found equilibrium. England fought multiple bloody civil wars bewteen Protestants and Catholics. They seem to get along fine these days. The US fought a civil war between slave owners and abolitionists in which millions died. The state of our union isn’t too bad. Belgium is a country that has “barely worked” for decades. And yet it does work. No wars. No battles. No violence.

      Israelis whine about how a single democratic state would mean their destruction. It didn’t destroy any of the countries above. It wouldn’t destroy Israel unless the fundamentalists on both sides (but especially the Israeli) decide to blow everything up. Presumably, there would be a police force of Jews and Palestinians who would actually stop terrorism like this and make terrorists pay for their crimes. That would end it pretty quick as Ben Gurion did when he ordered Rabin to blow up the Altalena.

      Lebanon is an entirely different situation. IT was carved up by colonial powers. It was colonized as well by Syria for decades. Even Israel colonized southern Lebanon for two decades. Not to mention the multiple invasions and assassinations it committed there. Not to mention its collusion in the Sabra & Shatila massacre.

      The Lebanese situation is largely the fault of all these outside forces destroying the ability for the religious factions to figure out a way to coexist.

      1. Thank you for your detailed reply, it has some good points. I hope one day you will be proved right.

        One comment, not only Lebanon was “carved up by colonial powers” but the whole Middle East which is the reason for much of the lack of stability in the region.

        1. @ Danny: Agreed. Colonialism caused great harm everywhere, including the Middle East. But the impacts in Lebanon continue to be felt till today. The country is bankrupt, corruption everywhere, ethnic hatred. All originate in colonialism.

          1. ” The country is bankrupt, corruption everywhere, ethnic hatred. All originate in colonialism.”

            The United States, Canada and Malaysia are all products of colonialism, are they not?

          2. @ Mirosla: Where did I say that all colonies are the same?

            The US threw off its colonial master in 1783. Canada became independent in 1867.

            Lebanon only gained its independence in 1946. It was occupied by Syria for several decades as a virtual colony. So the damage of colonialism is very much evident in Lebanon’s case.

  3. Israeli Apache helicopters killed own soldiers, civilians on 7 October: Report | The Cradle – 9 Nov 2023 |

    New footage corroborates previous reports that say the Israeli military is responsible for many of the Israeli casualties during the first day of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood

    Killing their own … was the Hannibal Directive already in force on 7 October?

    Brigadier General Avi Rosenfeld of the Gaza division, made the difficult choice of calling in airstrikes on his own base as Hamas fighters overran it, capturing and killing many of the soldiers inside.

    Connected? A warning to journalists. Reporters …

    “Journalists who stood by idle while children were slaughtered are no different than terrorists,” Min. Benny Gantz says.

  4. Richard, you astound me.

    The Ramirez cartoon does not caricature, Palestinians or Arab society. It clearly caricatures and labels Hamas.
    Those aren’t Israeli babies used as human shields, but, like the woman , they are Palestinian babies being used as human shields.

    BTW, that’s not a rich oil sheik. It is a picture of the deceased leader of Hamas, Sheik Yassin.

    Dunno why the Washington Post pulled the Pulitzer prized winning cartoonist. Maybe it feared becoming the next Charlie Hebdo.

    1. @ Minute Man: The Ramirez cartoon was drawn by an Islamohpobic racist cartoonist known for his previous work featuring hatred of Palestinians. Using Orientalist caricatures of dirty, rapacious, murderous primitive Arabs with Alladin lamps and a grotesquely long-nosed Muslim in the picture on the wall conveys clearly the racist message. The image of al Aqsa also conveys Islamphobia tied to the other offensive graphic images in the cartoon.

      You are correct in that I did err regarding the portrait on the wall. Thank you for your correction.

      I don’t permit religious hate in this blog. You are defending and excusing it. If you want to argue on behalf it, regardless of whether you believe it is or not, you’ll be doing it elsewhere.

  5. Jewish Crusaders Targeting Secular Tel Aviv

    Rosh Yehudi is an association whose goal is to bridge the gaps between secular and religious Israelis in the spirit of religious Zionism. It was founded in 1994 when the public dispute over the Oslo Accords threatened the very fabric of Israeli society.

    Activists demonstrate against Yigal Levinstein and religious coercion

  6. [comment deleted: I do not care about your views on comments by others. Restrict yourself to your own views on the individual post itself.]

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