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  1. Thx for the update …

    Israel has evacuated a stroke of 2 km along Northern border w Lebanon.

    Jordan cancels Biden meetings with King Abdullah, Sissi, Abbas in Amman

  2. Turkish Center for Combating Disinformation rebuffs Israeli claims on deadly hospital bombing | Anadolu Agency |

    Outdated photos from 2022 and fake ‘Hamas’ account used to make false claims, says Turkish anti-disinformation body

  3. GCC calls for an immediate ceasefire, lifting siege on Gaza …

    Saudi Arabia leads condemnation of Israeli airstrike on Gaza hospital that killed hundreds | Arab News |

    RIYADH: Saudi Arabia on Tuesday led global condemnations of the Israeli airstrike on a Gaza hospital that killed hundreds.

    The Kingdom condemned in the “strongest terms” an Israeli air strike that killed about 500 Palestinians at a Gaza City hospital crammed with patients and displaced people on Tuesday.


    The UAE strongly condemned the Israeli attack in a foreign ministry statement saying it “expresses its deep regret for the loss of life and conveys its condolences to the families of the victims, wishing a swift recovery for all those injured.”

    It stressed “the need for an immediate cessation of hostilities and to ensure that civilians and civilian institutions are not targeted.” 

    The UAE called on the international community to intensify efforts to reach an immediate ceasefire to prevent further loss of life.

    There you have it … even Israel’s closed ally the Emirates 🇦🇪

  4. Greetings from Israel,

    It’s telling that the Progressive’s call for ceasefire doesn’t mention the hostages that Hamas has kidnapped and now holds.
    Shouldn’t the call for a ceasefire also include the immediate release of the 199 hostages Hamas holds? Without their release, what incentive is there for Israel to stop her attacks on Hamas militants and infrastructure?

    As far as the hospital bombing, let’s hear the IDF presser later on today that will reveal IDF evidence that an errant PIJ rocket or missile struck the hospital.

    BTW, the Financial Times article you linked concluded that Israel probably struck the convoy and killed refugees. The Financial Times came to that conclusion after ruling out a car bomb and Hamas rocket, leaving Israel as the most likely culprit. But the munitions expert that FT utilized in the investigation did not consider that a Hamas anti-tank missile might have been used. Hamas rocket was ruled out, but a Hamas missile wasn’t even considered, so the analysis used incomplete data that skewed the results. It’s GIGO, ‘garbage in, garbage out’.

    1. @ Minuteman:

      Shouldn’t the call for a ceasefire also include the immediate release of the 199 hostages Hamas holds

      When has Israel released any of the living or dead hostages? If so, why should Hamas be any different. If you want your hostages released you negotiate as has happened many times in the past. BTW, did you note the report from a survivor that the IDF actually killed hostages? There was little or no attempt to protect hostages during these firefights. You should listen to the Kan interview. It’s instructive.

      Without their release, what incentive is there for Israel to stop her attacks on Hamas militants and infrastructure?

      You must be kidding, right? Hamas releases its hostages and Israel stops the genocide. I’m sure that’s exactly what Israel would do…in your dreams.

      let’s hear the IDF presser later on today that will reveal IDF evidence that an errant PIJ rocket or missile struck the hospital.

      No thanks. YOu wait. I don’t need to wait to know what lies it will peddle. Unless it offers incontrovertible and credible evidence I wouldn’t trust the IDF as far as I could throw it.

      the munitions expert that FT utilized in the investigation did not consider that a Hamas anti-tank missile might have been used.

      So you’re claiming that you know better than a munitions expert and one of the most distinguished media outlets in the world what happened. You, w/o any evidence offered know for a fact that Hamas was responsible. And you know exactly what Hamas weapon killed those 70 people. And it was an anti tank missile fired in the middle of a busy highway filled with fleeing Palestinians. That’s undoubtedly what happened.

      As for garbage in, garbage out…we know who and what is garbage. Your calling the Financial Times “garbage” makes you look like a fool.

        1. @ Yellow: Do not publish a comment without reading the post. You’re wasting my time by having to tell you to do that now. The source’s account is in the post.

