23 thoughts on “Biden Sends Naval Task Force to Warn Hezbollah, Iran Against Intervention – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I think Israel knew about this attack, and allowed it to happen. I don’t believe Mossad did not know.

    It was the way they could get rid of Gazans for good. Telling them to leave for Egypt, they won’t ever return.

    It could be that they did not anticipate such a forceful reaction, but Iran hasn’t a prayer of winning a war against a US/Israeli alliance. it must know that.

    Qatar’s role here should not be whitewashed either. Giving shelter to Haniyeh, then pretending that it only offers humanitarian assistance. It knows full well, what Hamas’s intent is.

    1. @ Jeez:

      I think Israel knew about this attack, and allowed it to happen. I don’t believe Mossad did not know.

      What you “think” isn’t worth a goddmamn. Israeli military and intelligence officials have all admitted they knew nothing. Yet you in yr infinite wisdom know better.

      It knows full well, what Hamas’s intent is.

      Which is to defend Palestinian soil and take revenge on its enemies, right?

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      1. [comment deleted: one comment per thread. You were asked politely and ignored me. Next time you do this you will be banned]

  2. It will be months, if not longer before Biden can get things back on track.

    Damn … Joe Biden needed normalization of ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel to show off Trump and “success” of Abraham Accords including Trump Heights (illegal) settlement … What’s In A Name?

    Sending all of America’s military might well do to gain crucial Jewish vote for re-election in 2024. AIPAC satisfaction.

  3. The great danger is that because the US feels obliged to interfere all over the world it will become increasingly unpopular and the world will turn against the US.

  4. The United States has been fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq for years.

    Now she is prepared to take that just fight to the terror organization Hezbollah, if Hezbollah foolishly attacks Israel on a second front.

    Israel’s 50 years of fidelity has earned it the support of the United States.

    The same way the United States opposes Russian aggression against Ukraine, the United States is doing the same thing in with Hezbollah and Iran. The United States will oppose Russian and Iranian expansion, because the United States knows that indifference and appeasement will whet the appetites of rogue, autocratic, expansionist States.

    1. A very strained equivalence between what is happening in Israel now and what Russia is doing in and to Ukraine. Ukraine’s existential war with Russia is the opposite of Israel’s occupation and war against Palestinian resistance including Hamas resistance using terror. Israel’s occupation is more akin to Russia’s occupation if you want to compare. But Israel will try to make the connection perhaps. Helping Ukraine fight off Russia is just. Helping Israel decimate Gaza in retaliation is not just.

    2. @ Yellow: The US is no longer fighting anyone in Iraq and hasn’t for years. ISIS has been defeated in Syria and barely exists there, which is why there are so few US soldiers there.

      she is prepared to take that just fight to the terror organization Hezbollah

      Ah, I see. So the US lost 248 Marines in the Beirut bombing and you think we’re going to raise the flag in Beirut against and take it to those nasty Hezbollah scum? Not so fast. Biden absolutely does not want another Middle East quagmire. He would never attack Hezbollah unless Israel was losing a full scale war in Lebanon. The chances of that are nil.

      Israel’s 50 years of fidelity has earned it the support of the United States.

      Ridiculous. Israel has never been loyal to the US. It has in fact burned the US, rejected US advice. Stolen US military secrets, recruited spies to do so. It has killed 10s of thousands of Palestinians. That doesn’t show fidelity. It shows naked self-interest.

      Remember, one comment per thread.

      1. @Richard

        You said that Hamas cannot be defeated
        If ISIS can be defeated in the field, why not Hamas. They are, after all, ideologically similar. https://www.jpost.com/middle-east/article-767627


        Notwithstanding your elliptic argument vis a vis Ukraine, the question is one of tactics.
        Terror tactics or military tactics. Hamas uses both, Ukraine does not.

        1. @Yellow: I requested that you post a single comment in any thread. This is your 2nd comment in this thread. Normally, I would moderate you and delete this comment. If you do this again in this or another thread I will moderate or ban you.

          ISIS can be defeated in the field, why not Hamas.

          Because, contrary to what idiot analysts & government officials are saying, they are not the same. ISIS is a here-today, gone-tomorrow phenomenon. It existed for a while, had power and territory. But then was defeated (except for pockets in places I mentioned). It is not wiped out entirely. But its sway is much reduced.

          Hamas has been a movement for decades. It has ruled Gaza for decades. As such it has rules of governance. It has fought Israeli firepower numerous times and held its own despite Israel’s overwhelming advantages. It cannot be defeated unless Israel reoccupies Gaza, maintains a huge military force there, and spends billions to do so. It won an election and would likely win any if Fatah were willing to have one. It represents a people and a nation (unlike ISIS).

          Do not use Jerusalem Post as a credible source. It isn’t. I generally don’t respond to links from it. If you can find evidence to support your claims in a credible source, do so.

          the question is one of tactics.
          Terror tactics or military tactics. Hamas uses both, Ukraine does not.

          Got news for you. Assassinating a woman in her car with a bomb IS a terror tactic. Ukraine was responsible. Blowing up the Nordstream pipeline was a terror tactic. Ukraine was responsible.

          1. “Hamas has been a movement for decades. It has ruled Gaza for decades.”

            Maybe you have been reading the JP but Hamas has not been a movement for decades nor has it ruled for decades. I believe from 2007 [the last time they had elections]

          2. @ Shaul: Um, no. Hamas was founded (with Israeli assistance) in 1987, that is 36 years ago. That is “decades” by my count. It has ruled Gaza since 2006. That is, 17 years. But since its founding it has been the primary political movement in Gaza. When I used the term “ruled” I was including the period prior to 2006 because Hamas’ presence in Gaza was predominant.

