23 thoughts on “Gaza: Chickens Come Home to Roost – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. America is a tolerant society … permitting loud protest for both sides …

    EU states are so damn pro-Israel biased (Re: racist and Islamophobic) waving a Palestinian flag will get you arrested and/or fined …

    France bans all pro-Palestinian demonstrations

    Dutch former FM Uri Rosenthal (VVD) is a warmonger calling for an attack on Iran … complicit in Hamas attack on Israel.

  2. Excellent post. Similar things are happening in Britain and Europe where governments are tying support for Palestinians with support for terrorism. I shall be shamelessly plagiarising this post for my next blog (with credits of course!)

      1. @Yellow: you apparently can’t read or comprehend. The false claim was that babies were beheaded. They weren’t. Did babies die? Of course they did. I never said otherwise.

        The article says babies died. It does not say they were beheaded. So either you can’t read or you’re a liar.

        But for every dead Israeli baby there are 10 dead Palestinian babies. But only dead Israeli babies matter to you. 300 children have died in Gaza in the last 6 days.

        You are sickening.

        1. [comment deleted: calling the murder of Palestinian babies “collateral damage is not only offensive, but racist and genocidal. You are moderated and further comments containing similar views will lead to banning.]

      2. Yellow Palestinians could show tens if not hundreds of equal pictures of their bloody dead babies killed by “Israelis” from the past years and decades. By the way Yellow the baby in the Telgraph’s picture is not beheaded and burned. Nor one baby is not 40 beheaded babies. Of course even one killed is a tragedy.

        Do you Yellow know what shooting phospor and rubber ammunition to Gaza causes to babies? It burns with temperature of 1300 Celsius and can not be stopped. That is why Israel is destroying the communication and press in Gaza so that pictures of those hundreds of soon to be killed babies will not be on the front pages of the world. Israel has commanded ONE MILLION people in Gaza to move to the south. Egypt has said no to taking refugees.

        UNICEF (13.10.2023 in Finnish news): At least 447 children killed in Gaza by Israeli bombings.
        (If Israel in your strange nationalistic religious minds has the right to its revenge, what do you believe is the world’s opinion to Palestinians rights of revenge?)

    1. Obama: “Don’t do stupid things.”

      Israel 75 years of ill conceived policy in Arab neighborhood of ME. Read the UN Charter and commitment to strive for peace, not colonizing Palestinian land.

      Israel releases images of slain children to rally support … | Reuters |

      Unverified! Images are selected from social media and terror sites from untraceable sources in a composite video. Deep fake … who knows … technology unlimited.

      Lesson from 1990 … when contemplating war, beware of babies in incubators.

  3. The thing that could make this a big problem for the US and the west is the protests across the world for Palestine. Some places, like in France, Germany and the UK, have already either tried to criminalize aspects of the protests (waving Palestinian flags) or outright banned them all together. These aggressive attacks on freedom of speech and assembly are likely going to provoke bigger marches and possibly riots if police continue to use heavy handed tactics to repress them. That kind of destabilization, similar to what we saw during the George Floyd uprising of 2020, is probably one of the only things that may force Biden and other EU leaders to put Bibi on a leash in regards to his ethnic cleansing plans for Gaza. That and potentially seeing the entire Middle East unite against Israel. Higher odds if both happen at the same time.

    1. ”Bibi on a leash in regards to his ethnic cleansing plans for Gaza”

      You know the history of the State and all its leaders well enough, that will never come to pass.

      The humiliation to the extreme has destroyed the false image if invincibility … the legacy of Netanyahu as a security leader is now seen for what it really was … (antics) tactics of self-destruction. Bibi knows history of Israel will not be kind to him. He failed as a son of Benzion, lost the battle with his older brother Yoni long ago.

      This siege of Palestine (and the Middle East) will be his last act as a politician. Poor Joe Biden in the White House looks distraught with so many wars and so many losses. He will and has given Netanyahu war cabinet a free reign as if that was needed. Only a weapons boycott would have a meaning although the global arms market is well stocked.

      For Joe’s re-election the victory in Ukraine and the superficial normalization of ties between Bibi and MBS were the big prizes … both are slipping away.

      On the global stage America has already lost clout and gives China an opportunity for a quick gain … the long waiting game plays off.

      Islamic “David” slaying Israel “Goliath” with a sling.

