14 thoughts on “BREAKING: Israeli Security Source Confirms IAF Massacred Civilians in Refugee Convoy Despite Army Denials, 70 Dead – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @ ariel: I object to terror porn and prefer not to deal with it or give it visibility. I deal with enough pain and suffering as it is in my reporting. Dealing with that is just too much.

    1. Author Howard Jacobson here as panel member:

      Jeremy Corbyn Is Unfit To Be Prime Minister

      Is Corbyn the saviour of Britain’s downtrodden or a fringe fanatic who is morally unfit to be Prime Minister?

      According to his critics, Corbyn leads a dangerous gang of hard-left zealots who cosy up to enemies of the West and are hell-bent on rehashing the disastrous politics of the 1970s. He has turned a blind eye to the antisemitism festering away within the Labour Party ….

      1. Strange … copy and paste link to search engine address bar and it pops up fine … or use “Jacobson site:www.theguardian.com” in search engine.

  1. Greetings from wartime Israel,

    No dispositive proof the refugee convoy was targeted by Israel. The video is not conclusive of what struck.
    A Hamas rocket or anti-tank missile fired from a distance would do the same damage.
    I doubt someone was looking skyward and saw a missile coming. Possibly someone heard a missile’s approach, but there’s been no credible testimony to that effect, and an anti-tank missile probably carries a sound as well.

    As far as the other attack on the convoy, in your linked video, ‘Pure Carnage, my lying eyes see a large stationary van or truck parked on the side of the highway. Cars are moving around it, and there is no sign of a projectile from the sky. Slow down the video and still no so sign of a projectile.

    Looks like a truck bomb was detonated, but by whom?

    Add to that roadblocks that jam up fleeing refugees, and you’ve got the war crimes of using civilians as human shields and murdering civilians.

    1. You are clearly advocating in bad faith like all hasbara does. It will inevitably turn out that IDF did it, just like they cut the water off in the north to genocide 1 million people. Or are you suggesting that there is no credible evidence for that either?

      1. Sadikov,

        Israel only supplys 10% of Gaza’s water. The other 90% comes from local wells and local desalination plants. Do Israeli bombs incidentally damage the underground water pipes?

        Yes. Of course.

        1. @ Miroslav: This is the 3rd time you’ve published more than one comment in a thread despite informing you that you may only publish one in any thread. You will lose your comment privileges if you do this again.

          Israel only supplys 10% of Gaza’s water.

          It doesn’t matter where the supply comes from. Israel controls the water supply whether the water comes from inside or outside Gaza. Not to mention that even if Israel turns the spigots back on there will still be no water because it requires pumps which run on electricity. Without it there is no water. So this is really a clever way to gain credit for a humanitarian gesture, while not actually doing what it claims it has done.

    2. Murdering Palestinian civilians fleeing military assault on the roads with the use of rocket fire from warplanes is precisely the same eye witness account my college friend Nabil told me in 1977. As we did our laundry near the college, Nabil told me that an unmarked aircraft attacked the refugee group his family was in, the morning after being forced out of their family compound the night before. His first memories as a young boy on the road to Damascus, the firing of a rocket at them and watching his uncle die. Tears streamed from his eyes as he clutched an old key he wore on a string of leather around his neck. ‘We were rich, we owned olive orchards, we sold olives all over the Mediterranean, then we had nothing, all in one night’. Until I met Nabil, I had believed what I read in the newspapers about the Israeli-Palestinian ‘conflict’. As a young Black man and an out of state college student far from home, I slowly was becoming aware of the nature of American systemic racism and the hatred the local ‘Okies’ felt toward me and Nabil.
      I left my Oklahoma college & flight school soon after that, when I found out that the college’s ads about their ‘inexpensive’ flight school was a bait & switch scam. But my eyes were also opened to the larger world around me by my friendship with Nabil, realizing the newspaper stories I had read and the stories I had been told about Israel & Palestine were all a big socially constructed & reinforced fabrication.

      Would Israelis slaughter refugees fleeing the Gaza war zone using missiles fired from warplanes? Of course they would. Israel has slaughtered innocents in every war they ever fought.

    3. @ Minute Man: Yesterday, the Financial Times published an investigation into the bombing confirming my source’s account.

      No dispositive proof… The video is not conclusive

      Well, let’s see. My report is not based on a video. I only included them because they are the only eyewitness videos of the attacks. My report is based on a knowledgeable Israeli security source. Yours is an opinion. I’ll take my source, who has offered scores of fully accurate stories to me, over you any day of the week. Everything you’ve offered here is smokescreen for the truth. Try peddling your bullshit elsewhere to a more receptive, credulous audience.

      you’ve got the war crimes of using civilians as human shields

      No, you’ve got a stupid hasbara meme trotted out hundreds of times (including here) to little or no effect. I don’t care how Hamas resists Israeli invasions. On the ground, undergroud, in the air, via internet, from apartment buildings homes, etc. It’s their right to determine how they resist. Not mine. Nor does anyone reading this blog or comment.

      Not to mention that the IDF uses actual Palestine children and others has real human shields. In at least one case it tied a boy to the hood of an IDF jeep and paraded him through the village in order to protect them. In another case, they forced a boy to knock on the door of someone they intended to arrest in order to avoid any shots fired at them.

      Why do you peddle such garbage (no need to answer, so don’t)?

  2. Blinken leaves Israel empty-handed … as far as I understand no humanitarian supplies – no water – no diesel for hospital aggregates – no opening Rafah border for exit of foreigners and specifically the 500-600 dual citizens Palestinian-Americans. Watched interview with an American who was furious … inhumane treatment of Gazans by the occupying military power.

    Joe Biden canceled his travel plans and stayed in the White House to monitor the escalating events fearing a regional war …

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