          The issue of armed resistance is not the topic of this post and was not mentioned in it. Do not stray off-topic. Comments must be on-topic and concern the content and subject of the post and that alone.

        2. @ Dawn: And it will have to release thousands more in order to get its hostages back. OR it can invade Gaza and get most or all of them killed, as it did when the army attempted to retake the southern Israeli towns and killed many Israeli hostages.

      1. @Richard:
        I assume that you are aware that among the hostages you are referring to are babies, toddlers, young children, even a demencial old woman – who have been kidnapped.
        If not, you are being informed now.

        1. @Eli:

          I assume that you are aware that among the hostages you are referring to are babies, toddlers, young children,

          I assume you are aware that 1,200 Palestinian babies, toddler, young children have been murdered.

  5. Israel and the United States lost their criminal war narrative by facts on the ground. Scholz and EU States too are left standing naked. On Monday my headline: “West’s Israel Narrative Challenged”. It was Abbas who first pulled out of Amman meeting due to calls from Ramallah for his resignation. He declared three days of mourning. In Washington DC the press statement:

    After consulting with King Abdullah II of Jordan and in light of the days of mourning announced by President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority, President Biden will postpone his travel to Jordan and the planned meeting with these two leaders and President Sisi of Egypt,” a White House official said.

  6. Universal narrative in Israel supporting EU states and US NATO alliance the explosion was the responsibility of Islamic JIhad in Gaza. A war of words … in the fog of war Disinformation is your best friend. Identical to the 2009 and 2014 wars on Gaza where Israel denied their responsibility in targeting UN refugee buildings, schools and hospitals.

    Neither Israeli nor Hamas authorities have prosecuted anyone for alleged crimes committed during the 2014 Israel-Gaza war, which, according to the UN, killed 1,462 Palestinian civilians, including 551 children, and 6 civilians in Israel, including one child.

    The IDF denials has changed over the first hours … the US bombed the MSF run hospital in Kunduz and too came with days of denial. I just heard from a reporter the hospital had been targeted with explosions as a warning to evacuate.

  7. Netanyahu is totally out of control, on the table in Jerusalem is the plan to transfer Palestinians out of Gaza (and the West Bank). Listening to Egypt’s president Sisi speaking in Caïro with visiting German Chancellor Olaf Scholz some talking points were revealed. Egypt was offered large sums of money to open the Rafah crossing for war refugees … Nakba II.

  8. Master in deceit for international press corps versed in loyalty taking IDF notes. Meet …

    IDF Col. Richard Hecht, a Scotsman, explained how his family had moved to the El-Rom kibbutz, built on illegally occupied Palestinian land in the Golan Heights.

    IDF Colonel Richard Hecht there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, there’s water and safe havens. I’m focused on the Israeli national crisis resulted from barbaric terror attacks by Hamas.

    Stream of LIES as there is a strict military censorship enforced outside the borders of the Gaza Strip. Foreign reporters are threatened.

  9. Egypt’s President El-Sisi Warns of Nakba II

    Sisi rejects attempts to displace Palestinians to Sinai, says escalation will have security, humanitarian repercussions | Egypt Today |

    Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi stated on Wednesday that what is happening in Gaza Strip now is not an eagerness to direct military action against Hamas, but rather an attempt to push civilians to seek refuge in Egypt.

    … further pointing out that Egypt will remain in its position in support of the legitimate Palestinian right to its land.

    Egypt’s President El-Sisi affirms solidarity with Palestinians, rejects displacement attempts | Ahram Online |

    The Egyptian leader stated that Egypt had not closed the Rafah border crossing, explaining that Israeli airstrikes on the Palestinian side of the crossing had nonetheless hindered its operation.

    He also expressed concerns that the ongoing events in Gaza are an attempt to force Palestinians to seek refuge in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

    If Gazans are displaced to Egypt, then Palestinians in the West Bank could be displaced to Jordan, El-Sisi said.

    If there’s a notion of displacing the Palestinian people, El-Sisi suggested instead moving them to the Negev desert in Israel …

    All this as a result of Antony Blinken’s travel to “solve” the Palestinian humanitarian crisis … placing the burden elsewhere. Gaza and West Bank are Palestinian lands period!