      1. My goodness! so soon to write these conclusions! The impatience for victory in Ukraine has been or should be tempered. This is possibly a long war; both sides are preparing for such. I don’t know how much control Biden or rather the US has in it’s diminished role as a single superpower in a multi-power world and that goes for either with re Ukraine or Israel. The US support of those wars on principle are morally contradictory it seems to me. The Jewish people, represented by Israel, ( which does not represent us all) get to usurp victimhood now for a while and that may change now as the death tolls climb to the usual higher numbers on the Palestinian side as Israel retaliates. This give us all a chance to examine “the situation” with the Holocaust (notice) very much still in the mix.
        Notice too that WW2 comes up with the Russian war on Ukraine.
        Today one analyst ( there are so many) was sure that the Saudi-Israel /US deal was very much still wanted by the Saudis. They’ll figure out how to play it. So very disappointing especially with regards to proliferating weapons. Will the Saudi’s turn away from the Palestinians?
        The Saudi Iranian steps towards rapprochement give me more hope.
        Now, when the sores are open, is such a good time to have some grand bargain between all the players and victims. But people have to see out of their tribalism and we must have the leaders like Sadat and Rabin.

  4. @richard silverstein

    “They were meant to protect precisely such speech. Expressing a political view about a subject of public interest is a hallowed American right”.

    And an old fashioned Boycott is also a hallowed American right. A Boycott is no less an exercise in free speech than is signing a petition.

    1. @ Miroslav: If you’re supporting Ackman, you’re misguided. When CEOs blacklist young people seeking employment and reject them based on political principles that is not a “boycott.” In fact, it is a tort by which damage has been inflicted on the victim.

      1. Richard. Would you hire a neo-Nazi?

        Well, I wouldn’t hire a neo-Nazi or a White supremacist whether he was a student or not, because his political views are a anathema to me, These CEO’s feel similarly about people who condone brutal, bloody terrorism.

        It is a tort to discriminate against people’s sex, religion, age or skin color. It is not a tort to discriminate against another person’s political views.

        1. @ Miroslav: Anti-Zionists or Arabs critical of Israel are NOT neo-Nazis or white supremacists. Your attempt to suggest such a comparison is offensive and Islamophobic. I do not tolerate either one here. Make similar arguments here in future and you will be moderated or banned.

          As for torts. you have no idea what it is. It is “damage” of any kind, financial, physical, etc. Denying someone employment for political reasons having nothing to do with abilities is a tort. Employment discrimination is another thing entirely.

  5. Right now the terror reactions are still reverberating. History is being distorted a lot, one sided and pro-Israel. Our leadership is full force sympathetic to Israel. Maybe the story will change as Gaza gets flattened, the people in super dire conditions, more deaths and videos of blood and rubble.I don’t hear much caution about what worse may very well happen next if we keep this up.
    I happen to really like Blinken, but he’s all in the terror reaction mode now and that Israel must respond. He expresses the sympathy that Israelis need and want from us. He is careful with his words though. I don’t know how long it will take or what will pass before people begin to see the fuller longer, larger, picture, if they do at all, and what brought us to this point. Surely Israelis must at some point be soul searching about the causes Israel is responsible for: the death of the peace process ( with al manner of blaming and distortion) the complacency and impunity that grew with attendant “mowings”, the move to the venomous Arab-hating right in government b/c of Netanyahu ( Netanyahu has single handedly almost destroyed Israel) , the increasingly now obvious goal of Israel taking(stealing) land river to sea ( by some right) leaving Gaza festering in a blockade, the “apartheid” within Israel, occupation often brutal dividing Palestinians from each other including the long blockade on Gaza), relations with Arab countries improving leaving Palestinians out in the cold in exchange for economic and military benefits. Did I leave out anything? This attack did not come out of the blue. But don’t say that now; you cannot. Right now Israel’s vengeance ( which is what it is) and “need to maintain deterrence” prevails with our help, unconditional and very unfortunate.
    Showing such support for Israel however may help Democrats and Biden in 2024 and keep us from Trump and the far right support he has.

      1. yes of course…not at the expense of Palestinians. I think Biden/Blinken are trying to walk this difficult line. Support for Israel (existentially) does not preclude support for Palestinians.
        Israelis killing Palestinians does not help Israel either. It makes more terrorists in fact.

        It does take a lot of courage to make our support of Israel conditional. That depends on the Jewish constituency here and everyone getting to understand this. Israel wins the propaganda war here. Netanyahu has worked the politics of hate. There are more and more who do understand this cycle though.

        So I think that Jewish support of Biden here, such as it must be shown Biden’s support of Israel for some, is important politically if we we are to avoid Trump in a very close race. Trump vied for that vote and got enough of it.

