12 thoughts on “BREAKING: Police Secretly Break Up, Arrest Israeli Sex Traffickers Who Repeatedly Raped Bedouin Girl – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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      1. [comment deleted: if I need your assistance in coming up with headlines for my post, I’ll ask. Since I haven’t, don’t bother.]

      2. @ Hilla: It’s called journalism. You report all salient aspects of a case including the suspects’ and victim’s ethnicity. If Israel was a country that was race and ethnicity-blind this might be less important. BUt alas it isn’t and reporting a case in which Bedouin men raped a Bedouin girl and the prospect of inter-ethnic bloodshed within that community–then yes, it’s critical to report this.

        I suggest that if you object to my reporting you might want to show us all how it should be done by writing your own blog. If you don’t then I’m afraid you’re stuck with my journalistic/editorial approach.

  2. “In Israel, rape is a phenomenon common to all ethnicities.”
    Really? and in another places around the world? did you check the % of Black/White/Asian/Muslim/Jews/Christians that were accused of rape? is there a specific group that rapes more than others? are they Jews? Israelis?
    What is the purpose of this sentence beside implying that the situation in Israel is different than in other places?

    1. @ Boris: Rape is a different phenomenon in Israel than other places. Due to the machismo and warrior mentality of Israel men, conquest of women is a key part of becoming a man in Israeli society. Rape and violence against women is prevalent is all echelons of society. Rape is also under reported by women for multiple reasons. Prime among them is the low priority given to it by police and prosecutors. Including refusing to investigate charges, and with cases that are investigated refusing to bring charges, and with cases in which charges are brought, failing to gain convictions.

      You’d know this if you bothered to read the scores of posts here about Israeli men (judges, professors, newscasters, politicians) acccused of rape or sexual violence. But you didn’t bother, did you?

  3. Seems that your “sources” were wrong again.

    Bedouin businessman charged with providing intelligence to IranShin Bet alleges information conveyed to Tehran by Yaqoub Abu Al-Qia’an includes detailed schedule and whereabouts of Defense Minister Gantz, millionaire planned to meet Iranian operativesYnet
    Published: 07.12.21, 17:27


    1. @ Faux Arab (aka “Abu Nimer”) : TO use your own terms, You ‘DOPE!’ You didn’t read the update in this post which broke the story about the charges of spying against him the day before Shabak released these charges. In fact, these charges were released precisely because I reported this.

      You’re an utter fool and you can’t read. Now go back and read the Update in this post and the prior post about al-Qiaan. Then apologize for your stupidity or I’ll ban your ass.

      I don’t permit Israelis or Israeli apologists to adopt fake Arab handles. It’s racist and offensive. Adopt another one or it’ll give me a 2nd reason to ban your ass.

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