8 thoughts on “Israel Planted Wall Street Journal Leak Claiming Iran Ordered Gaza Attack – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Netanyahu is all about deflection: he was changing the subject to Iran Iran Iran years ago to deflect from “the situation “ at home. He succeeded.
    It’s so disappointing to see the media so subservient to the Israeli line, forcefully pushed more now: the Israeli ambassador on MSNBC this evening.
    The photos and videos of the blood smears and a body and rubble of home interiors and exteriors amidst desert gardens is truly horrific. Interviews of those bewildered and mourning. I see the same video over and over of the gray concrete rubble of Gaza buildings mosques with people sifting . Israel has the advantage telling its story.
    I feel a bit better to hear we are trying to limit the use of what weapons we give Israel..not completely though.
    Thanks for this report.

  2. So there is no source here except the word ‘source’, which like you said in the other thread could be dismissed as no evidence.

    So why do you believe this anonymous source, (link to it to prove its worth) and not my suggestion that Israeli intelligence knew about the Hamas attack and allowed it to happen. I think it is to encourage the gazans to leave Gaza, provide a pretext. Please look for evidence with open mind, i’m sure you will find it.

    1. @ Jeez:

      there is no source here except the word ‘source’, which like you said in the other thread could be dismissed as no evidence.

      I have been using this particular source for years (I have others as well). Everything he has told me has been accurate. Nothing he’s conveyed to me has ever been proven wrong. So he is not “a word.” He is a person with knowledge of Israeli security matters. If you choose to dismiss him, that’s your problem, not mine. NOthing you say to discredit him matters. If you prove him wrong with credible sources or counter-facts, be my guest.

      Concerning the WSJ sources: they were bogus. They didn’t exist. At least not with the identities offered in the article. Those are not sources. They are frauds and hoaxes. There is a difference between my source and their’s.

      link to it to prove its worth

      I don’t answer to you. I don’t follow your orders. I don’t have anything to prove to you. As for “proving his worth,” I don’t do that either. His worth is proven by the scores of scoops he has offered and I have published. He is an anonymous source because that is a condition of using him. Israeli security sources never permit journalists to link to any source that would identify them. Those are the rules of the game. Reporters use such sources all the time when they cannot reveal one’s identity, as long as the reason for doing so is valid. And a source’s demand for anonymity is relevant and valid (in many cases such as this one). It is an accepted and established journalistic practice. Again, you don’t like or believe it? I could care less.

  3. Gaza War Q&A

    Dutch Parliament Lower House and caretaker PM Mark Rutte …

    The dumbest, non-informed crowd on this planet … talking points straight out White House and NATO HQ playbooks. Feast for caretaker PM Mark Rutte playing the innocent actor, knows little, double speak, disinformation and not denying some conspiracies popping up … what an exit this man is making from politics. Hailed a hero in Kyiv, NATO HQ Brussels, Rome, Downing Street 10 and 1000 Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC.

    Plenair verslag: Tweede Kamer, 10e vergadering Dinsdag 10 oktober 2023 [transcript]

    BTW There were solidarity gatherings of less the 150 persons with Palestinian flags … absolutely NO celebrations … no cheering as in NJ on 9/11 by two Israelis, later in talk shows introduced as Mossad agents.

    FREE PALESTINE 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸

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