  10. “There was no evidence of a direct hit on the hospital building itself, no structural damage to nearby buildings and no bomb crater, which would have been consistent with damage from Israel Air Force aerial bombing,” General Hagari said on Wednesday.


    All lies and jest
    Still a man hears what he wants to hear
    And disregards the rest. –Paul Simon

  11. Richard. What does your ‘security source’ say about the deadly incident at the Gaza hospital?
    He should know, right?

    BTW. Richard’s claim that occupiers, including their citizens, are legitimate targets for armed resistance is simply false.
    ‘ Settlers, no matter how objectionable their conduct and in violation of international law, are civilians and may not be made the object of an attack.’


    1. @ Yellow: Do not publish a comment without read the post. You’re wasting my time by having to tell you to do that now. The source’s account is in the post.

      The issue of armed resistance is not the topic of this post and was not mentioned in it. Do not stray off-topic. Comments must be on-topic and concern the content and subject of the post and that alone.

  12. Joe Biden Absolves Bibi of Atrocities and War Crimes

    US and its allies provide Israel with ‘impunity’ to commit war crimes | TRT World |

    Israel hit a crowded hospital, knowing that the international community won’t censure it, experts say.

    The first Israeli lie was about who is responsible for the attack on the hospital, says Abuaita.

    Soon after news reports of the tragedy surfaced, Israeli officials from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to opposition leader Yair Lapid began peddling fake information based on an unverified video which depicted Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) as being responsible for bombing of the hospital.

  13. Ely Cohen, an Israeli journalist, even accused Hamas with a fake video, says Abuaita.

    But within hours, Netanyahu and his allies deleted the video from their social media posts via which it was shared. “It was not true. The video was old,” Abuaita tells TRT World.

    “The second lie came from a fake Twitter account called Farida Khan, who claimed that she is an Al Jazeera reporter and she saw with her own eyes that the missile was Ayyash 250 and it hit the hospital. Also this was not true because Al Jazeera released a statement saying that the twitter account has no relations with the media group,” says Abuaita. Ayyash 250 is part of Hamas’s missile arsenal.

    Israelis were bombing Palestinians and churning out propaganda at the same time to mask their war crimes exactly like they did when Shireen Abu Akleh, an Al Jazeera reporter, was killed, says Abuaita.

    The Western media from the first instant, when the dead bodies were still warm, laid blame on Islamic Jihad. None excepted within 24 hour period.

    Non-NATO countries are de-coupled from Western war porn.

    1. The Western media from the first instant put the blame on Israel. It took about 5 hours until headlines started changing.
      Don’t believe me? you’re welcome to Google it and see screenshots.

      What strikes me also, is the tendency to immediately believe a terrorist organization, known for its lies and disinformation, without questioning it for one minute. Did they supply any evidence before this was called out? Or was it just Israel who always needs proof?

      How is it that within 30 minutes (record time!) from the explosion they already announced 500 casualties? Look at the images – the Islamic Jihad’s rocket hit the parking lot of the hospital.
      That does not lead to 500 casualties.

        1. Was my English unclear?
          Als ik dit in het Nederlands geschreven had?

          Your claim that Western media instantly put the blame on Islamic Jihad is wrong. They put it on Israel and that’s why I suggested you look it up and see homepage screenshots of CNN, BBC, WSJ, etc. I think Google is up for the job, but if that doesn’t satisfy you, we can also try the dark web if that’ll make it feel more credible.

          Thank you for enlightening me about reading “real news”. I was under the impression all news outlets had an agenda, but apparently I was wrong – this one doesn’t have one whatsoever!

  14. We are in the fog of war. It would be good to see some proof of who was responsible for the hospital bombing. But this particular tragedy is being used to underline the story that blame belongs to Israel. So Israel has lost some of the sympathy/victimhood it had from October 7th.
    Israel and the US have the hospital attack as being an errant bomb or missile from Hamas/ Islamic Jihad. This is from sources that seem credible and that offer some reasoning and proof(?) The truth at this point may not matter. Even so if Israel/US they have anything definitive should show it. They would want to. But what can’t be denied is that the greater tragedy happening in Gaza now, even without the threatened ground offensive, is doing Israel and indeed the US a lot of harm. Biden, from the news, seems over the top in his support of Israel and shows an inability to stop the punishment of Gazans, nor help them much. (The photo of Netanyahu embracing Biden (NYT) is sickening).
    Did Hamas know what they set in motion or see some end of it? But this show of desperation to Israel and the world has been long in coming. Israel was ignoring it, secure in the status quo and military might.

