4 thoughts on “Israeli Security Failure, It Ignored Repeated Egyptian Warnings of Hamas Attack – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. No Water, No Diesel for Hospital Gaza City

    Israel just limited the need for supply … ugly war criminals … German chancellor on visit to show support for Netanyahu … tomorrow visit by Uncle Joe to threaten Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran not to join forces. US will be as brutal as Israel has proven to be.

    Israel-Hamas war live: Gaza hospital attacked with thousands taking shelter

    An Israeli air strike has hit al-Ahli hospital in Gaza City where thousands of civilians are seeking medical treatment and shelter from relentless attacks. Gaza health ministry says at least 500 casualties in hospital blast. A UN-run school housing refugees also struck.

    1. Turkish Center for Combating Disinformation rebuffs Israeli claims on deadly hospital bombing | Anadolu Agency |

      Outdated photos from 2022 and fake ‘Hamas’ account used to make false claims, says Turkish anti-disinformation body

      Joe Biden visit to Jordan canceled 🇯🇴

      Jordan cancels US President Biden’s visit to Amman, quartet summit | Gulf News |

      Jordan has cancelled the visit by US President Joe Biden to Amman and the previously planned quartet summit in wake of the Israeli bombardment of Al Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza.

      The Foreign Ministry announced the cancellation of the quartet summit with US President, Egyptian President Abdul Fattah Al Sissi and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

      The cancellation was announced by Jordan’s Foreign Minister Ayman Safad.

      GCC calls for an immediate ceasefire, lifting siege on Gaza …

  2. Israeli PM Netanyahu and German Chancellor Scholz give joint speech | i24 News |

    A$$holes … after 9/11 you declared the Palestinian resistance fighters were as bad as Al Qaeda terrorists … US and allies created tenfold – hundredfold terror with 20 year enduring bombings and assassinations. Terror strikes causing fear and deaths among the civilian population.

    Hamas is not ISIL-ISIS-Islamic State –- created by American invasion, occupation, torture, executions in 2003/2010 –- supported by Sunni Arab states UAE, KSA and MB states Qatar and Türkiye to overthrow dictator Bashar al Assad in Syria.

    Hamas is not fascist Germany of World War II. Fake comparisons.

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