    1. Antony Blinken’s mindset on approach to the Islamic Republic of Iran is from the 1980s.

      History of US diplomacy American hostages taken in Tehran, Beirut and Middle East

      William Buckley was a good friend of US State Department diplomats Antony Blinken and William Burns. Never forget, never forgive. Clouds his mindset on the Shia global community, especially Hezbollah and the Mullahs in Iraq and Iran.

      Today as Israel’s traveling salesman, Blinken is facilitating ethnic cleansing of Gaza. The “humanitarian” corridor is an exodus into the Sinai Peninsula. Just be happy.

      1. This negativism is not helpful. I don’t think we (certainly not Blinken himself) can stop Israel from doing what it is doing. We do not know what is going on behind the scenes with regard to US and Israel. Israel (the government, Netanyahu, the right wing especially) has had it’s method of force that has made things worse for Israel ultimately time and again. We, the US, could be more conditional, much more than we have been, in our support. But this would come at a political cost especially now at a fragile time emotionally and politically, unfortunately, here. (I don’t know where you reside).We don’t want Trump again, a talented opportunist amongst all else really bad that can be said and that he brings.
        I object to weapons given to Israel that will be used against civilians in Gaza. We are complicit if so, have blood on our hands. The line maybe false between defense and retaliation/vengeance and the disproportion that Israel consistently shoots itself with. Israel’s method of dealing for many years has not served Israelis at all making the worse.

        The headline here “Chickens Come Home to Roost” is so apt. Blinken is the LEAST person to be blaming now. I do think because he is a 2nd generation from the Holocaust personally that he has that secondary trauma affect and is very emotional now. But he’s smart enough ( it seems to me) to understand the deep roots of this conflict (should be) and wise enough ( hopefully) to allow for the possibilities that are ahead (positive, negative). I believe in the possibility that people can evolve. This is the only hope- more people slowly waking up to this madness and it does not need to be.This is an opportunity to end this cycle OR to continue it. Biden maybe more worrisome but he has good qualities and can ( or does) get it.The shock of the attack will wear to become a moral issue about the result with re the Palestinians. The blame has to be spread, but concentrated as well. I blame Netanyahu. I blame Israelis for devolving, going backwards regarding what they want Israel to be.. But here, now, for many of us, no one is more worrisome than the looming Trump and Trump support.
        The Palestinian people have been traumatized repeatedly. Israel was settled by traumatized people. The sickness is that they keep triggering each other, remembering, adding to the baggage. It has to stop.

        1. Resided ten forming years in the US returned to the old country to make a living since. Been blogging since my retirement mainly on US foreign policy with focus on the greater Middle East. I witness the changes in society in America and its effect especially on the EU. Bush-Cheney and divisiveness New and Old Europe … policy shift is a success, we’re all from Mars now.

          Digest the speech of Dutch caretaker PM Mark Rutte a few days ago. Rutte is a xenophobe to keep his electorate from voting for Geert Wilders, former colleague at the conservative party VVD as was Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Rutte turned into a leader pro-NATO and a Russophobe riding the tide in the EU.

          Dutch Islamophobic caretaker PM Mark Rutte talks NATO politics at Sobibór Memorial and on Gaza he spoke with Bibi Netanyahu who ascertained the IDF Army always abides by the rule of law. The Israel flag flies high at his office Het Torentje in The Hague and across the nation.

          Across the EU, led by EC president VDL, the Israel talking points are promoted as just and Palestinians seen as terrorists. No criticism here, glad there are protests across the US.

          1. Thanks. I wondered. What is your “old country”? Moi aussi re “forming” years in NYCity.
            I am forthright about my views obviously. I have a lot of family in Israel now..One just called up. Maybe more cousins that I have not heard about. I differ from them, but they are family and I love them.
            I have been watching this debacle for decades, since before ’67. David Grossman’s “The Yellow Wind” in the New Yorker many years ago, which turned into his book made a huge impression on me (Death as a Way of Life https://www.amazon.com/s?) . I do think I begin to understand what pushes the situation, what that makes it go on and on, sadly.

    1. @ Miroslav: where were you last night? Intrusive and offensive, right? I don’t answer such questions.

      If yours insinurates that because I wasn’t there I don’t know what happened, it’s a stupid argument. The videos don’t lie. I now has 3 of them. And I will publish even more granular footage of actual kicking & punches from the Israeli thugs in a future post. I’ve also interviewed the protestors who were assaulted and saw their physical injuries. It’s called journalism. We do it all the time.

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