    1. US protection killed any chance of peace and Justice for the Palestinian people … still in a refugee status being pushed out of historic lands of its ancestors. The silence of EU states is devastating (sickening). The embrace of German chancellor in Jerusalem and Cairo was hurtful for the fate of Palestinians. My latest: Antony Blinken Offered Palestinians Nakba II. Scholz gave his blessing.

      1. It’s only Palestinians’ 2nd and 3rd generations who are still considered refugees.
        I didn’t know you can inherit this status from your ancestors. You’re certainly not a refugee if you’re still living in the same place you were born, because no one has forced you to leave.
        However, the UN is doing a fantastic job at maintaining this “refugee” situation in an unprecedented way.

        I don’t recall the people of Gaza considering themselves refugees between 1948-1967 (under Egypt).

        1. 5 sec. search on Internet …

          UNRWA: Gaza Strip Where We Work

          The Gaza Strip has a population of approximately 2.1 million people, including some 1.7 million Palestine Refugees.

          Eight recognized Palestine Refugee camps span the Gaza Strip and have some of the highest population densities in the world. Operating through over 13,000 staff in over 300 installations across the besieged coastal enclave, UNRWA delivers education, health and mental health care, relief and social services, microcredit and emergency assistance to registered Palestine Refugees. 

        2. @ Benjamin:

          It’s only Palestinians’ 2nd and 3rd generations who are still considered refugees.

          Not only do I not consider you a refugee expert, it’s the height of condesenscion to decide on behalf of refugees who is or isn’t one.

          Palestinians expelled from their homes and forced to flee to a place where they have no food, drink or housing, as they have in Gaza are refugees. Period.

          the UN is doing a fantastic job at maintaining this “refugee” situation

          The snark is insulting. Lay off it. The UN does not make up the rules of who is a refugee. There are internationally agreed definitions of the term. The UN follows that guidance. It is not the fault or responsibility of the UN to use other terms that are more convenient to you or Israel. Their physical refugees status is determined by whether or not they and their parents or grandparents have been uprooted from their homes by Israel. They were. Their descendants may not return to their original family homes. Israel doesn’t abscond from responsibility based on refusing to permit them to return for enough generations that such right of return is abrogated.

          don’t recall the people of Gaza considering themselves refugees

          You have any idea what Palestinian refugees considered themselves during that period. Don’t presume knowledge about something you know nothing about.

          Reminder: one comment per thread.

        3. Well Benjamin “Israelis” still see in their “lets say strange” history interpretations and moral attitudes themselves as refugees from ancient Israel. So “Israelis” in your minds inherited your refugee status to justify robbing Palestine from the distance of 1900 years or beyond over 60 generations. You also in your stories inherited “the God’s gift to Israelis” as the main justification. If we eliminate these your two inherited gifts from the past, what actual reasons are left for Zionists to justify robbing the lands of Palestine and your style of behaviour? Nothing, besides, that insane often mentioned excuse, that Palestine was empty when “Israelis” arrived to modern days Israel.

  15. Is this Proof Israel bombed al-Ahli Arab Hospital ???

    American politician @jacksonhinklle posted a video showing the presence of an Israeli warplane over the Baptist Hospital before it was bombed and indicates that the direction of the two missiles’ descent comes from the location of the plane.


    Jackson Hinkle
    Why is their an Israeli fighter jet flying above the hospital at the time it was bombed if Israel didn’t bomb it?


    Looks pretty convincing to me.

      1. Yes, thank you, after I posted it I read further, someone said city lights in the video proves it is not from 2023, and an Australian intelligence guy said it was from 2022 and a few kilometers away.

        Nevertheless, I believe it will be shown in time that Israel did this. People are working on it as we speak.