  5. This is a test for Biden I agree. So far it’s disappointing- the weapons and show of force begs a challenge. We still think we can run things in this multipolar world. Putin knows this game of chicken. Biden has shown himself the cautious one re Ukraine.
    Of course it’s fear of losing support in the 2024 election given so many one issue voters here that could tip the scales.
    I think if Israel continues its destruction and genocide, the over the top disproportion in Gaza we will see ME brethren enter the picture and more fronts. Netanyahu has brought this all on. Israel and israelis depending on military might got complacent heady and blatantly more hateful of Palestinians they thought had been abandoned subdued and without hope. Hamas changed that with a wow of an attack.
    Old analysis attributed Israel’s success to the inability of the Arabs to unite…
    So disappointed in Biden. This could be a great opportunity to get a grand bargain going niw that Israel has shown weakness and Hamas (& co. ?) has shown strength. But oy vey oy gevalt what will come instead.

  6. EU In Disarray on One-sided Support for Israel as some countries call for restraint and de-escalation.

    ’A betrayal’: Spain slams EU’s decision to freeze aid to Palestine | MEMO |

    Spain’s acting deputy Prime Minister slammed the EU’s decision to freeze funding to Palestine amid the ongoing conflict with Israel, Anadolu Agency reports.

    This decision is outrageous, it’s an authentic betrayal by Europe
    of its own founding principles,

    Yolanda Diaz posted on X.

    The European Commission must rectify and Europe must lead
    an international action for peace, not punish an entire people.

  7. Biden wants to win the next election, so he has to show unlimited support for Israel to get reelected, a sad reality of American politics, and a sad reality of Jewish Power in the Christian West.

    Iran and Hezbollah know that Israel will implode demographically as a “Jewish State” in time, and that they can wait for that to happen, without ever attacking Israel, or building a Nuclear Weapon.

    Gaza is suffering, and had to do something to change the “equation”, even if that means Israel takes over Gaza, which may have been Gaza’s plan from the beginning.

    The West Bank is also suffering, and Abbas or his successor will also have to change the “equation” even if that means dissolving the Palestinian Authority, and giving the keys to the West Bank back to Israel.

    The Oslo Accords, and Areas A B C, were an Israeli ruse to fragment the West Bank, and getting the Palestinians to govern themselves in Area A, thereby allowing Israel to incrementally steal Area C over time.

    Undoing Oslo like this, will force Israel to rule all of Palestine again, opening themselves up to new demands from around the world for Palestinian Civil Rights and the Palestinian Vote in One State.

    “The Palestinians have made it clear today that they would rather fight on their feet for justice and freedom than die on their knees in humiliation” — Marwan Bishara, Al Jazeera

    1. Interesting analysis. Mustafa Barghouti was good here https://www.cnn.com/videos/world/2023/10/08/gps-1008-mustafa-barghouti-on-israels-war-on-hamas.cnn
      If this is what Biden has to do to win in 2024 for us to avoid Trump it is very sad.
      Biden/ Blinken could bargain, not give knee-jerk slobbering support, get concessions at this Israeli weak point. Or try. They could admit the essential rottenness of the situation and hold off support, not give support for war crimes to happen and to perpetuate war. Biden fears.
      Hamas has a kind of Pyrrhic victory here. They have called attention to the Palestinians, the long long situation, people forgotten, betrayed, hopeless. It became a necessity to show these extreme brutal tactics. And now turn to Israel’s three eyes for one eye, blind with rage disproportion. We are going to be witnessing a change in Israel and maybe the Middle East. Behold the power of terror! Look at how we reacted, what we did after 9/11.

  8. Deploying the aircraft carrier to the region is a fund-raising stunt, nothing more. If Biden were seriously worried about Iran, he would deploy the aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf. Erdogan seems annoyed by the stunt.

    1. Hungary evacuated 215 people on two planes, while Mexico said it was evacuating about 300 of its nationals who had asked to leave on humanitarian flights operated by its army. A flight carrying 192 South Koreans from Tel Aviv arrived at Incheon Airport.

      Countries including Canada, Germany and Australia organize evacuation flights while the US and UK insist commercial options still available.

      Sure … Americans only stumbling down the stairs of aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford.

  9. Arab League slams Israel siege of Gaza, demands aid for Gazans | Arab News |

    The only entrance to Gaza not controlled by Israel is Rafah on the Egyptian border.

    Rafah has been bombarded by Israel three times this week.

  10. Arab League: Aid to Gaza and Negotiations Palestinian State

    Arab ministers urge Israel to resume talks on two-state solution | The Guardian |

    Emergency meeting of Arab League calls for ’serious negotiations between the PLO and Israel’

    Arab foreign ministers have urged Israel to meet its international obligations as an occupying power and return to negotiations on a two-state solution that provides a viable state for Palestine.

    At an emergency meeting of the Arab League in Cairo on Wednesday, ministers underlined “the importance of resuming the peace process and starting serious negotiations between the Palestine Liberation Organization and Israel”.

    The move is part of a twin track – and largely Saudi-led – initiative designed to de-escalate the crisis, but also make Israel accept that its refusal to negotiate has led to the collapse in relations with Hamas.

    U.S. may send second aircraft carrier toward Israel | Politico |

    We moved the US carrier fleet to the eastern Mediterranean and we are sending more fighter jets to that region, and made it clear to the Iranians: Be careful.

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