        Israel lies everyday to shift blame and justify their crimes in Palestine.

        I’m an Engineer, the probability of an accidental hit on that exact spot is almost zero, and Israel warned this would happen in advance.

        Also, I believe some, or all, of Richard Silverstein’s sources may be double agents, used to spread disinformation like this. Israel must know who he is talking to. With no disrespect to Richard.

        1. Israel lies.
          The US lies.
          Australian intelligence guy lies.
          Sources are double agents.
          Hamas and Islamic Jihad are truth tellers.

          I’ll be realistic here and say that everyone lies, but why is it that on this specific case you’re so certain Israel is the liar?
          You must have seen video footage and heard audio recordings of the people who have seen the rocket debris saying it wasn’t Israeli. Yet, you’re not even doubtful that it may not have been Israel.

          And why is the probability of hitting this spot almost zero? Why could it not have been a failed Hamas/IJ rocket launch? Their rockets fail, and quite often.

          1. Here is the latest investigation of the al-Ahli Arab Hospital explosion …

            “An Al Jazeera digital investigation found no grounds to the Israeli army claim that the strike on the al-Ahli Arab hospital in Gaza was caused by a failed rocket launch”


            “On 19 October, Al Jazeera published its analysis of the hospital explosion. Al Jazeera said they had constructed a second-by-second timeline by analyzing video footage of the event. According to Al Jazeera, a rocket launched from Gaza was intercepted by an Iron Dome interceptor and “completely destroyed” in mid-air 5 seconds prior to the hospital explosion. As no more rocket launches could be seen in video footage from Gaza from this time until the hospital explosion, Al Jazeera said that they found “no grounds” for the IDF claim that the hospital explosion was caused by a failed rocket launch from Gaza. The investigation also identified “four Israeli air strikes on Gaza, targeting the area near the hospital” in the minutes before the explosion.”


            Israel and the United States Government are lying to themselves and to the world to justify more money for Israel, more weapons for Israel, and more UN Vetoes for Israel.

            The end result may be a regional war, that may become a nuclear war in time.

          2. @ Benjamin: Israel thrives on your brand of cynicism. It allows Israel to commit horrible crimes and then excuse them by saying: everybody does it. Well, no. That’s now how international law works. You don’t get to say “everybody does it.” If you do it, then you’re liable to end up in the dock in the Hague.

            why is it that on this specific case you’re so certain Israel is the liar?

            Because it is. Read my new Forensic Architecture post.

  16. If the US has data and information that is independent of Israeli and public sources, the US should release such data and information. For a long time, the US covered up what it knew about the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. Some of the information is still hidden to shield Israel.

    Israel may not be able to survive a struggle that lasts more than a month.

    A call-up of 100-300,000 reservists severely damages the economy. The most recent immigrants will leave first. Earlier immigrants will eventually leave.

    Modern Jews are not rooted in Palestine as Palestinians are.

    Without continuous and psychotic indoctrination, Jews don’t want their own country. Jewish communities have for a millennium provided commercial financial services on a contract basis to a state or to a state-like entity.

    Zionism is completely insane.

    The State of Israel managed to bootstrap the state in 1949 because for at least 4 years, the Zionist colonial settlers had been gathering intelligence on Palestinian agricultural properties and on Palestinian businesses in the cities. Once Palestinians were kicked out, the Zionist movement took over the agricultural properties and businesses in a sort of hijacking. This hijacking became “making the desert bloom” in Zionist PR.

    To tell the truth, Zionist agriculture has always been crappy and did not become halfway decent until after 1967 when Zionists hired Palestinians to farm the land that had been stolen from Palestinian communities. The Palestinian hospitality industry — as besieged as it is — is superior to the Zionist hospitality industry — not just my biased opinion.

  17. Coming hours the IDF ground invasion will start … electricity and aggregates will stop due to lack of diesel … there is no water for 2.2 million Gazans caged in prison held by the Jewish State of Israel. The massive GENOCIDE will continue … friendly allied nations are complicit as the “West” and EU states stay silent after voicing support for Netanyahu. 😢 🕯️ 🙏🏽

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